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The Delta-8 carts are quickly becoming one of the most popular products on the market. From their ease to their discretion and even their instant effects, people are turning to delta-8 carts for so many reasons.

What Are Delta-8 Cartridges?

A delta-8 THC cartridge is a vape cartridge that’s been filled with delta-8 extract. Consumers will take the cartridge and screw it onto a vape battery; then, when activated, the cartridge heats up the extract in the chamber, turning it into vapor. You can find delta-8 carts in various potencies, strains, and even sizes (such as one or two grams). A delta-8 cart tends to produce strong flavors and pleasant aromas, making them appealing to puff on any time you want to feel a little giggly. Since delta-8 vape carts don’t produce smoke as Flower does, these products are a bit more discreet than others. This makes them great for portability, especially when you’re in the great outdoors.

Vaping vs. Smoking

Vaping and smoking are two completely different ways of enjoying your delta-8 THC. When you smoke delta-8, you’re burning actual hemp flower that has been coated in delta-8 distillate. To do this, most consumers grind up the flower and then load it into a bowl or roll it into a joint to light up. Smoking produces the purest results out of any product, but it’s also going to be the smelliest, most obvious method of consumption. Smoking delta-8 flowers tends to be best for those who are in open, outdoor spaces. On the flip side, vaping a delta-8 cart means that there is no plant material involved. Instead, the vape is heating up a delta-8 extract or the oils from the hemp plant. This produces much fewer overt smells and no smoke — only vapor — but still produces nearly immediate effects. However, when you compare vaping concentrates to smoking flower overall, vaping poses more risk because of the potential inclusion of chemicals that pure flower simply doesn’t have.

Why Choose Hemp Collect to Buy Delta-8 Cartridges Online?

When you buy delta-8 cartridges online, you want to make sure you’re getting the highest-quality products possible. And that’s always the case with The Hemp Collect. The Hemp Collect offers a wide selection of delta-8 vape cartridges for sale, each with unique effects depending on what you’re looking to achieve from your delta-8 cart. Each one of our delta-8 carts is crafted with ultimate care and precision, and you can always double-check quality and purity by looking at our products’ third-party lab test results. These COAs demonstrate the cannabinoid levels within the extract, as well as the fact that these products have been closely examined for any purities. While our products are affordable, we don’t sell cheap delta-8 cartridges. Instead, these cartridges are made to last and provide you with the best results possible — all without breaking the bank. It's for all of these reasons and more that The Hemp Collect is many consumers’ go-to place to buy delta-8 cartridges online.

Our Best Delta-8 Carts Products

Curious about the delta-8 cartridges we have for sale? We don’t blame you. Here are our best delta-8 cart products on the market today.


The Hemp Collect’s Knockout Delta-8 Cart is the best cartridge for, well, knocking you out after a long, stressful day. These cartridges are made using cannabinoids and terpenes that produce the most desirable indica-like effects possible. For a pleasant evening, make sure to take your puffs towards the end of the day. Otherwise, you may end up melting on the couch for hours. You can get this blend in four different calming strains: Llama Kush, Pink Panther, OG Kush, and Pineapple Kush.


As the name suggests, The Hemp Collect’s Daytrip delta-8 cart is great for daytime use when you want to chill. By using specific terpenes and cannabinoids to create sativa effects, this daytime vape cartridge is a great way to kick off your day on the right foot. You can purchase this stimulating cartridge in four different yummy strains: Pineapple Jam, Garlic Jam, Guava Jam, or Forbidden V.


Finally, you can pick up The Hemp Collect’s Anytime delta-8 cart practically whenever you’re in need of a pick-me-up. This cartridge is designed to be enjoyed at any point of the day, simply whenever your mind and body need a little extra support. Made with well-balanced terpenes and cannabinoids, this cartridge isn’t made to make you feel extra sleepy or extra stimulated. This is a great product for balancing your mind and body. The Anytime delta-8 cart is available in a whopping nine different strains, so no matter what your taste buds are craving, The Hemp Collect has the perfect strain for you.

Delta-8 Carts - Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions pertaining to delta-8 carts and how to use them.

How do you use delta-8 vape cartridges?

Using a delta-8 cart is incredibly easy — it’s one of the main reasons why delta-8 THC cartridges are so popular in the first place! All you’ll need is a 510-thread battery (which you can buy from The Hemp Collect if you need it). You start by taking the delta-8 cart and screwing it onto the battery. Then, depending on the battery, you will either start inhaling or hold a button to inhale. This heats up the extract, allowing you to vape from your delta-8 THC cartridge. It’s as simple as that!

How do delta-8 carts make you feel?

Delta-8 cartridges are going to make you feel different depending on the strain you’re puffing on, as well as how your body reacts to the cannabinoid. Many people describe delta-8 carts as relaxing and supportive, while others may find that more sativa-dominant delta-8 cartridges are stimulating and upbeat. It simply depends!

How are delta-8 carts made?

To make a delta-8 vape cart, professionals have to first create delta-8 extract from hemp-derived CBD. Doing this requires a process called isomerization, where the extractors will essentially change the molecular structure of the CBD cannabinoids into delta-8 and then create an oil out of it. Once that’s been accomplished, they will take an empty cartridge and fill it with the D8 extract to make a D8 vape cartridge.

How long does a delta-8 cart last?

Depending on how you store your delta-8 cartridge and your smoking habits, your delta-8 cart will last a long time. Most people can make a D8 vape cartridge last for a few weeks, while others may hold onto theirs for months. If you don’t smoke it frequently and store the D8 vape cart in a cool, dark, and dry area (sitting upright), then you should be able to hold onto it for several weeks, even months at a time.

How many puffs are in delta-8 carts?

The number of puffs in delta-8 THC cartridges depends on the consumer. Some people will take larger hits than others, lowering the number of hits they can take overall; on the flip side, others may enjoy much smaller hits from their delta-8 vape, making it last longer. One-gram delta-8 vape cartridges also won’t have as many puffs as a two-gram cartridge, simply because there’s half the amount of extract! If you want the most hits possible, you can look for larger delta-8 carts instead.

Are delta-8 vape carts legal?

At the federal level, yes, delta-8 vape cartridges are legal. The 2018 Farm Bill states that hemp-derived products are legal for sale and consumption as long as they do not contain more than 0.3% THC. Thus, delta-8 products are federally legal when they follow those guidelines. However, the state level is not the same. A handful of states across the US have strictly regulated or outright banned delta-8 and delta-8 products. You might not be able to buy it legally in your area. Make sure to double-check the regulations surrounding delta-8 (and other THC isomers) in your state to see whether or not you can enjoy a delta-8 cart.

Do delta-8 cartridges make you high?

Yes, delta-8 carts do make you high. The delta-8 THC in cannabis is a psychoactive cannabinoid, but it is considerably less potent than the delta-9 THC. So, while delta-8 THC cartridges make you high, they won’t make you as high as a delta-9 cart would.

How do I store my delta-8 vape carts?

The best way to store your delta-8 carts is in a cool, dark, and dry area. Extreme temperatures, direct lighting, and moisture in the air can all negatively affect your delta-8 cart, whether it be potency, taste, or overall composition. Thus, you want to make sure you keep your delta-8 THC cartridges in areas of your house that are typically dark and kept around 65-70°F. A bathroom, laundry room, or basement should be avoided, and the air should be dry.

Can delta-8 THC cartridges be detected by drug tests?

Yes, drug tests can pick up on the presence of delta-8 cartridges. When you consume delta-8, the cannabinoid breaks down in the body into a metabolite called THC-COOH. This metabolite is the one that most drug tests are looking for. So, if it picks up the presence of THC-COOH, the test will say that you’re positive for marijuana, causing you to fail. If you want to pass your drug test, it’s best to steer clear of a delta-8 cart for a few weeks.

What is the best way to consume delta-8 THC?

The best way to consume delta-8 THC is based on your personal preference! If you enjoy vaping, then a delta-8 cart is going to be your best bet. But if you prefer to smoke, going for a product like a delta-8 flower or a delta-8 pre-roll is ideal. If you don’t want to smoke or vape at all, you can consider products like edibles, tinctures, or even topicals. There’s truly something for everyone.

Where can you find the best delta-8 cartridge products online?

You can find the best delta-8 THC carts for sale online through The Hemp Collect. We offer a great selection of top-shelf delta-8 vape cartridges that you’ll fall in love with at first puff. Not only do these delta-8 THC carts come in various strains, but they're also available at low prices. As long as you live in a place where delta-8 carts are legal, The Hemp Collect will have your delta-8 cart shipped right to your door just a few days after purchasing.

Can I buy delta-8 carts in bulk and wholesale with The Hemp Collect?

Yes! The Hemp Collect offers delta-8 carts in bulk and wholesale for purchase. All you have to do is head to our delta-8 wholesale tab and start shopping! Here, you’ll find all the bulk delta-8 cartridge options you can dream of.

Benefits & Effects Of Vaping Delta 8

Depending on your tolerance, body weight, frequency of consumption, dosage size, and metabolism, the result from inhaling Delta 8 vape carts or disposables may vary from person to person. Without question, Delta 8 carts offer a plethora of wellness benefits and, of course, mild psychoactive effects. But in general, the most common effects and benefits of Delta 8 THC are the following.


Millions of cannabis consumers favor vaping Delta 8 THC primarily because of the instant effects it provides. If you’re looking for cannabis effects to kick in quickly look for items that you can inhale. Edible options can take up to an hour or more to take effect, while inhaling works almost instantly.


Focusing on your goals is hard when many things run through your mind. You get confused, and negativity creeps in, halting you from performing fully. You can rely on Delta 8 to ease your mind, lift your spirits, and calm your brain. The uplifting effects of a Delta 8 THC vape pen are highly beneficial in pulling yourself together to regain your poise and cheerful disposition.


Though mild, Delta 8 vape carts create a euphoric sensation that is exceptionally beneficial for many people. More like a head buzz, Delta 8 THC generates a pleasant feeling of relaxation, mental clarity, focus, and happiness.


For centuries, people have known that consumption of cannabis and its derivatives seems to support a healthy appetite. Delta 8 can restore your fondness for food when your hunger is lacking. Try take a puff or two next time your appetite is on the fritz.


Indica strains in particular poses sedative components. Many people benefit from consuming Delta 8 carts at night. The sedation effect is even more potent with stronger doses.


The anti-inflammatory compounds of cannabis and terpenes work together to soothe the aching muscles. Delta 8 vape pen helps relieve body and joint tensions. Many consumers take a few puffs after an intense workout to optimize recovery and ease soreness.


Delta 8 carts do expire and go bad. We recommend that you always check the expiration date of the Delta 8 item before purchasing. The usual shelf-life of Delta 8 vapes is 1-2 years, but the vape juice may degrade if there’s poor handling of the device. Opt for a fresh batch to enjoy all the benefits of a Delta 8 vape cartridge. Pay attention to the proper storage of the Delta 8 vape carts to prolong the freshness and potency of the vape juice.


The recommended healthy dose of Delta 8 vape carts is 3-5 puffs, but you can inhale more vapor into your lungs. Seasoned consumers vape more than what is ideal for beginners. Their tolerance is greater, and they can handle higher amounts of Delta 8 So if you want to puff more than you should, train yourself to manage your tolerance well. However, it’s essential to understand that a heavy dose of Delta 8 THC may have some side effects.


There are potential side effects from the inhalation of Delta 8 carts. However, Delta 8 vapes shouldn’t cause any major health troubles. These are mild side effects associated with D8, but not as many as the negative consequences of Delta 9. The mild side effects of a Delta 8 vape cart include dry mouth, grogginess, nausea, dizziness, sedation, red eyes, and parched throat. Fortunately, these mellow consequences go away very soon. There are ways to eliminate the traces of Delta 8 cartridges from your system. Water can help, whether you drink or take a shower. Plus, some exercise can sweat out the psychoactive compounds and make you feel better. If you’re taking prescription medications, ask a doctor’s advice about the recommended use. These hemp products are not intended to cure, prevent, or diagnose a medical condition.