Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower grown indoors by the pound. Bulk Wholesale pricing.
Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower- Indoor
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Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower- Indoor

From: $75.00



Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower Bulk Wholesale

Hawaiian haze hemp flower is legally compliant and contains less than .3% Delta 9. Flower is available on the stem, bucked, machine trimmed or hand trimmed. The Hemp Collect prides itself on transparency and accurate representation of all materials for sale.

  • CBD: 17.5%
  • SMELL: Lemon sweet terpene profile
  • PROS: Great nose, great bud size throughout, hand trimmed, true indoor hemp flower
  • CONS: 

Hawaiian Haze SAMPLES

We offer refundable pound samples so that you can inspect the material and make sure it works for your need. If upon receipt you would like to switch it out for a different flower, just send it back for a full refund minus shipping charges.


All purchased material includes an accurate and up to date COA (compliance test) for our Hawaiian Haze Flower



Prices may be negotiable based on high volume or frequent ongoing orders, please contact us to discuss and get a quote consideration.


The Hemp Collective offers large lots of hemp flower readily available untrimmed, machine trimmed or hand trimmed. Our hemp flower originates from a variety of farms in our community in Oregon and throughout the US. CBD percentages vary from 9% to 20% CBD.

We specialize in supplying brands purchasing larger lots to ensure merchandise uniformity, pre-roll makers in need of terpene abundant or milled material, and farms, agents, distributors looking for cannabis quality hemp flower for sale as smokable flower.

The Hemp Collect has a high reputation for transparency of quality in addition to product properties. A number of our clients are distribution warehouses, farms locating product for their orders along with brands reselling/retailing smokable flower. We have been a dependable partner for providing reliable quality. We all care about a long term relationship more than a one time sale and offer samples or lot inspections ahead of significant purchases when desired.

Call or contact us to discuss your required quality and price point. We will overview and send you any obtainable options.


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