Live Resin Delta 9 Caramels Knockout (Organic)

$7.00 – $41.99

  • QUANTITY: 1ct, 4ct, 8ct
  • MG: 40mg D9 per
  • POTENCY: Click to view COA
  • INPUTS: Pineapple Kush Live Resin, D9
  • EFFECTS: Sedating, relaxing, couch-lock
  • FLAVOR: Sweet, salty
  • OTHER: Organic
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Indulge in a superior blend of flavor, potency, and organic goodness with our Delta 9 THC caramels — renowned for being the best in the industry. Hand-crafted to ensure consistent quality, each caramel boasts 40 mg of Delta 9 (farm-bill compliantly derived).

Our Knockout caramels are ideal for someone seeking an indulgent way to enjoy the effects of cannabis and for those who enjoy a higher potency or dose and desire more of a relaxing experience and effect (as compared to our Anytime caramel, which does not contain relaxing compounds and is energy neutral).

If you are a lower-dose kind of person, we suggest turning each caramel into 2-4 doses and grabbing our CBD caramels so you can still enjoy the flavor without passing your ideal dose (we’ve all been there- one bite turns into 2!).

Caramels provide a discreet and travel-friendly option for those seeking the benefits of Delta 9 THC without the legal concerns associated with cannabis-derived alternatives.

Delta 9 Caramels vs. Gummies

In short, gummies and caramels offer unique highs, and we recommend trying each as many of our customers find they enjoy both at different times. The nerdy science of it is that our Delta 9 caramels contain fat which enhances the bioavailability of the compounds and alters the effect. This is due to the lipophilic nature of fats and how they aid in the compound’s distribution throughout the body.

Effects and Benefits

Depending on the amount you consume compared to your tolerance, you can have a very different experience with the same product. In general, this product has been described by many consumers and members of our team who love them as euphoric, giggly, and happy.  That being said, if you consume a mega dose, you will likely be much more relaxed and less social versus consuming a micro or more normal dose, where you might feel more inclined to connect and be active.

Dosage Guidelines: Tailoring Your Experience

For the average individual, 1/2 of a caramel is typically an ideal amount, but many people prefer 1/4th or 1 full caramel.

Where you should start depends on your experience with edibles and whether you know your ideal dose. If you don’t know what your ideal dose is you should start with 1/4th of a caramel and wait an hour for the full effects to kick in before consuming more. If you would like to eat more go for it but then wait another hour before eating more again. You can keep doing this to dial in the best dose. This will allow you to also see the different levels of intensity from the doses and understand more about a micro versus a macro dosing and where your mg’s are to achieve both.

Why Choose Our Delta 9 Caramels?

If you prioritize potency, taste, quality, and safety, then we are it. Everything we make starts with a deep look at how we can make it exceptional in taste and effect while ensuring consumer safety. We are passionate about putting out great products and building long-term repeat customers. We offer a money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with our products- that’s important to us! If you have any feedback, always give us a shout, we listen.

Delta 9 Caramels Legality: Federally Compliant

Rest assured, our Delta 9 THC caramels are federally legal in the United States. The 2018 Farm Bill allows up to 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight volume, and our caramels adhere to these regulations. Each caramel contains up to 40 mg THC, ensuring compliance while delivering an exceptional experience.

Shop with Confidence: What to Look For Online

When shopping for Delta 9 THC caramels online, prioritize hemp-derived sources, potency, and safety. Ensure compliance with federal regulations and trust in ISO-accredited labs for accurate results. Choose a brand like ours, committed to transparency, integrity, and delivering a safe and effective product.

Delta 8 vs. Delta 9: Navigating the Differences

Discover nuances between Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC. While Delta 9 offers a slightly stronger experience, both provide unique highs. Delta 8 is often favored for social and active use, making it a great alternative for those prone to anxiety. Rotate between Delta 8 and Delta 9 to reset tolerance and tailor your experience to different occasions.

Learn More About Live Resin

Interested in exploring a broader range of Live Resin Products and Delta 9 Products? Browse our detailed collections of Live Resin Products and Delta 9 Products to select the best one for you. If you have any queries or require more details regarding our Live Resin Delta 9 Caramels Knockout (Organic), contact us using the contact form, phone us at (503) 438-6985, or email Our specialized team is ready to support you with expert guidance.

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