Does HHC Show Up on a Drug Test?

Does HHC Show Up on a Drug Test?

In the world of cannabis, there have been several new cannabinoids popping up on the scene. While you’re probably familiar with THC, CBD, or Delta-8, HHC is a novel compound that has many cannabis consumers curious and eager to consume it. Scientifically speaking, HHC and THC seem to have similar molecular structures and effects, which has led many to wonder about a lot of things, including how long the new cannabinoid stays in their system. How is it metabolized? And most importantly, what’s the interaction between HHC and drug tests, and will it show up on a drug test? Below, let’s take a look and answer a few of your questions.

What Is HHC?

When you think of the classic cannabis high, HHC is one of the cannabinoids that will most likely produce that in the body following consumption. That’s right, THC isn’t the only cannabinoid to produce psychoactive effects and potent highs. The THC-like high psychoactivity of HHC is one of the main reasons that the versatile chemical is highly sought-after in the cannabis industry.

How Does HHC Work?

As we mentioned, HHC is a psychoactive cannabinoid and, therefore, is able to cause a high feeling in the body. In the body, the endocannabinoid system interacts with it to achieve this. Thousands of cannabinoid receptors reside within this system, which helps the body maintain homeostasis. When HHC is consumed, HHC molecules will break down and bind to the cannabinoid receptors found in the brain. And when this interaction happens, a number of effects take place in the body, mainly a high feeling. That said, when it comes to cannabinoids, this newly discovered compound is definitely a fan favorite.

Does HHC Show Up on Drug Tests?

In the body, HHC works in such a way that it will trigger a positive drug test. Cannabinoids such as THC and HHC are metabolized in the body similarly. Drug tests cannot distinguish whether THC or other cannabinoids are being metabolized because the process is so similar. The presence of the HHC-derived metabolite in hemp-derived cannabinoids will be detected in a drug test, and you will be counted as positive for marijuana. 

In the future, we can learn more about HHC's metabolization process and how we can prevent it from causing a positive drug test as we gain more knowledge about how it works in the human body. In reality, HHC products, regardless of type, will probably make you fail a drug test because of how they interact with the body.


How Long Does HHC Stay In Your System?

If you’re new to HHC, you’re probably wondering about the duration of HHC’s presence in the system. The answer isn’t as easy as you think. There are several variables that will affect how long HHC will stay, such as dosage, THC tolerance, frequency of use, product dosage, body chemistry, desired effect, and others.

For those who consume cannabis more frequently, including HHC, it has the potential to stay in the system longer. When cannabinoids are heavily consumed, they are able to build up in the body because they don’t allow the body to process them fully. It’s said that when HHC is consumed once, its metabolites will stay in your system for around 48–72 hours. However, consuming more HHC within that time frame can cause a buildup and thus take longer for the metabolites to flush out of the body. 

For potent HHC products, of course, it would make sense for metabolites to hang around in the body. The same can be said for high doses of HHC. In comparison, a person who purchases and consumes low-potency HHC products will have their system free of HHC much faster than a person who purchases and consumes high-potency HHC products. Lastly, the chemistry of your body must be considered when determining the duration of HHC’s survival in your system. A slow metabolism might break HHC much slower, while a faster metabolism will obviously do the opposite. With all this said, if you have a drug test coming up and wish to pass, you should be sure to stay away from consuming any cannabis product, HHC or not. This will allow your body to completely eliminate THC metabolites and avoid causing a positive drug test.  

HHC Metabolism

When it comes to the metabolization of HHC, we can definitively say exactly how this is done. As we’ve said, HHC seems to work similarly to THC in the body and, when consumed, will undergo processes of digestion and metabolism. Metabolism is carried out in the liver and specifically requires the transformation of different metals before being fully passed through the body. So this means that, in the end, HHC will convert into THC-COOH. This newly-made chemical compound is exactly what drug tests are made to detect and can be picked up no matter which psychoactive cannabinoid or cannabis product you consume. 

In any case, more proof is still needed to determine with certainty how HHC gets metabolized in the body. But for now, it’s safe to assume that it undergoes the same metabolism process as THC.

HHC Cross-Contamination

If you thought there wasn’t more to learn about HHC and drug tests, there is. One prime reason for HHC detection on drug tests is cross-contamination. Both pure HHC products and HHC products with other cannabinoids contain this, which is known as cross-contamination. Products that are made with psychoactive cannabinoids are essentially THC-adjacent and thus cause cross-contamination, which increases the likelihood of failing a drug test. Because HHC is found in trace amounts, it’s a little more difficult for manufacturers to obtain the cannabinoid in high amounts. Therefore, most, if not all, HHC products will be created with other chemical cannabis compounds to create a fuller, more complete product. 

If you are going to take a drug test soon, you might want to keep the above information in mind, especially if you’re looking to pass your drug test. To reiterate, a drug test works to detect THC metabolites and has great potential for picking up THC-like cannabinoids such as HHC.

Drug Testing Regulations

There are a number of reasons why drug testing regulations have been put in place. While attitudes and policies are changing toward the cannabis plant, where its consumption has been made illegal, it should still be greatly taken into account. 

Drug testing for employment is common, with many establishments requiring that all employees be tested for the consumption of controlled substances before they’re able to work. Drug testing is not discriminatory in any way and is only done to retain the information they need to decide if a candidate is qualified or unqualified for a certain position. These tests have been put in place so an employer can screen potential employees and ensure they’re not working while under the influence of substances. If someone who is applying for a position that requires drug testing renders a positive drug test, he or she may not be considered for the position and be disqualified immediately from the job. The same can be said for sports, the military, or law enforcement. 

Members of these different associations are tested frequently for the use of drugs, as many sports have prohibited the consumption of cannabis. Interestingly enough, as legalization continues to spread, more sports teams have retracted their ban on cannabis use, allowing players to medicate under the supervision of healthcare professionals. While there are states that have made the production and consumption of cannabis completely legal, there are still certain regulations in place for the drug testing of cannabis-adjacent compounds. While some establishments may honor a cannabis card holder and allow the consumption of cannabis, others may not; it all depends. 

There are a number of ways to detect cannabinoids using drug tests. But some of the most common drug tests are saliva tests, hair tests, blood tests, and urine tests. Not every employee utilizes the same kind of drug tests to detect cannabis consumption; the choice is ultimately left up to the employer. Nonetheless, if you are planning to work for a company that requires a positive drug test and are unsure about your results, you can buy at-home drug tests to receive them yourself. Doing this will not only save you time worrying about the unknown but also a potential job. No at-home drug is 100% effective, but they are cheap and best used when not taking any medications or drugs, as they can potentially cause a negative drug test. 

Where Can I Find the Best HHC Products?

Despite the limited research available, there’s no doubt that this cannabinoid will soon become one of the world's most valuable tools. Given the plethora of HHC companies to purchase HHC products from, it can be overwhelming to choose which manufacturer to buy from. Considering the fact that most HHC products are designed to be ingested, you certainly want to make sure that the product you're consuming is a safe and high-quality one. 

When it comes to buying HHC products, there are certain criteria that the product should meet, and it would be in your best interests to take a bit of time to check all the boxes to make sure that the HHC product you inevitably choose is the best one for you. It's important that HHC products are tested to ensure that they offer the appropriate potency and are void of any potentially harmful impurities. But rather than the HHC manufacturers testing their own products, reputable ones should have their products tested by independent labs that have no affiliation with the company. That way, there is no bias about the HHC product in question, which gives consumers more assurance that the test results provided are accurate and truthful.

Third-party lab results can come with HHC products and are important for consumers to look over. Third-party labs will examine the HHC to make sure that it meets quality standards. They'll test for things such as the presence of contaminants (including microbial, physical contaminants, and chemicals) and potency (concentration of HHC versus other cannabinoids). All in all, you want to make sure that the product you are consuming is precisely what you believe it is, and third-party lab test results can give you this vital information. 

At The Hemp Collect, we want to continue sharing the gospel of cannabis to help you achieve the best you possible, as well as monitor your cannabis usage. Feel free to check out our online menu of HHC Disposables, HHC Gummies, HHC Carts, and HHC Dabs, and we’ll have your order shipped out to you in no time! 

We should say that cannabis is a complex plant that has a long, cross-cultural history, yet it still deserves more research to further understand the efficacy and mechanisms of its action in the body, especially for women's health. Thankfully, with increased cannabis legalization and public acceptance, people far and wide will be able to testify that cannabis products are the future of relief, no matter where their discomforts are coming from. Using cannabinoids in any form is a personal experience. However, the only surefire way to know if HHC is worth adding to your cannabis arsenal is to give it a try yourself, ideally by first doing your own homework.


Cannabis is an amazing plant that is seeing more use as legalization continues to spread. And with it comes a full range of chemical compounds (known as cannabinoids) that are each unique in their own right. When it comes to HHC, the cannabinoid seems to be able to cause a positive drug test following consumption. Whatever the reason for wanting to try HHC, it's important to obtain a product that is of the highest quality and comes from a reliable and reputable manufacturer. Doing your due diligence for research on drug tests is a must, no matter what type of product you decide to consume. If you’re out of drug testing and interested in seeing what this new cannabinoid is all about, give our website a checkout!



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