Can You Smoke Delta 8 In Public

Can You Smoke Delta 8 In Public?

With the explosive growth the cannabis industry has seen in recent years, we've also experienced the emergence of more and more products aimed at benefiting our overall health.” We're talking Delta 8. Certainly, you can always roll up a joint or pack a bong, but when it comes to consuming Delta 8, you may be wondering, Can you smoke Delta 8 in public? In this article, we answer all of your burning questions and then some. 

Is Delta 8 Legal?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta-8 THC has been legalized on a federal level. Production and consumption are okay so long as the products do not contain any more than 0.3% THC in them; if they do, they are federally illegal in the United States. However, while many states have allowed the legal sale and consumption of delta-8, there are some that have retracted the bill and are heavily regulating delta-8 products. 

Therefore, the only way you can purchase Delta 8 products is if you live in a state that has legalized cannabis medically or recreationally. If you do, you can either get a medical card and buy THC, or you can buy delta-8 from a dispensary as long as you're 21 or older. If you are of legal age, you may also purchase Delta 8 online from a number of retailers. 

Is It Legal To Smoke Delta-8 In Public?

When you've had a long day as a cannabis lover, perhaps all you can think about is chilling out and smoking your Delta 8 product. No matter if it's a Delta 8 preroll, Delta 8 bong, or Delta 8 Vape Pen, you might be feeling like enjoying it outside, especially if you live in a place that doesn't allow indoor smoking or patio smoking sessions. There are no concrete answers to the restriction on smoking Delta 8 products in public. But there is one for smoking in general. 

Like tobacco, smoking at state parks, inside or outside of public buildings, or any other location in your community that prohibits smoking may not be allowed. While you can have these items on you, you may not light them up or consume them in areas that restrict smoking. As a result, if you have the homeowner's permission, you may find it most enjoyable to enjoy Delta 8 products at home or in a private residence if you are able to do so.

Traveling with Delta-8 THC

For most people, traveling is an exciting time. But before you think about adding Delta 8 to your packing list or luggage, it's important that you conduct your own research beforehand. According to the current federal law on cannabis, products, including Delta-8, may be transported across state lines. But be aware that every airline has its own set of rules.

Therefore, to avoid trouble, if you have an upcoming flight and wish to travel with your Delta 8 product, we suggest that you contact the flight company for more information on their travel policies.

The Perfect Place to Smoke Hemp

There are certain locations that exist that allow customers to smoke on-site, such as restaurants, hemp shops, and maybe some coffee shops.

However, it's important to keep in mind that these types of establishments are operating in states that have legalized the production and consumption of THC, which likely includes delta-8 products. If delta-8 hasn't been legalized in your state, you probably won't find these types of storefronts and thus won't be able to have an outdoor smoke session.

Is It Safe To Smoke Delta 8?

When it comes to consuming delta-8, if you're new, you may be wondering about its safety. To date, there hasn't been any evidence to support the claim that consuming delta-8 is unsafe. Cannabis and its constituents, including delta-8, are still in the infancy stages of research. This means there is far more to discover about its benefits, safety, and efficacy, both short-term and long-term. If you would like to know more about whether Delta 8 products are for you, there are various ways to gain more information, including online studies, your local budtender, cannabis education and awareness workshops and events, and many others.

For the truly curious, we say to seek out and learn more about one cannabinoid that's taking over the industry and showing no signs of stopping!

Where Can I Buy Smoked Delta 8 Products?

The Delta 8 industry is smoking hot, no pun intended! With such a new cannabinoid on the rise, there have been a number of Delta 8 product innovations, including Delta 8 TincturesDelta 8 FlowersDelta 8 GummiesDelta 8 DabsDelta 8 Moon RocksDelta 8 CartsDelta 8 SoftgelsDelta 8 Distillatesand Delta 8 Edibles. Whatever Delta 8 product you can think of, there's probably one that exists. We at The Hemp Collect have worked hard to provide a large range of Delta 8 products for any type of cannabis consumer! 

From vegan edibles and soft gels to tinctures and dab badder, our online menu of Delta 8 products has been carefully crafted for an effective, long-lasting cannabis experience many cannabis lovers dream about. 

The Final Puff

The type of cannabis product you consume and the consumption method you choose will significantly impact your cannabis experience. While some delta-8 products are designed to provide a strong psychoactive high, others are made to provide a more mellow experience. Additionally, the location where you decide to have a smoke session will affect your cannabis experience. Where you reside in the country, or rather, the location you choose to smoke your Delta 8 product, will depend.

Therefore, we don't suggest that you assume anything and always be cautious of your cannabis consumption, no matter where you live or travel. Not only will this help you consume uninterruptedly, responsibly, respectfully, and, most importantly, legally, but if you're interested in trying out our Delta 8 products, feel free to check out our website today!

Ashley Dellinger

Ashley Dellinger

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