Everything About Live Resin Delta 8, CBD, and Delta 9

Live Resin is one of the highest-quality extracts made from cannabis and hemp plants. Fresh frozen flower colas are extracted preserving a wider range of the plant's rich chemistry including cannabinoids and terpenes. Products containing Live Resin have more therapeutic potential and offer more of a cannabis-like experience compared to mass-market distillate products.

What Is Special About Live Resin?

Although a new offering in the hemp space, Live Resin is not new and has dominated the craft cannabis market. By freezing freshly harvested and de-leafed flower colas in sub-critical temperatures, Live Resin captures and preserves the true essence of the plant and its therapeutic potential. Freezing the flower to make CBD live resin is a critical step since lighter, delicate compounds including terpenes and others are disrupted and lost through heat exposure. 

If you are new to Live Resin you can think of food as an analogous example. Freezing food means its picked and preserved at the peak of its nutrient density. Freezing food locks in the nutrients and that's no different from making Live Resin with cannabis and hemp plants. With food, whole foods are the way to go and the same goes for plant medicine.

"Authentic strain-specific Live Resin is not the standard and is found in less than 1% of open market CBD, and Delta 8 products on the market. We are one of the 1%!"

In summary, Live Resin is sought after by those who are passionate about high-quality extracts packed with flavor as well as those seeking to use cannabis and hemp as medicine. Let's go into that a little further by exploring the benefits of CBD and cannabis.

Is Live Resin Healthier?

Healthier is a broad term but if by healthier we are looking for more therapeutic compounds to be present then Live Resin is indeed healthier. Some people are consuming cannabis and CBD extracts for medical needs including sleep aid, pain management, reduced inflammation, and general wellness while others find benefits in its mood-boosting and anti-anxiety properties. For sleep, pain, inflammation, and wellness we definitely recommend Live Resin over standard distillate options since it contains more of the plants compounds that are beneficial for these uses.

It's important to note that if your intent is to use Live Resin for these purposes you should purchase Live Resin soft gels or tinctures instead of gummies and vapes so you don't lose some of the acidic cannabinoids to heat conversion. When exposed to heat in gummy making or when smoking in flower, vapes and disposables you'll decarb and convert the CBDa and others to CBD. From what we know now, consuming CBDa in addition to CBD is the best way to go so you get back to "whole plant" and a fuller spectrum and you can only do that by not exposing the extract to heat. 

Maintaining more of the acidic cannabinoids is also important if you're consuming CBD or cannabis products for reduced anxiety or mood boosting effects. CBDa has been found to be helpful than CBD for this use so don't lose it by only consuming gummies and smokable products! Does this mean a gummy or smokable product won't be beneficial? No, it does not but it does mean you are likely to find increased benefit in high CBDa products like soft gels and tinctures.

That all being said we want to remind you that your endocannabinoid system and body are complex and what you specifically need to find homeostasis and relief can vary from the next person. Plant medicine is a personal journey; we know that's not a popular thing to say but we will always keep it honest.

To find what works for you its best to consider starting with a soft gel or tincture and possibly a gummy sample to compare the effects of both. Most of our customers find they like to use both at different times and you may find that's your truth as well! If you aren't sure which options are best for your needs, give us a call. We thoroughly enjoy helping people find the best solutions for their needs. Another impactful variable is how much you consume of a product so play with the variables to get your ideal outcome dialed. 

Difference Between Live Resin And Rosin:

Maybe you had never heard of rosin; most people have but don't realize the two aren't the same thing. Rosin and Live Resin are extracted in different manners but the main difference is the spectrum and taste of the extracts. Rosin extracts the most complete spectrum of cannabis and hemp plant compounds. Live Resin is second to rosin in the fullness of its spectrum but only because it excludes the compounds not considered ideal for consumption such as chlorophyll as well as others. Due to this Rosin has a brighter "plantier" taste that can burn the tongue and throat and is typically a dark green color while Live Resin will be more palatable and tasty with a golden yellow color. 

Live Resin Vs Live Terpenes Vs Distillate:

Most products on the market today are made with either standard CBD or Delta 8 distillate or "live terpenes" a fraction of Live Resin. CBD distillate is used as a base in most products as well as Delta 8. CBD distillate is typically extracted from dried biomass material that contains leaves, stems, and lower-grade flower. Delta 8 distillate can be extracted from the plant but 99% of the products on the market are made using Delta 8 distillate that is converted from CBD isolate. Both CBD and Delta 8 distillate contain less cannabinoids and terpenes compared to Live Resin. If you only want to get high this may not matter to you but even in that case, Live Resin offers a better more-balanced high. 

What is a balanced high? Its the difference between a shot of everclear and a fine whiskey. If you want to get obliterated and not be able to connect and feel uplifted, no need for Live Resin. But for connecting, mood-boosting, and all the other benefits we suggest trying Live Resin and experiencing the difference for yourself. 

Now let's talk live terpenes. Would you rather eat the smell of a strawberry or eat the whole strawberry? If you want to just eat the smell, live terpenes are your answer. If you want the whole plant and all its goodness stick to Live Resin. Live terpenes are just a fraction of Live Resin and missing all of the cannabinoids and other compounds that bring benefit. For consumers wanting the best quality, taste, and experience, authentic Live Resin is the only way to go.

How Live Resin is Made:

For us it starts by carefully choosing cultivars rich in the cannabinoids and terpenes needed to make thoughtful effect targeting products. We use award-winning genetics bred by a leading cannabis geneticist. This is important because you only get out what you put in. If a cultivar is lacking in phytochemistry there won't be as much to extract out. This will impact flavor and experience.

Next we go out to the farm with a freezer truck and lots of workers and trimming equipment. As the flower is harvested we have to quickly de-leaf the material to leave only the flower colas. This step is important if you want the best-tasting Live Resin. Not everyone is as committed as we are but with our Live Resin you will not find any fan leaves going into extraction. Fan leaves are rich in chlorophyll, the compound that's bitter and gives plants their green color. 

After we have quickly removed all the leaves, which is not a quick process actually, we have to get the flower colas into the freezer truck as fast as we can. From there the flower material is sent back to the lab for extraction. 

Once the flower makes it back to the lab it's time for extraction. Live Resin uses BHO for extraction. BHO is a trusted extraction process that utilizes pressure to extract the desired cannabinoids and flavor compounds leaving a golden extract in the final stage. But let's dive a little deeper into each step now that we have overviewed: 

Harvest, Process, and Freeze 

To make the best CBD live resin, we work very closely with our partner farms to ensure they harvest the plants at the perfect time. Its a balance to get them to full maturity while trying to avoid any deep cold waves or frosts that could disrupt the terpenes content. The freshly harvested and de-leafed hemp is immediately frozen in subcritical freezers in a freezer truck or packed onto dry ice on the field after harvesting from the plant stalk. This prevents the natural evaporation, oxidization, and conversion of much sought-after terpenes and cannabinoids. Once preserved in a sub-critical freeze, the plant material remains frozen throughout the entire extraction process. 

Extraction Time

After the plants are packed into the truck and tucked into bed the journey back to the lab happens. We like to play Ray Charles during this stage; we aren't sure it does anything for the plants but after an exhausting week of packing all that flower into the truck it definitely helps us. Once we get back to the lab the plants are transferred into a freezer at the lab. From there they go into a machine in small batches to be extracted. During the extraction process, the cooler temperature is maintained because if it weren't the rest of the time we kept it cool wouldn't matter.

Purge Solvents

After all the desired cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds are captured, the solvent used for extraction is removed leaving a rich golden Live Resin extract. This final extract is tested after the next step is complete ensuring no residuals in the end product.


Now we enter the crystallization phase. This step in the process is known as "Diamond Mining". Diamond mining is an important step that allows some of the CBDa present in the extract to convert to CBD. This allows the Live Resin to get the sugary texture it's known for. After the CBD cannabinoids have crystallized at the base, the CBDa and terpene-rich liquid separate from the crystals in a manner not unlike oil and water. This leaves a layer of CBD crystals, also known as "Diamonds" which are enveloped in a liquid of CBDa, other acidic cannabinoids, and terpenes, commonly referred to as "Sauce". 

Benefits of Live Resin:

Live Resin is going to offer all of the same benefits you can expect with cannabis and CBD. The difference between the effectiveness of all of them for different therapeutic benefits is going to be the concentration of the different cannabinoids and terpenes that are useful for those needs. What concentration of compounds are present will be dependent on the cultivar selected for extraction.

If you are looking for a specific benefit from consuming these products a good place to start is to review clinical studies or trials performed by medical and scientific professionals. There are a lot of claims online from different vendors and industry professionals but most of that information is anecdotal feedback from consumer feedback and reading the same research we are pointing you to. Best to read it yourself so nothing is lost in translation. 

A simple overview from studies and consumer feedback says cannabis and CBD can be used for includes (please note we are not making medical claims here and again urge you to do your own research to validate these benefits):

  • Anti-anxiety benefit
  • Help with inflammation
  • Help with sleep through a reduction in anxiety and an increase in mental calmness
  • May help lower blood pressure
  • Aid with gastrointestinal (GI) disorders

What Is Live Resin Delta 8? 

Live Resin Delta 8 is made by combining Live Resin extract with Delta 8 distillate. The two are combined in products for consumers wanting to experience the psychotropic side of the plant along with its flavor and therapeutic compounds. Live Resin can be extracted from cannabis or hemp plants. If it's extracted from cannabis, Live Resin can contain Delta 9 but since Delta 8 is not found in high concentrations naturally in cannabis and hemp plants the only way to have Live Resin with a high concentration of Delta 8 is to combine the two.

You may be asking why anyone would want to combine Live Resin with Delta 8 when it can be found naturally with higher levels of Delta 9? There are two primary reasons for this. The first is that Delta 9 THC is still not legalized in multiple US states so consumers in non-legalized states cannot purchase it legally. The second reason is that many consumers choose to consume Delta 8 over Delta 9 because they prefer it. Delta 9 can cause anxiety for some consumers. It also is reported as heavier and foggier in comparison to Delta 8 so many prefer to enjoy Live Resin with Delta 8 for this reason. 

Will Live Resin Get You High?

That depends on whether the Live Resin contains Delta 9 THC or Delta 8. If the Live Resin is made from a high CBD and very little to no THC than it will not. The concentration of Delta 9 and/or Delta 8 is what matters. To know for sure it is best to review the COA or test for the product to know what the levels are as they vary from product to product. 

How to Use and Consume CBD Live Resin:

Live Resin can be consumed in any product including tinctures, softgels, dabs, edibles, and more. The form factor really depends on the consumer's needs and preferences. As we mentioned above, for medical use the best way to consume Live Resin is in a soft gel or tincture so it isn't exposed to heat which will preserve acidic compounds like CBDa. As we discussed above, CBDa has its own unique benefits so those wanting therapeutic benefits from the products should preserve it. 

Dabbing live resin allows for a more pure and uncut experience of what CBD live resin has to offer and should be done at lower temps to fully experience the more delicate plant flavor and aroma compounds. To dab live resin, a dab rig or vaporizing device is used at low temperatures to preserve those delicate terpenes carried on by the fresh frozen extract. 

Another way to consume live resin is by topping off your bowl or joint with a small portion. This amplifies the existing flower, combining it with the benefits of the CBD live resin. Just scoop some resin onto your bowl of flower or onto your pre-roll, and enjoy the full plant profile addition to any flower product.  

Live Resin FAQS:

The following are common questions consumers have relating to Live Resin's benefits, consumption, and uses. Some of these questions aren't worded great but we left them as is since it's how the questions are asked and there's potential you are wondering the same things. 

If you find you still have unanswered questions, please reach out and we are happy to help answer them. We enjoy educating and guiding the journey through plant medicine so everyone can find the best products for their needs. That will always come with transparency, and honesty; which we hope can be heard through the content we create on our site. 

Why Does Live Resin Get You Higher?

Live Resin does not get you higher. The amount of Delta 8, Delta 9 or other psychotropic compounds contained in the Live Resin is what will get you higher or not. Also the form factor in which the Live Resin is consumed. There's more on that written above and below in this blog post so we won't be redundant here. 

Live Resin gets you a more balanced high since more of the plants chemistry is included and many of the compounds have their own effects and benefits. And here's the truth- we still don't know a lot about the plant and have many compounds yet to identify! So until we can, having more of them included is the way to go for the best high and experience!

Can You Smell Live Resin Vape?

We are really curious how this question came to be but we will assume the intent is discretion. We will add that if you're concerned about smell the last thing you should do is smoke it!

Consume the Live Resin in a soft gel, tincture, or gummy because yes, you can smell a vape, any vape, that includes a Live Resin vape.

If you're trying to be sneaky take a cardboard tube from paper towels, place dryer sheets over both ends of it, and rubber band or tape them on. Take a puff and exhale through the tube. You're welcome. It's not high tech but it helps and you got to do a simple art and craft project, those are always fun.  

Is Live Resin Stronger Than Dabs?

Live Resin is an extract and dabs are a product form factor so this is not a question that can be answered as is. We would suggest asking whether Live Resin is strongest when consumed as a dab.

The second issue with this question is what is meant by stronger? Stronger as in more therapeutic or stronger as in more psychotropic?

Now that that's been clarified we will say this: if you are consuming it for its medicinal value please consider soft gels and tinctures which retain more of the phytochemical range of the plant and as such would be considered "stronger". 

Next, if the goal is the most psychotropic version of Live Resin you'll need it to have a higher concentration of Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC; check the product COA to get this answered.

Assuming the Live Resin has psychotropic compounds present in high enough levels to get a person high, then either a dab or edible form of Live Resin will be felt the strongest. Dabs use heat which converts any CBDa, and THCa present into THC and CBD. The converted forms of these compounds will be more impactful if the desire is to get "higher".  

Is Live Resin Stronger Than Vape?

Repeat the first paragraphs from above and then we will add that a Live Resin vape is neither the strongest therapeutic form factor nor the most psychotropic. A dab is typically more psychotropic because of how it's consumed. If you hit a vape pen over and over and it's the right temperature it might compare but if an increased psychotropic intensity is the goal we would suggest just going the dab route. It's more affordable in the long run. 

The only downside with dabs is that something to consume the dab with is required. If you don't have a concentrate device but have a pipe or bong and flower than that can work. Just put a little dot of the dab onto some flower in your pipe or bowl and top with a little more flower to consume.

If you want to invest in a device specific for concentrates, there are many dab rigs, nectar collectors, and electronic devices available at a variety of price ranges. One of the nicer options is the Puffco Peak which has multiple temperatures and is electronic. A more affordable option is the Little dipper pictured below.

Difference Between Live Resin Delta 8, Delta 9, And CBD:

Live Resin can be extracted from cannabis flower material or CBD/hemp plant material.

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