THCa vs THCp: What’s the Difference

THCa vs THCp: What’s the Difference?

Hey there, curious soul! Ever find yourself pondering the peculiarities of cannabinoids? Well, buckle up because we're about to dive headfirst into the THCa vs. THCP showdown—it's like a rap battle, but with cannabinoid compounds! Among the cast of characters in this botanical bounty, we've got THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and THC-P (tetrahydrocannabiphorol) stealing the spotlight.

Imagine yourself wandering through the lush, aromatic greenery of cannabis fields, the sun warming your face and the breeze whispering tales of ancient wisdom. Suddenly, you stumble upon these two cannabinoid rockstars: THCa and THC-P. They each have their own unique style and charm, making them the dynamic duo of the cannabis world.

THCa lounges lazily in raw cannabis, biding its time like a wise old sage waiting for its moment to shine. Meanwhile, THC-P struts onto the scene, the new kid on the block, with a swagger of potent psychoactive potential.

But hold onto your hats! Before you go gallivanting off into the sunset, there are a few ground rules to cover, like legality, effects, and where to snag these goodies without attracting unwanted attention from the powers that be.

So, grab your magnifying glass and your spirit of discovery because we're about to set off on a thrilling journey through the mysterious domains of THCa and THC-P. Let's unravel the mysteries, bust some myths, and maybe even stumble upon a nugget or two of wisdom along the way.


So, you're curious about the THC-A vs. THC-P showdown, huh? Well, buckle up because these cannabinoids may share a few letters, but they're as different as night and day. Let's break it down for you:

Reported Effectiveness

When it comes to effectiveness, we're talking about the high—how potent these babies can get you. THC-P is like the heavyweight champion of psychoactive cannabinoids, packing a punch that'll knock your socks off. Meanwhile, THC-A is the shy cousin at the family reunion, non-psychoactive and just waiting to be heated up to show its true colors.

Extraction Process

Getting these bad boys out of the plant requires some finesse. THC-A needs a gentle touch to keep it from turning into THC too soon, while THC-P is like a delicate flower that needs special treatment to shine. Both require specific timing and the proper environment to successfully extract these cannabinoids.

Compound Structure

Now, let's talk chemistry. THC-A and THC-P may sound similar, but their structures are as different as a pineapple and a potato. THC-A is like THC's little sibling, with an extra carboxyl group tagging along. Meanwhile, THC-P is the rebel with a cause, boasting a longer side chain that helps it bond better with your body.

So, there you have it, folks! THC-A vs. THC-P is a tale of two cannabinoids, each with its own quirks and charms. Choose wisely, and may the high be ever in your favor!

What is THC-A?

Have you ever heard of THCA? It's like the behind-the-scenes hero of the cannabis world, chilling in those lush green plants. Unlike its rowdy cousin THC, THCA is the zen master—no highs, just good vibes. But here's the kicker: when THCA gets a little heat, it transforms into THC, the life of the party!

So, how do you turn THCA into THC? It's as easy as firing up the grill—well, almost. You can vape it, smoke it, dab it, or even infuse it with other products to unlock its full potential. But hey, if you're into that raw, unadulterated goodness, you can use some cannabis leaves or treat yourself to THCA diamonds. It's like choosing between a green smoothie and a fancy cocktail—both have their perks!

How is THC-A Made?

THC-A is produced in cannabis plants through biosynthesis, where cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) is converted into THC-A with the assistance of enzymes. It's like a top-secret recipe being whipped up in the cannabis plant's kitchen. With a dash of this and a sprinkle of that, the plant's biochemical wizards work their magic, transforming humble CBGA into the mighty THC-A.

But wait, there's more! It's not just any old enzyme doing the heavy lifting – it's THC-A synthase, the master chef of cannabinoid creation. With a flick of its enzymatic wand (or, should we say, a covalently attached FAD cofactor), THC-A synthase orchestrates the perfect dance of molecules, culminating in the birth of THC-A.

So there you have it, folks: THC-A, the unsung hero of the cannabis plant, quietly paving the way for its more flamboyant cousin, THC. Who knew science could be so poetic?

What Are the Best Ways to Take THC-A?

There are two main methods to use THCA products without it converting into THC: using it in its raw form. The other and most popular way, depending on if it's THCA flower or THCA concentrate, is to just light it up and puff away in a vape or a classic joint. At the end of the day, it is up to you and your personal preference.

Best THC-A Products

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What is THC-P?

THC-P is like the new kid on the block, strutting onto the scene in 2019 and shaking things up like a hipster at a jazz club.

Now, here's the scoop: THC-P is the cool cousin of THC, binding with CB1 receptors like nobody's business—we're talking 33 times more than its cousin! And unlike THC, this bad boy is psychoactive, so you know it means business.

But here's the kicker: while THC-P likes to play it cool in nature, meaning it’s very scarce, it's usually produced in a lab. It's like Frankenstein's monster, but instead of bolts in its neck and being less scary, it's got a whole lot of cannabinoid goodness.

So there you have it, folks: THC-P, the rebel of the cannabinoid crew, rewriting the rulebook one high at a time.

How is THC-P Made?

So, you're on the THCP train now, huh? Hold onto your hat! THCP's like a rare Pokémon – hard to find in the wild—but scientists are wizards at making it from CBD. It's like turning pennies into gold, but with test tubes instead of magic wands. Why bother? 'Cause it's cheaper, easier, and cooler than trying to hunt it down in nature. THCP: the elusive treasure that's got scientists feeling like rock stars.

What Are The Best Ways to Take THC-P?

So, you're gearing up to use some THC-P, huh? Get ready for a wild ride! Think of it like choosing your own adventure book, but instead of turning pages, you're picking your favorite way to indulge. There is an endless array of options available to you, ranging from edibles to tinctures, vaping, and dabbing. It's like a buffet of bliss, so go ahead, take your pick, and let the adventure begin!

Best THC-P Products 

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But hey, when you're shopping for THC-P goodies, you've got to be picky. That's where COAs come in—they're like the golden ticket, ensuring you're getting the good stuff without any nasty surprises.

So why wait? Dive into the world of THC-P with us at The Hemp Collect by your side. Just remember to check the rules in your neck of the woods—we wouldn't want any run-ins with the law now, would we?

THC-A vs. THC-P: Which is Right for You?

So, you're at a cannabinoid crossroads, huh? It's like choosing between a wild rollercoaster ride with THCP or a chill stroll through the park with THCA.

If you're craving an intense high, hop on the THCP rocket ship. But if you're all about kicking back and enjoying the mellow vibes, THCA is your go-to.

It's like picking toppings for your pizza—whether you want spicy or savory, the choice is yours. So, what's your flavor?

THC-A vs. THC-P: Potency

So, you've heard the rumors about THC-P? The word on the street is that it's like THC's big brother—packing a punch that'll knock your socks off.

If THC is a gentle breeze, then THC-P is a hurricane. It's like turning up the volume from 10 to 11—louder, bolder, and definitely more intense.

But hey, with great potency comes great responsibility, right? So buckle up, my friend, because THC-P is not for the faint of heart.

Where to Get THC-A and THC-P Products Online?

So, you're on the search for high-quality THCA and THCP goodies online, huh? Look no further than with us at The Hemp Collect, your one-stop shop for all things cannabinoid! We're talking premium quality, safety, and lab-tested goodness all rolled into one. It's like hitting the jackpot and finding a golden ticket all in one go!

Final Thoughts

So, after our deep dive into the world of cannabinoids, you're now armed with the knowledge to navigate the THCa vs. THC-P maze like a pro. From the gentle vibes of THCa to the powerhouse punch of THC-P, each cannabinoid offers its own unique journey. Whether you're seeking to chill out or an exhilarating ride, there's a cannabinoid waiting to whisk you away on an adventure. So, grab your hat, choose your path, and let the cannabinoid exploration begin!  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions; we at The Hemp Collect are happy to help.


What is THC-P Used For?

THC-P's specific uses are still being explored, but it may offer intense effects.

Is THC-P the Most Potent?

Yes, THC-P is believed to be more potent than THC-A.

Is THC-P Better than THC-A?

There's no definitive answer, as individual preferences and tolerance levels vary; it’s up to you to decide which you like better.

Is THCa Stronger Than THCp?

No, THC-P is widely believed to be more potent than THC-A.

What Is the Relationship Between THCa, THCp, and Other Cannabinoids Like CBD and THC?

THC-A and THC-P are cannabinoid precursors with distinct properties compared to THC and CBD.

How Do THC-A and THC-P Differ From THC?  

THC-P is the name of another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It is distinguished by its higher potency, even if it and THC have certain similarities. THC-P may be anywhere between 15 and 33 times more potent than regular THC, according to some research, which would result in a far higher high.

Is THC-P and THCA Legal In The U.S.?

Yes, depending on where you live. In its unprocessed state, THCa is not psychoactive. On the other hand, because it has the ability to transform into THC when heated, it is governed by federal laws, much like THC. Conversely, THC-P is still allowed at the federal level under the terms of the 2018 Farm Bill, provided that it comes from hemp and does not exceed the 0.3% total THC limit. We always suggest that you look into your local laws before using or purchasing THC-P or THCA products.

Do you have more questions related to THCA and THC-P? Explore our blog section or contact us for further assistance.

If you would like more information, check out our blog section, send us an email at, or give us a call at (503) 438-6985 with any questions you may have. Our knowledgeable support staff is at your disposal.

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