Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Delta 8 Moon Rocks REVIEW

Delta 8 Moonrocks Review

    • At A Glance: Hemp Flower from Outer Space
    • Effects: Powerfully Lucid and Tranquil
    • Appearance: Very Dense and Resinous


Flower From The Moon

Although not exactly from the moon, the concept of Delta 8 Moonrocks really takes cannabis to a far-out level. So how did this wonderful idea touch down to earth?  The origin of Moonrocks might be lost in the stars, but we’ve heard some rumors that track back to the start of this new innovation.

They say that the dispensary Starbudz760 concocted the first Moonrock flowers, with legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt who popularized the product into mainstream media. Kurupt must’ve really enjoyed the new and strong flower because he then trademarked his own version called Kurupt Moonrock. In 2014, Kurupt's and Dr. Zodiak’s Moon Rocks were launched, along with a “Moon Rocks Project” mixtape to share their creation with the world. With 23 tracks and major appearances like Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa, this mixtape helped bring Moonrocks to the forefront of cannabis culture.

A Galactic Blend  - Delta 8 Moonrocks Review

Delta 8 Moonrocks are some of the most powerful hemp products in the Galaxy. We aren’t just talking about flower in its raw form- Delta 8 Moonrocks consists of a process that takes flower beyond anything we’ve seen before.

The process for making Delta 8 Moonrocks involves dipping premium hemp flower in Delta 8 distillate and then rolling the caked bud in high-quality CBD kief - a concentration of hemp's therapeutically beneficial compound. Picture a large, dense bud sticky with CBD hash oil and sparkling in green and golden CBD powder. This means especially frosty flowers of the highest CBD potency possible- around 50%.

It’s important to acknowledge that these are Delta 8 Moonrocks we’re talking about. This means you’ll get the same uber-strong Moonrocks, but without the extreme psychotropic potency of Delta 9. Delta-8 has been observed as far less likely to induce stress in high doses when compared to its parent cannabinoid delta-9. Don’t know the difference between the two Deltas? We’ve touched the bases for you kief . Want an in-depth look into the world of Delta 8? We’ve got that, too iun our Delta 8 Moonrocks Review.

Elevated Effects

With Delta 8 Moonrocks, a little goes a long way! This makes them cost-effective and ideal for medical patients or those looking for an extra-strong dose of CBD.

Made with Delta 8, the effects include a lower chance of anxiety and produce a high that is both lucid and uplifting. One might experience sensations of calmness and tranquility throughout the body. Because of its strength, Delta 8 Moonrocks particularly might assist those who experience bodily pain, paranoia, anxiety, cancer, nausea, and inflammation.

Hitting Delta-8  Moonrocks produces an extremely pleasant, terpene-rich taste of kief that’s out of this world. Because the flower carries multiple layers of potency, smoke clouds produced are wonderfully thick and smooth, offering an experience of its own.

Bottom Line 

Pain-relief without psychotropic potency. The strongest Delta 8 available, Delta 8 Moonrocks will take you to the moon and back without smoking very much at all. We hope our Delta 8 Moonrocks Review has been helpful.

Ashley Dellinger

Ashley Dellinger

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