How To Use Live Resin

How To Use Live Resin?

Unlock the full potential of your cannabis experience with Live Resin, a concentrated form of cannabis extract renowned for its exceptional flavor and potent effects. Derived from freshly harvested cannabis plants, Live Resin captures the plant's natural terpenes and cannabinoids at their peak, preserving their aromatic profile and therapeutic effects. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of cannabis concentrates, learning how to use Live Resin can open doors to a whole new level of enjoyment. In this guide, we'll explore the various methods of consumption and provide you with valuable insights on how to maximize your Live Resin experience. Get ready to bring your cannabis journey to a whole new level!

What is Live Resin?

The cannabis industry holds high regard for the brand name Live Resin. It is, after all, a top concentration with a spotless reputation. What precisely is this concentrate, then?

The process and end product of extracting resin from a live, uncured, fresh cannabis plant is known as ""live resin."" Terpenes, which in other ways are lost during the procedure, are preserved during the process. Live Resin uses the procedure of rapid freezing and extracting the substance rather than curing and drying, which results in a powerful concentration with significant terpene content.

Live resin, a product created by Kind Bill in 2013, soon gained notoriety thanks to its flavorful punch and alluring aroma. Its extraction and production process, also known as flash freezing, is responsible for the product's full out-of-the-box quality.

Live resin cannot be produced using the massive fan leaves and stems; only fresh cannabis flower buds and sugar leaves can be used. The flash-freezing procedure is successful in maintaining the ideal chemicals and provides the user with an unforgettable experience because the buds are not dried and cured, which would cause a loss of terpenes. This is the reason why live resin fanatics are obsessed with the product.

Each cannabis strain has its own distinct aroma and flavor, which are caused by the terpenes that are maintained during the flash-freezing processes. Then, these terpenes or essential oils work to give the concentrate a unique flavor, aroma, and other qualities that have never been seen before.

Why does Live Resin Avoid the Drying and Curing Process?

You won't ever get high or experience any of the regular effects if you consume fresh cannabis. This is because the compounds that generate the high and have the desired effects have not yet been activated. They do not produce highs because they do not belong in the endocannabinoid system and are only found in their acidic form. The drying and curing procedures are employed as a result. When the cannabis plant is decarboxylated or heated, the acidic form transforms into the well-known THC and CBD, which are then free to interact with human bodies. 

However, this approach has a flaw. Cannabis will inevitably lose some terpenes when you dry and cure it. The cannabis bud's flavor and aroma, which range from skunky and earthy to sweet and lemony, are caused by terpenes. The terpenes that are most volatile evaporate when cannabis is allowed to dry, changing the flavor of the buds. According to a study, the amount of terpenes lost by the dried cannabis plant after a week at ambient temperature was 31%.

How is Live Resin Made?

The science and process of how live resin is made are really fascinating. Just know that live resin produced for distribution is made in a professional environment that is both sterile and well-ventilated. We highly suggest that you do not attempt to do this at home.

In the first stage, the cannabis plant's bud and leaves must be harvested and quickly frozen. To achieve this, either put it in a cooler with dry ice or frozen carbon dioxide on the bottom or slowly lower it into a cold, insulating cylinder filled with liquid nitrogen. It has been determined that -40°F (also -40°C) is the ideal temperature for the colder approach.

In the live resin process, highly flammable liquefied petroleum gas, such as butane or propane, is used as the solvent, which is a big reason we suggest that you don’t try to make this at home. Although they are less frequently employed, ethanol and carbon dioxide (CO2) are also occasionally used.

The temperature of the vacuum purge in the Live Resin method differs significantly from other forms of extraction. This is done in an effort to keep the essential oils intact and stop evaporation.

How to Use Live Resin?



When it comes to live resin products, there are different ways to use them. Some of these ways include dabbing; since Live Resin is a concentrate, dabbing is the most common way to take it. For a seasoned cannabis user, dabbing involves simply placing the concentrate or dab on a heated bowl and inhaling the vapor. Allow me to explain dabbing to you if you're not familiar with it.

Special tools are needed to dab concentrates, including a dab rig and a water pipe with a flat bowl known as a nail. The nail's construction material can withstand high temperatures without degrading. This is what sets a dab rig apart from using glass bowls for bongs to smoke marijuana.

The concentration is applied to the heated nail using a dab spoon. It is suggested to use a spoon-shaped tip rather than a dabber with a flat tip when applying live resin. Warm up the nail using a torch lighter, such as a butane lighter. The live resin, as well as its flavor and essence, will be burned by a very hot nail; it is vital to remember this. However, a cold nail will not completely evaporate it. Normally, the ideal temperature ranges from 157 to 204 degrees Celsius or 315 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the heated nail is ready, use the dab tool to scoop the living resin and apply it to the hot nail. Your cue to inhale it through the other end, sometimes known as a mouthpiece, will be when it begins to vaporize.


With live resin, vaping is very much a possibility. Either a live resin disposable or a live resin vape is an option. The coil is heated, and the concentrate is vaporized using the same process as a dab rig in a vape. Although people prefer dabbing concentrate over vaping it, it is still a possibility for all vape enthusiasts.

In addition to using a standard vape, you can also opt for the hassle-free option of using live resin carts. Simply attach the cart to a battery and puff it; no loading or other preparation is required.

The simplest technique is, without a doubt, using a live resin pen with a live resin cartridge. To get started, all you need to do is purchase a live resin cart and connect it to your battery.

Sprinkling Live Resin

If you often smoke dried flowers, terpene-rich live resin sauce, live resin badder, or live resin batter may give you a stronger high. When using a bong, simply sprinkle it over your fully loaded bowl of the flower. Just be cautious not to burn it on the first attempt. But you can also use it to encircle a blunt object or joint by using live resin wax. You take a little wax and simply roll it into a tiny snake and wrap it around.

How To Store The Live Resin?

In order to maintain the fragrant aroma and taste of the concentrate for as long as possible, storing Live Resin is crucial. To begin with, keep it out of direct sunlight, heat, dampness, and open air.

It is suggested that you store it in an airtight container to prevent deterioration and maintain its consistency and texture. Terpenes and cannabinoids should be kept in glass or silicone concentrate storage jars, which are the best options. Silicone is more frequently chosen because the sticky concentration is easy to scrape off of.

The degradation of live resin is significantly influenced by temperature and light. It is crucial to understand how to properly preserve it as a result. Put the concentrate container in a cool area, such as a freezer or a dark, shaded room, away from direct sunlight. As the open air might cause it to lose its strength and possibly change its color, texture, and flavor, make sure your container is sealed.

This technique to preserve your live resin can also be applied to other concentrates like live resin diamonds and even live resin edibles.

Final Thoughts: Where Can I Buy the Live Resin Products?

Online with The Hemp Collect is the best place to purchase live resin. We offer a wide variety of live resin products that all have COAs (certificates of analysis). Below are a few products that we provide, which include:

Delta 8 Live Resin

  • This includes softgels, gummies, sugar (concentrate), tinctures, Delta 8 moonrocks, disposable pens, and vape carts.

CBD Live Resin

  • The CBD live resin comes in the form of vape carts, disposables, and even distillate, which is great to use with other cannabinoid products.

Live Resin Badder

  • Our live resin badder is great for dabbing and comes in CBD Sugar Dabs: Anytime and Delta 8 Badder Dab: Knockout.

Live Resin Vapes

  • The live resin vapes will either be disposable or vape carts and can contain HHC, Delta-8, and CBD.

Live Resin Crumble

  • The Live Resin CBD Crumble Dab: Anytime is a great product that comes in a Sour Pineapple strain.

We at The Hemp Collect offer the best prices for live resin products, and we test all of the products for purity, potency, and quality to ensure we are providing you with a legal and premium product.

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