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Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, there has been an explosion of new cannabis products on the market. If you’re a cannabis consumer with a super high tolerance looking for an out-of-this-world high, it would be best to stick with THCP products, like THCP carts. Compounds like THCP are gaining more and more traction, especially in states where cannabis is not yet legal. Unfortunately, not many people understand the differences between certain cannabis cannabinoids, leaving consumers in the dark and unable to make educated decisions. Let’s take a closer look at THCP vape cartridges in terms of their effects, safety, efficacy, legality, and more.

What are THCP Carts?

THCP carts are cannabis vape cartridges crafted to be filled up with THCP vape oil. THCP carts are becoming increasingly popular with seasoned cannabis lovers for their easy dosing, portability, and versatility. Pre-rolls, blunts, and joints all produce smoke that is very different from the smoke produced by THCP carts. When smoking THCP carts, the smoke that gets released is a gentle vapor, not a combustive cloud of smoke like that produced from smoking pre-rolls, blunts, or joints. To enjoy the pleasant vapor of a THCP, all one has to do is attach it to any standard 510-thread battery, and you’re all set—it’s that simple. As more and more cannabis consumers seek to consume cannabis by way of vape cartridges, we are certain that there will be even greater cannabis product innovations to come. The most popular form is the 510-threaded cartridge, with 510 proprietary cartridges coming in second. Once you’ve smoked all of the extracts in your prefilled THCP vape cartridge, you can easily throw it away. There’s no need to keep it, so don’t get the bright idea of refilling it—they don’t work that way and aren’t designed to do such a thing. However, while this may sound great, a high-quality vape cart is far and wide, given the sea of products currently being offered on the market today. While some might be worth the money, others may prove to be a pure waste of time and money. Luckily, there are a few brands out there that care about quality cannabis products, and at The Hemp Collect, we offer a range of cannabis vape cartridges, including THC vape carts, that can speak to their flavor and pleasant effects.

Our Best THCP Vape Carts

At Hemp Collect, our cannabis product selection is large and includes some of the best THCP vape carts. All of our vape carts have been carefully crafted with the best software and third-party lab tested by some of the world’s leading labs to ensure potency and purity so you can know what you’re purchasing and consuming. 2G Live Resin THCP Vape Cartridges: Our THCP cartridges come prefilled in glass containers and feature 2 grams of concentrated THCP extract for your enjoyment. This delectable THCP cartridge is offered in many different loved cannabis strains, including Blue Cookies, Forbidden Fruit, Garlotti, Lemon Diesel, Pineapple Haze, and Sour Tangie, that offer a range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds that work to elevate your cannabis vaping experience.

THC vs THC-P Carts

Specifically, THCP and THC are two very different compounds despite their names sounding somewhat similar. From their chemical composition to how they work in the body and even the cannabinoids’ legality, these two compounds are distinct, and it’s crucial not to get them confused. One of the biggest similarities between THC vape carts and THCP vape carts is the fact that they are both prefilled with vape oil that’s naturally derived from the cannabis plant. Both THCP and THC carts can provide extremely strong experiences and high potencies. THCP, however, may be even stronger. The 2019 study backed by UNIHEMP found that the cannabinoid binds to the CB1 receptor 33 times more than THC does. Many people took this to mean that THCP is 33 times stronger than THC, but that’s not the case. Despite its strength, it is impossible to say exactly how much stronger it is compared to THC. As of now, the community really only has one definitive study to work off of. While the effects of THCP carts are also a bit unknown, from what the study demonstrates, THCP carts may provide similar effects to THC carts, but THCP carts are going to be much, much stronger; thus, THCP carts may be best consumed by those who are well-schooled in cannabis consumption.

Pros and Cons of THC-P Vape Carts

The cons of THCP are few and far between, but when it comes to the pros, there are many. A few cons of THCP vape carts include the following:
  • THCP vape carts can’t be refilled.
  • The glass container of a THCP vape cart can break if not used with caution.
  • Some THCP vape carts are made with faulty hardware.
  • It is possible that some THCP vape carts contain chemicals that can be harmful if exposed to them over an extended period of time.
A few pros of THCP vape carts include the following:
  • THCP vape carts are discrete.
  • They’re portable and can easily fit in your pocket or be taken on the go.
  • It may be applied to any standard 510-thread battery device.
  • THCP vape carts make dosing and microdosing cannabis easy.
  • Hits are fast and potent.
  • THCP vape carts last longer than dried flowers.
  • Better batch consistency can be achieved with THCP vape carts.

Why Should You Choose Hemp Collect to Buy THCP Carts?

When you’re shopping for THCP (or THC-O, despite its illegality), you have to be extra cognizant of product quality and purity. Products that contain THCP and THC-O are not regulated in the US, so it’s easy for manufacturers to cut corners in order to save costs. However, cutting corners often leads to poor-quality products and unsafe consumption. Because of this, you should only purchase THCP vape carts from companies that have provided updated COAs for their products. At Hemp Collect, we offer quality products and provide a COA for each and every one of them. Our COAs should demonstrate the quality and purity measures of the product, indicating that reliable labs have analyzed these products for cannabinoid levels as well as impurities like heavy metals or pesticides. But don’t let us tell you! We believe customer reviews of a company say a lot about the brand. Our happy customers have a lot to say about our quality THCP vape cart products and the overall experience. If you cannot find these results from any other brand, we’re a brand you can put your trust in.

THCp Carts - Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in learning about THCP vape cart products, below we answer a few questions to clear up some of the haze.

What is THCP?

THCP was only recently discovered in 2019. Backed by UNIHEMP, a group of Italian researchers found both THCP and CBDP in the cannabis plant while also learning how to synthesize these cannabinoids. While THCP naturally occurs within the cannabis plant, it’s only present in minuscule amounts—less than 0.1%. This makes it nearly impossible for extractors to naturally isolate the cannabinoid and create products with it. Instead, extractors have learned how to work with hemp-derived CBD, manipulating the cannabinoid’s chemical structure to turn it into THCP.

How do you unclog a THCp vape cart?

You can melt the THCP vape oil in a vape cart by turning it upside down and blowing it out gently through the mouthpiece.

Is it safe to use THCP cartridges?

Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that THCP carts are unsafe. As long as you consume with caution and an understanding of potency, there’s a good chance you’ll get to experience THC in a whole new way thanks to this newfound cannabinoid in the form of a vape cartridge.

Are THCP carts federally legal in the USA?

Yes, in some parts of the country.

Can you fly with THCp carts on a plane?

Yes, but only if the country or state you’re traveling from or to has legalized the consumption of THCP. You may not, in any case, use THCP carts on a plane, however.

How long does a THCp cartridge last?

When it comes to consumption, you should get around 800-175 puffs. When it comes to storage, if it’s stored away from direct sunlight, your THCP vape cart should last 6 months to a year.

What is the minimum age to buy THCP vape carts?

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase THCP vape carts.

Do you offer THCp carts wholesale online?

Yes, we at The Hemp Collect offer some of the best prices online for wholesale. There are various innovative cannabis products being sold on the market today, including THCP vape carts. But when it comes to quality cannabinoids used in vape carts, they offer some of the best of the best. Perhaps one of the most amazing things about our wholesale THCP carts is the fact that they come prefilled, making consuming cannabis easier than before, and do not require any rolling up, grinding of cannabis flower, burning, or lighting up. Happy consumer experiences shouldn't wait, so buy today!