What Is Live Resin Sauce? – The Ultimate Guide

What Is Live Resin Sauce? – The Ultimate Guide

By leveraging plant alchemy and advances in technology, The Hemp Collect has been able to produce various craft cannabis goods. One of these is live resin sauce, a cannabis concentrate that’s become popular in the United States and beyond. 

In this article, we’ll look into what this concentrate is, how it’s prepared, and how the sophisticated connoisseur can use it. 

We’ll also talk about how to choose the best live resin sauce goods, where you can buy them, and how to go about ordering them online. Take a gummy or something. This is going to be good!

What Is Live Resin Sauce?

Live resin is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates in the world. This extract has many incredible properties, chief among them its potency, aroma, and taste. The live resin contains concentrated cannabis trichomes—the waxy, gelatinous coating present on cannabis flowers, stalks, and foliage. 

Most of the plant’s terpenes are found in its trichomes. This explains why live resin is so tasty and aromatic. 

Live resin sauce is a live resin derivative – a live resin extract that has undergone further processing to separate its components into distinct layers.

To create live resin sauce, live resin undergoes a process known as “diamond mining.”. This process involves leaving the live resin in a container for an extended period of time (usually 2-3 weeks). This allows THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) crystals to separate and form large crystals known as diamonds.

The remaining liquid portion of the live resin, which is rich in cannabinoids and other terpenes, becomes the “sauce” surrounding the diamonds.

This explains the difference in consistency between live resin and live resin sauce.

While live resin has a viscous, sap-like consistency, live resin sauce has two portions: one solid and one liquid. 

What’s Inside A Live Resin Sauce?

A live resin sauce contains both liquid and solid components, each of which consists of different chemical compounds. The liquid part mostly contains terpenes and terpenoids. It is, therefore, also called terp oil, terp sauce, or full-spectrum terpene extract. Since it retains most of the plant’s terpenes, this portion is aromatic and flavorful. 

The solid portion of sauce live resin contains THCa crystals. THCa is an inactive form of THC, the psychotropic chemical present in cannabis plants. THC diamonds, or diamonds, are often referred to as these crystals. This explains why this extract is also called live resin diamond sauce.

Cured Resin Vs. Live Resin

Live resin is different from cured resin. Live resin is prepared from fresh-frozen cannabis. The buds from the source plants are harvested and frozen immediately. They remain frozen until the process of extracting live resin is complete. This way, we’re able to harness the cultivar’s smell, taste, and effects fully.

Cured resin isn’t prepared in the same way. Instead, the harvested flower goes through a drying and curing process. This is done to slowly remove all the natural moisture in the buds. This creates a smoother and more elevated consumption experience. However, this process may lead to the loss of terpenes, delta-8 thc, and other phytochemicals.

How Is Live Resin Sauce Made?

By the time you receive your dried flower in the mail, so much of its original essence has been lost. This is especially true of its potency, aroma, and flavor. If you’re keen on consuming fresh and tasty cannabis goods, live resin sauce is perfect for you. 

To prepare live resin sauce, the freshly harvested flower is blasted with liquid nitrogen or bathed in dry ice to keep it frozen. 

Delta-8 thc resin is extracted from these frozen buds. This chemical-rich cannabis oil is then distilled further to form a live resin sauce. The distillation process causes the compounds to evaporate and separate from each other, leaving a more refined concentrate.

Can You Eat Live Resin Sauce?

Live resin sauce contains THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). This is an inactive form of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Heat is required for the decarboxylation process, which turns THCA into THC. Eating live resin sauce is, therefore, not recommended since you won’t enjoy any psychotropic effects. 

The most recommended method of taking live resin sauce is through dabbing or vaping. These methods involve heat, which is necessary to convert THCA to THC.

Is Full Spectrum Sauce Live Resin?

Full-spectrum sauce is the liquid portion that forms when live resin sauce is being prepared. This oil may also be referred to as high-terpene full-spectrum extract (HTFSE).

This sauce is referred to as ‘full-spectrum’ because it contains the full terpene and phytochemical contents of the cannabis plant. Full-spectrum sauces typically comprise about 60% THCA and 20% – 40% terpenes. Trace amounts of CBG, CBN, and other cannabinoids may also be present. 

To be clear, full-spectrum sauces aren’t always live resin, but live resin sauces are almost always full-spectrum.

Is Terp Sauce Made From Live Rosin Or Live Resin?

The term “rosin” refers to a cannabis concentrate that has been prepared using heat and pressure. Rosin is usually made using dried and cured buds. However, if fresh-frozen cannabis flower is used, the final extract is called live rosin. 

One of the major differences between live resin and live rosin is that while solvents like butane are necessary to make live resin, live rosin doesn’t require any solvents. 

Terp sauce is made using live resin, not rosin. Live rosin has a thick, waxy, sometimes solid consistency, while live resin is an oily sauce.

How To Dab Live Resin Sauce?

Many cannabis consumers love live resin sauce because of how easy it is to use. You can find live resin vape carts for whenever you’re on the go. Other than vaping, you can also use a dab rig to enjoy your live resin sauce. Here’s how: 

  1. You will need a dabbing tool with a spoon-shaped tip to scoop your live resin sauce
  2. Use your blow torch or lighter to heat up your dabbing nail
  3. Once the nail is hot enough, place your live resin sauce on it
  4. The sauce will begin to vaporize immediately. Inhale this vapor from the mouth’s end of your dab rig 
  5. You should feel the effects kick in almost immediately

If you don’t have a dab rig, you could sprinkle some live resin sauce onto your dried flower when making a pre-roll. You could also smear some sauce right onto your pre-roll. If you choose to do this, we recommend taking small, short puffs. 

Remember, resin sauce is incredibly potent. And as you probably know, taking too much THC doesn’t feel great. A little of this stuff goes a long way!

Why Do People Love Live Resin Sauce?

Every cannabis concentrate has unique properties. Whether you pick one or the other will depend on your personal preference, tastes, and the experience you’re looking for. That said, live resin sauce is a favorite among many cannabis consumers for many reasons. 

For one, since live resin is extracted from fresh flowers, it maintains the plant’s natural essence, including a robust flavor and aroma. This makes live resin sauce more appealing than concentrates that are prepared in a different way.


Another reason live resin sauce is so popular is its full-spectrum cannabinoid profile. This concentrate contains various compounds that react synergistically, leading to a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. This wealth of phytochemicals makes for a more potent, therapeutic, and elevated experience.

How Much Is Live Resin Sauce?

Most dispensaries sell live resin sauce for about $25 to $50 per gram. At The Hemp Collect, our price per gram starts at $30.

We sell premium craft cannabis goods at the most competitive prices. Our goods are all of the highest quality, so you won’t have to compromise!

We have a wide catalog of goods and are a one-stop shop dedicated to satisfying the needs of the sophisticated cannabis user. We have the capacity to fulfill bulk orders, so whatever you need, we’ve got you!

Does Live Resin Sauce Make You High?

Live resin is a psychotropic cannabis concentrate, meaning it will leave you feeling a little elevated or a lot, depending on how much and how you take it. This is because it contains THC, the psychoactive compound responsible for the elevated effects associated with cannabis use. 

Apart from its potent concentration of cannabinoids, live resin sauce also packs the incredible and uniquely nuanced flavors and aromas of the original cultivars it was extracted.

Your experience will also depend on the source cultivar used to prepare the live resin sauce you consume. This is because it’s possible to extract live resin from the hemp plant, meaning less THC and an abundance of CBD and other non-psychotropic cannabinoids.

All our products clearly indicate this on the packaging, allowing you to easily target the feeling you want.

Sauce Vs Budder Vs Live Resin – What Are The Differences?

The main difference between sauce, budder, and live resin lies in their consistency, terpene content, and extraction techniques. 

Budder is created by whipping or agitating the cannabis extract during purging, giving it a creamy, butter-like texture. This helps introduce air into the concentrate, resulting in a smoother, wax-like consistency.

Just like live resin, budder is a very potent concentrate with staggering amounts of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. It also has moderate to high terpene content.

Budder is very malleable, making it much easier to use than diamonds, shatter, and other concentrates with a brittle, solid texture. It is simple to dab it, smear it on a pre-roll, or add it to your bong load. 

Unlike sauce and live resin, which are basically runny liquids, many people find budder more flexible to use and easier to manage. 

That said, these three concentrates are similar in chemical composition. Depending on the source cultivar, they all contain staggering amounts of THCa and retain most of the source’s terpene profile, making them all tasty, potent, and aromatic.

Where Can I Find High-Quality Resin Sauce?

If you’re wondering where to find the best live resin sauce, look no further than The Hemp Collect. We have a wide variety of live resin products, from tinctures and vape carts to gummies and soft gels. 

The best value for your money should be your priority when buying live resin sauce online. The best resin sauces are prepared carefully and meticulously, and this starts with the source cultivar. 

We use cultivars known and loved for their potency and distinct aromas to prepare our resin sauce. All our goods are lab-tested and come with a 100% money-back guarantee. And as if that’s not enough, we use locally sourced, home-grown cannabis buds to make all our goods. Could it get more American than that? 

Team Recommendation: Live Resin Delta-8 Sugar— Daytrip

Live Resin Delta-8 Sugar is the best live resin product if you enjoy consuming cannabis during the day. This craft cannabis product is available in two versions: Garlic Jam and Forbidden V. 

Order this Live Resin Delta-8 Sugar today to enjoy a unique and authentic cannabis experience.

Bottom Line: You’ll Love Live Resin Sauce

We know that no two people are the same, and we have, therefore, created a wide line of craft cannabis products to suit everyone’s needs. 

If you would like to remain active during the day, you should try products tagged as “DAYTRIP”. However, if you use cannabis to unwind after a long day, our “KNOCKOUT” line will be perfect for you. And if you’re one of those people who believe any time is high time, our “ANYTIME” products will suit you best.

You’ll love using live resin sauce, whether you’re an experienced cannabis consumer or are new to using the plant. The THC content is incredible, and the flavor is amazing! When it comes to live resin sauce, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is choose the goods you fancy, make an order, and wait to have them delivered to you. We ship all orders within 24 – 48 hours and offer free delivery on all orders! 

You can rely on The Hemp Collect to take care of all your cannabis needs. 

Did we answer all your questions regarding live resin sauce? If you feel we need to include anything or need some clarification, please let us know. Also, if you’d like us to cover a specific topic in the future, we’ll make that happen. Just let us know!

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