What Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks

What Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks? A Complete Guide

Let’s face it: There are a lot of different cannabis products on the market. It can be quite challenging to keep up with all of these new cannabinoids, especially when they seem to be appearing on a daily basis. But don’t worry; we’re here to help.

Today, we’re focusing specifically on the ins and outs of delta 8 moon rocks. Delta 8 moon rocks are a unique product type that you’ve likely seen before but weren’t sure how to enjoy. Below, you’ll learn what moon rocks are, their potency, and even how to smoke them. Let’s get started.

What Are Moon Rocks Made Of?

If you aren’t familiar with Delta 8 moon rocks, these are potent, highly concentrated forms of hemp flower that have been doused in Delta 8 THC extract and then covered in layers of kief. This causes the buds to look like dense clods of cannabis, which is exactly what they are!

You can find moon rocks in various strains as well as using different cannabinoids. However, delta 8 moon rocks are designed to help you enjoy Delta 8 THC in a whole new, very potent way.

In the United States, delta 8 moon rocks are legal as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC and come from hemp. This means that if you’re interested in trying these powerful buds, you can buy them online and have them sent right to your home. (As long as you live in a state where delta 8 is permitted, that is.)

What Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks? 

When people talk about cannabis moon rocks, these products are usually made out of three base components: flower, oil, and kief.

The type of flower, oil, and even kief used depends on the manufacturer themselves. You’ll find Delta 8, Delta 9, and even CBD moon rocks if you’re interested, and these products can all be made using different cannabis oils as well. Some brands will choose to use delta 8 distillate, while others may rely on CBD extract for more supportive results. It simply depends.

After the flower has been coated in (or infused with) cannabis oil, it’s then rolled in layers of kief. If you’re not familiar, kief is the powdery part of the cannabis plant that typically falls off upon manipulation or grinding. They are resinous trichomes that contain highly concentrated levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, making kief incredibly powerful and a great addition to any product.

Do Delta 8 Moon Rocks Get You High? 

If you’re wanting to find a delta 8 product that gets you super high, moon rocks are a great choice. Delta 8 moon rocks absolutely produce strong psychoactive effects, making them ideal for more experienced consumers seeking more powerful results.

Because of the many layers of cannabis products, they are known for producing stronger, longer-lasting highs than your typical flower product. Though delta 8 THC is known for being slightly milder than delta 9 THC, delta 8 moon rocks are definitely some of the strongest D8 products out there, so you can be prepared to feel quite high—and a whole lot giggly.

If you don’t want to get high, Delta 8 Moon Rocks simply aren’t the product for you. Instead, CBD would prove a much better option.

What is the THC Content of Delta 8 Moon Rocks? 

The THC content of your Delta 8 moon rocks will depend highly on the moon rocks you’re buying, the strain used, and even the extracts and kief utilized.

Here at The Hemp Collect, our Delta 8 moon rocks vary in potency as well. However, every batch contains at least 30-40% delta 8 THC, with trace amounts of D9 for added potency. These high D8 percentages make moon rocks much stronger than your average flower product, especially a delta 8 one.

If you ever want to know what the exact THC percentages are in your moon rocks, that’s what certificates of analysis are for! Third-party lab test results should accompany every good cannabinoid product. These results illustrate the exact cannabinoid percentages of each compound in the product. They also demonstrate whether or not the product has been tested for impurities.

If you’re searching for a product’s COA and cannot find it, this is a huge red flag! You shouldn’t buy Delta 8 moon rocks—or any products—from a brand that doesn’t have their COAs readily available for consumers.

How Do You Smoke Delta 8 Moon Rocks? 

When people take a look at delta 8 moon rocks, they often wonder, “How do I even smoke these?” Well, it’s easier than you may think.

To smoke Delta 8 moon rocks, you will start by taking a sharp knife or some scissors and shaving some bits of the coated flower off. Then, you can use these bits to top off your bowls, add them to joints, or burn them directly on their own. For best results, you want to burn the Delta 8 moon rocks slowly, but the flame has to be directly on the product. This direct, hot method allows you to burn through all the beneficial layers of the coated flower.

And that’s all it takes! You can smoke Delta 8 moon rocks in practically whatever way you enjoy most; just make sure you’re burning them directly and with high heat, all while inhaling slowly.

Final Thoughts 

That’s it! You’ve officially learned practically everything there is to know about delta 8 moon rocks, how they’re made, and even how to smoke some for yourself. Now, the next question is, where do you buy Delta 8 moon rocks for yourself?

Well, you’re in luck: The Hemp Collect offers top-shelf delta 8 moon rocks in various strains depending on the flavors and results you’re looking for. We offer both live resin-infused and terpene-infused moon rocks, so there’s something for every preference out there.

If you’re ready to take your delta 8 smoking experience to the next level, let The Hemp Collect be your guide and purchase some of our affordable, high-quality delta 8 moon rocks online today.

Ashley Dellinger

Ashley Dellinger

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