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We manufacture craft cannabis products under several brands including Modern Herb Co, Blacksheep, and Happy Human

Our cannabis backgrounds guide our science x plant alchemy led approach in the creation of our targeted effect craft goods.

Always made with a base of authentic live resin extracted from award-winning cultivars to ensure the best taste and effect.

We’re passionate about making goods that bring joy and connection to those we serve while spreading plant access; join our humble community!



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How to Tell if a CBD or Delta 8 Product is Good Quality

There are a lot of factors that go into what makes a product a good or bad CBD or Delta 8 product. 

The best CBD products start with good material going in. This means the cultivar extracted had good concentrations of therapeutic or desired profiles to begin with. You get out what you put in. Extracting hemp plant material concentrates whatever cannabinoids were in the plant to begin with- it won’t add more. 

Another consideration is what material was used for extraction? Biomass is most common but contains far fewer concentrations of the therapeutic plant compounds as compared to the flower. 

Then you have the care with which the product is formulated:

  • Are the ingredients & formulation bioavailable?
  • Is it compounded to strengthen the targeted effect?
  • Does it have enough of the active compound to be a therapeutic dose?
  • Was it made so that delicate therapeutic compounds weren’t destroyed in the process?
  • Were higher quality ingredients used so the product is more effective & potent?

These are all things we consider when making the products we offer. We help guide the businesses we work with to ensure best practices & higher quality goods. We believe it is everyones part to serve the alternative medicine (plant) revolution & to our parts by being informed, informing those around us & creating with intention.

What Products Have CBDA?

For the highest concentration of CBDa, we recommend our CBD Live Resin & CBD crude. Heat & oxygen exposure decarboxylate the CBDa into CBD so form factors which have minimal heat exposure are recommended.

For this reason our top recommendations are tinctures, softgels & distillate. Gummies & caramels also contain CBDa but because they are heated during production they contain less CBDa in the final product compared to tinctures & soft gels. 

Most Potent Delta 8 Product?

With this question we assume the desire is to find the most psychoactive product. There are three things affecting this in products.

The first is the amount of Delta 8 present in the product. The second is the potency of the Delta 8 used in the product formulation. And the third factor is the compounding of the Delta 8 with other ingredients which will affect the overall psychoactivity.

Ingested forms of Delta 8 are stronger due to how they are metabolized by the liver. Additionally, inclusion of  fats with the Delta 8, potentiates the effect. With these consideration we recommend our:

  • Live Resin Delta 8 Tincture
  • Live Resin Delta 8 Caramels
  • Live Resin Delta 8 Gummies
  • Live Resin Delta 8 Soft Gels
Most Potent CBD Product?

The most potent CBD product would be isolate since it contains the highest concentration of the molecule. However, when we hear this question what we infer is that the desire is to find the most effective CBD product. 

What would be considered the most effective product depends on the desired therapeutic outcome. In most cases a CBD Live Resin product is our recommendation as it includes a more comprehensive range of the plants compounds. 

In general tinctures and soft gels are our recommended form factors as they are concentrated and easy to dose.

If you have a specific need we are happy to help answer any questions relating to our products. Shoot us an email or give us a call Mon-Fri 8am-4pm PST