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Live Resin Badder

What is Live Resin Badder?

A cannabis wax concentrate known as "live badder," sometimes known as "badder" or "live resin badder," resembles frosting, cookie dough, or cake batter. It's gloppy, thick, and just a little drippy. Badder's dough-like and soft texture makes it easy to use and dab. The color of badder varies. It comes in blonde, gold, and yellow-brown shades. Moreover, it is high in terpenes, so while dabbing, you will taste and smell the source plant. The names "badder" and "batter" are frequently used synonymously by manufacturers and stoners. Some people even call it “badder weed.”Yet, these concentrations aren't the same technically. The viscosity of batter is similar to that of butter; it is creamy and buttery. You can make your marijuana more potent by adding it to blunts, joints, or bowls, dabbing it with badder, or using an e-nail.

Live Resin vs. Live Resin Badder

Both live resin and live resin badder are made in a similar way, but the main difference is the texture of the badder. The two concentrates differ significantly in this regard.

How It Is Made?

Live resin and badder are produced using different processes. Although propane, alcohol, or supercritical CO2 can also be utilized, butane is commonly employed in the chemical extraction process that produces badder. The entire cannabis plant including it’s flowers, buds, and trimmings, is engulfed in butane for a few hours or days. The THC, terpenes, and other trichomes that contain cannabinoids are separated during this soaking procedure. To achieve the consistency of badder, the liquid is filtered, placed on sheets, baked, and beaten. The terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and essential oils are preserved by flash-freezing cannabis buds, trims, or flowers while they are still alive in order to create live resin. The frozen buds are then subjected to a cold temperature chemical extraction procedure for a few weeks, which allows for the formation of further crystals rich in cannabinoids as terpene oils adhere to the solvent (such as butane). Terpene-rich oils and cannabis crystals separate during this process. The crystals sink while the oils float. After the solvent is gone, the terpene sauce and crystals are combined to create live resin.


Live resin is typically considered to be more potent than live badder.


Compared to other concentrations, live resin is substantially lighter in color. It is either light yellow or white. While waxy concentration might be amber-gold or yellow-brown, badder can also be blond.


Badder resembles a thick cake batter and is sticky and pliable. Stoners, especially beginners, find badder user-friendly due to its consistency. Live resin is harder to utilize when dabbing since it is stickier and saucier than a wax concentration. A dab tool and live resin are required.

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Our Best Live Resin Badder Products:


We created a compliance dab with a significant couch-lock effect by combining kush-dominant CBD live resin extract with Delta 8 and other sedating minor cannabinoids, such as CBN. One of our strongest dab products, the CBD Live Resin Delta 8 Knockout Badder, combines CBD live resin with Delta 8 distillate to more closely mimic the effects of cannabis. Less terpenes than some of our other extracts, The Knockout Badder was created with an emphasis on effect.

Live Resin Badder Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Live Resin Badder Look?

Although not all badder have the same appearance, they both feel and look like cake icing. How the concentrate is manufactured and the materials employed affect how it looks. Some have a more lumpy consistency, while others have a sauce-like appearance with some stickiness.

How to use live resin badder?

Dab is the short answer. Dabbing is the most popular and efficient way to use these concentrates. Many cannabis enthusiasts and professionals advise against using dabbers with scoop-style tips and instead recommend using a dab tool with a flat tip. You'll be able to take up the badder and hold it in place with ease thanks to this. Start with a tiny amount, about the size of a pen tip. Using a dab rig, the nail or banger is heated up. Using a dab tool to pick up the badder you place it on the heated nail where it is vaporized. To breathe in the vapor of the concentration, cover the nail with a cap. Badder can also be used in a blunt or sprinkled on a bowl of flowers. It is frequently used with portable dabbers and vape pens. Apply a dab of Badder at 350–400 degrees Fahrenheit on the nail for the best terpene flavor. The flavor will be enhanced at this temperature without the terpenes being burned.

How to smoke Live Resin Badder?

The most effective way to smoke live badder is by dabbing. Dabbing calls for a unique apparatus known as a dab rig and involves heating the concentrate until it vaporizes. Dab devices may be purchased at most head shops, dispensaries, and online. Another way to use badder is by sprinkling it on a bowl or using it on some flower and rolling it in a joint or blunt. You may want to use less than you think on flower as badder requires heat around 350 degrees to vaporize. Otherwise, badder is a great topper for your buds or flowers.

How Do Badder and Budder Differ From One Another?

Budder and Badder differ primarily in their consistency. Budder will have a smooth and creamy texture similar to cake icing or butter. Conversely, badder will be less solid and resemble cake batter.

Is Badder the same as wax?

They are not the same thing, despite the fact that they were both made from concentrates of the cannabis plant. The main distinction between batter and wax is that with shatter, the oil was not whipped or stirred after the first purging process. Both of them require the same methods of use.

Is Badder better than shatter?

No. Shatter is more alluring, aesthetically as compared to badder. It is more beautiful and retains its strength for a longer amount of time than badder, which dissolves more quickly.

How Much is Live Resin Badder?

At The Hemp Collect, you can purchase badder concentrate for $30 per gram. You can save money by choosing to buy live resin badder wholesale or in larger quantities.

Can You Eat Live Badder?

The only way to eat badder is by making an edible with it. After making it into an edible, you can eat it.

Can you cook with Badder?

Yes. Before using badder in recipes or as an ingredient in consumables, it must first be decarboxylated. During that process, THC and CBDA are changed from their inactive forms to their active forms.

How long does Live Resin Badder last?

When kept away from light, moisture, heat, and air, badder concentrates have a two-year shelf life. It can easily deteriorate and lose its effectiveness if one or more of these substances are present. Also, when you see live resin badder for sale, you may want to check the date they were made. If there is no date, you can always ask the seller for an approximate date.

Best Way To Store Badder?

Terpenes will deteriorate over time even if the badder is kept at room temperature. This can be reduced by keeping it in the refrigerator, but before opening the jars, allow the chilled dab to get to room temperature to prevent condensation in your live resin (sizzle dabs). Beware of the freezer.

What is the minimum age requirement to buy resin badder?

At The Hemp Collect, we require that all our customers be at least 21 years of age to purchase our products.

Where can you find the best live resin badder products online?

A reliable online retailer like The Hemp Collect is the finest place to get cannabis concentrates. Offering you the best products at manageable prices is something we take great pride in. Our team of professionals is enthusiastic about giving you the finest customer service possible and making sure you are happy with your purchase. We pay close attention to the little things and are devoted to making sure you receive the best value for your money. You may choose from a wide range of the top cannabis products available thanks to our enormous product selection.

Can I get live resin badder Bulk & wholesale with The Hemp Collect?

Bulk and wholesale orders are accepted by The Hemp Collect. We offer wholesale pricing for every one of our products. Ordering in bulk or at wholesale prices will get you the best live resin badder price. For products made from hemp, we offer some of the market's most affordable wholesale prices. If you're interested in placing a wholesale or bulk order and saving a ton of money while receiving a terrific product, visit our website or give us a call right away at 503.438.6783.