MOONROCKS FAQ – What Are Moonrocks?

Moonrocks FAQ: The Strongest CBD flower available,-think smokeable cinnamon roll.

Moonrocks FAQ 101:

What's known as the strongest and most potent CBD and THC flowers on the market?! If you guessed Moonrocks, congratulations- you read the title! Okay, we might be joking around, but Moonrocks definitely hold gravity. Moonrocks take premium hemp flower to outer space. This superior gift from the sky is a force not to reckon with. Moon Rocks surpass all other smokeable CBD and THCa flower offerings in strength, and they are absolutely extraordinary for efficiency and fixation.

CBD Moon Rocks, made of hemp flowers, contain all the restorative advantages of CBD without the undesirable reactions of high THC. They are everything you know and love about hemp flowers, compacted into a mega-dense, glimmering green bud. Moonrocks FAQ #1.

Dip 'N Roll:

The process for making Moonrocks involves dipping cannabis or hemp flower in distillate and then rolling the caked bud in high-quality kief. The result? A sticky, multi-layered bud dripping with terpenes. You can think of Moon rocks as a smokeable cinnamon roll - super sticky and filled with delicious resinous trichomes.

At The Hemp Collect, our CBD Delta 8 Moonrocks are quite the masterpiece. We source the flower used for our Moonrocks directly from local Oregon hemp farms, coat the flower in the thickest layer of D8 distillate possible, and finally dust it with our high-quality CBD kief. Moonrocks FAQ #2.

Sticky and Speedy:

Why smoke Moonrocks? Two reasons: Speed and absorption- aka the high assimilation rate. 

When smoking Moonrocks, cannabinoids and terpenes quickly absorb into our respiratory system. They then enter our circulation system, bypassing the stomach and liver, allowing for more rapid uptake and increased bioavailability to our bodies than other consumption methods. All of this happens in ten to fifteen minutes!

Secondly, absorption. Smoking CBD, especially high concentrated moonrocks, provides the highest absorption levels. You can expect around 35-60% absorption into your bloodstream from smoking CBD compared to 20-30% when consumed in an edible. Pair that with the flower coated in distillate and kief to blast off. Moonrocks FAQ #3.

Medicinal Properties:

Just about anyone may enjoy Moonrocks, but those looking for strong medicinal properties will especially enjoy the benefits. Moonrocks are the most potent form of CBD smokeable on the market today. They can contain up to 50% CBD, whereas tinctures typically contain only 5-20% CBD in a serving. Hemp Moonrocks may help chronic pain relief, soothe sleep disorders, manage stress, and inflammation. Moonrocks FAQ #4.

How-to Smoke?

Moonrocks shouldn't be rolled and smoked just like any flower. Want a couple of tips from the pros? We recommend:

  1. Using a hash/glass pipe or bowl, as the moon rock leaves a greasy residue. (Rolling a joint is not advised, as it will be hard to keep lit.)
  2. Not using a grinder. (Or you will lose the kief surrounding the flower/hash.)
  3. A soft-flame lighter (no torches). Lightly burn the edge of the bowl watch the flame spread over the top of the entire bud. The flame will ignite the kief, which activates the hash oil, ultimately clean burning the flower located in the Moonrock.
  4. Stay hydrated, friends!

Ashley Dellinger

Ashley Dellinger

Ashley Dellinger is a trailblazer in the cannabis and hemp sectors, serving as the Director of Innovation at The Hemp Collect. With a keen visionary mindset, she not only propels advancements in these industries but also showcases her versatility as a seasoned professional writer based in Oregon. As a collaborative force, Ashley works alongside leading brands, processors, and retailers to elevate industry standards. Ashley Dellinger's work not only sets new benchmarks but also inspires others to pursue excellence. For a closer look into her insights and experiences, connect with Ashley on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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