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Live Resin HHC Disposable: Knockout

Live Resin HHC Disposable: Knockout

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Potency Lab Results

COAs show potency and presence of different compounds within a product.

COAs for hemp and cannabis will show levels for cannabinoids and terpenes. It also shows if there are harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, molds and bacteria.

HHC Extracts COAs:

Live HHC Extract - Daytrip - Garlic Jam - 0094550003
Live HHC Extract - Daytrip - Pineapple Jam - 101023193012
Live HHC Extract - Anytime - Cookie Jam - 0004200006 -
Live HHC Extract - Anytime - Sour Pineapple - 22-009455-0001
Live HHC Extract - Knockout - Pineapple Kush - 23-000420-0008
Live HHC Extract - Knockout - Llama Kush - 22-009455-0002

Live Resin HHC Distillate begins with high-quality Oregon-grown hemp flower, fresh frozen as it’s harvested out of the field. The fresh-frozen hemp flower is then extracted making a phytochemically and terpene-rich extract that has more therapeutic potential. This is typically better for those looking for a more well-rounded “entourage effect”. 

Adding strain-specific CBD Live Resin to HHC has been said to induce a more well-rounded experience, closer to the full spectrum effect found in premium cannabis products. The psychoactive effect of the HHC is enhanced by the inclusion of additional cannabinoids and hemp terpenes from the plant.

Live Resin HHC is for those who want stimulating effects with the most natural, true-to-the-plant taste and aroma in an extract. We meticulously curated a range of CBD Live Resin cultivars to be able to create a line of products that offers strain-specific products with simplified effect-based formulations of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Interested in discovering a variety of Live Resin Products and HHC products? Check out our comprehensive range to find exactly what you're looking for. If you have any questions or need more information about our Live Resin HHC Disposable: Knockout, please contact us through the form, call (503) 438-67835, or email Our knowledgeable team is here to help.

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