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THC Tinctures

When you're looking for the best THC tincture on the market, there's no better place to look than The Hemp Collect. The Hemp Collect offers an extensive selection of top-shelf weed tincture options depending on what you're looking for, all of which are priced affordably and made with the highest-quality ingredients available. You can get the best THC tinctures from our inventory next time you're looking for a pleasant THC experience.

What Are THC Tinctures?

THC tinctures are liquid cannabis extracts that contain high amounts of the THC compound. These goods are produced by soaking hemp plants in ethanol or another strong alcohol before drying them out. The alcohol works as a solvent, extracting active compounds like THC and cannabinoids from the plant material itself. Depending on the manufacturer, the mixture needs to sit for a certain period of time. Some professionals choose to leave their tincture for several weeks, allowing for ample extraction. A strainer is used to remove any remaining plant material after the steeping process. All that's left behind is a potent liquid that's been infused with THC! These days, you can find cannabis tinctures made with various blends, depending on your personal preference. You'll find Delta-9 THC Tinctures, Delta-8 Tinctures, HHC Tinctures, and even more.

Benefits of THC Tinctures

People will choose to turn to a THC tincture for various reasons; however, many people love the ease and accessibility that these types of products bring.  A marijuana tincture can be consumed quite discreetly, especially when you're taking it sublingually. They don't produce any smoke, nor do they have noticeable odors like other products, making them more inconspicuous. A cannabis tincture is also incredibly versatile, allowing for multiple ways of enjoying it. You can easily incorporate a tincture into various recipes and beverages, or you can place your dosage directly under the tongue. Having these options can be great for those who don't want to be limited to smoking or vaping. Finally, a THC tincture also allows for more precise dosing, which may be ideal for those who are still dipping their toes into the world of weed. It will be easy to monitor exactly how much liquid you consume with tinctures that come with a measured dropper.

Our Various THC Tincture Products

Here at The Hemp Collect, we have the THC tincture selection of your dreams. Below, you can learn more about some of our most popular cannabis tinctures. 

Delta 8 THC Tinctures

Interested in experiencing the beauty of pure delta-8 THC in a bottle? Then our D8 tincture is the one for you. This THC tincture contains 1,000 mg of delta-8 THC distillate alongside organic MCT and avocado oil for a pure, distinct experience. We test all of our delta-8 THC tinctures for quality and purity, and you can view these products' test results right on the website, giving you the ultimate peace of mind about this high-quality D8 tincture oil.  

Live Resin CBD Tinctures

We don't just have THC tinctures at The Hemp Collect, either: we also offer a great selection of CBD tinctures. We offer our Live Resin CBD Tinctures in our three signature blends: Knockout, Daytrip, and Anytime. The Knockout blend is designed to promote indica-like results, while the Daytrip more closely resembles your classic sativa strain. As you may have guessed, the Anytime CBD tincture is great for, well, any time, just like a hybrid. 

Live Resin Delta-8 Tinctures

Of course, we can't offer our CBD Live Resin Tinctures without also offering our top-shelf Live Resin Delta-8 Tinctures!  Our popular Live Resin Delta-8 Tinctures come in Knockout, Daytrip, and Anytime blends, each one producing unique results that you'll love depending on the time of day. Made with over 85% delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids like CBD, THCv, and CBDv, these delta-8 THC tinctures are perfect for just about everyone.

Tincture vs. Edibles 

Technically, a THC tincture is considered a type of cannabis edible. Edibles are any products that have been infused with cannabis extract that you can consume; thus, tinctures are edibles. However, the overall formulation, administration, and even onset and duration of results are incredibly different between the two types of products. As we've established, cannabis edibles come in various forms, including tinctures, gummies, chocolates, softgels, candies, and more. However, tinctures are always going to come in the same liquid form (though you can use them to infuse your food products!). You consume tinctures and edibles in completely different ways. With a tincture, you can add the oil to your favorite recipe or drink, or you can put the dose directly under your tongue, hold it, and swallow. Edibles, on the other hand, are designed to be eaten (or drunk) just like your typical food product. Finally, you can expect the results of your THC tinctures to kick in quicker than the results of your typical edible; however, the duration of the results will last longer with the edible than the tincture.

Why Choose The Hemp Collect to Buy THC Tinctures?

Choosing The Hemp Collect to buy your THC tincture products is the best choice you can make for your wellness journey! We craft our products using high-quality products and strict quality-control standards to ensure that every one of our products exceeds our standards. No, We offer third-party lab testing results for all the THC tinctures we sell right on our website. We keep updating these COAs to ensure that you always see the latest version of our top-shelf tinctures. All of our products abide by the 2018 Farm Bill, allowing us to ship them all throughout the United States. With The Hemp Collect, buying your favorite THC tinctures has truly never been so easy and so affordable.

THC Tinctures - Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Tincture Compare to CBD Oil?

Both tinctures and CBD oils are liquid cannabis extracts; however, the main difference lies in their composition. A CBD oil is going to be made with an oil base, while a tincture is going to be made with an alcohol base. A THC tincture is also going to have psychoactive properties, while a CBD oil does not.

How Do You Use or Take Cannabis Tinctures?

Many people choose to place a few drops of their cannabis tincture into their favorite food or beverage recipe, such as a smoothie or salad dressing. However, you can also choose to place your dosage directly under your tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds before swallowing. Sublingual consumption will result in a quicker onset of results, but some people don't enjoy the bitter, plant-like flavor that comes with it. 

How Long Does It Take for a Cannabis Tincture To Kick In?

You can expect to wait anywhere from 15 to about 45 minutes for your tincture to kick in; however, the exact time will depend on factors like your consumption method, tolerance level, body chemistry, and dosage. 

How Do You Store Cannabis Tinctures?

To preserve the potency of a THC tincture, you want to store it in a cool, dark, dry place away from direct sunlight and harsh temperatures. Many tinctures come in dark glass bottles to protect the contents from light exposure, so make sure to keep the extract in there for ultimate preservation.

Can You Smoke Cannabis Tincture?

No, you cannot smoke a weed tincture. Tinctures are not designed to be smoked or vaporized; smoking or heating the liquid directly can result in adverse experiences, and it is not an effective method of consumption, nonetheless. If you prefer smoking, you can find other cannabis products like pre-rolls, flowers, or even THC vape oils that are made specifically for this purpose.

What Is the Minimum Age To Buy THC Tinctures?

You have to be at least 21 years old to buy a THC tincture online from The Hemp Collect. Before entering the site, we will ask you to confirm your age by giving us your birthday.  If you buy THC tinctures in person, you will be asked to provide your ID to ensure proof of your age. So, make sure you have some form of proof of identification if you go to buy a weed tincture at your local dispensary, smokeshop, or health and wellness store.

Where Can I Buy THC Tinctures Online?

The best place to buy THC tinctures online is from The Hemp Collect. We offer a great selection of THC tinctures for sale, providing something for absolutely everyone. You can find all the information you need to know about our products, sourcing, and extraction, and you can view copies of our products' COAs whenever you want. You can fill your digital cart and place an order from our website; then, we will ship your products to you within just a few business days.

Do You Offer THC Tinctures Wholesale and in Bulk?

Yes, The Hemp Collect does offer THC tinctures wholesale and in bulk. Simply head to our Shop Bulk Wholesale tab and choose whether or not you want to buy Delta 9 or Delta 8 wholesale products. Then, you can gain access to our bulk inventory, allowing you to stock up on every weed tincture that catches your eye.