Create Your CBD Line: Crude, Distillate, Water-Soluble, THC-Free, Isolate

The Hemp Collective offers high-quality bulk wholesale CBD concentrates and extracts for making your own product line which can be in the wholesale CBD products area of our website. There are a variety of CBD options you can formulate with ranging from heavily refined to minimally processed. If you don't know what the difference is between the different CBD oils and extracts you can learn more on our blog post, "The Difference between CBD Crude, Distillate, Water-Soluble and Isolate". We have high-volume output for CBD oils and extracts to handle larger orders but also offer 1/2 liters and kilos for companies working through product development or that haven't scaled. Pricing varies depending on the order frequency, contact us to discuss your particular situation and get a quote. FORMULATING YOUR CBD PRODUCT LINE
  • Do you have a formulation ready?
  • Are you going to white label through a manufacturer?
  • Do you hire a consultant for product formulation?
We have consultants and resources we can point you to but in general you'll want to make sure you have a shelf stable product that doesn't separate or degrade and is a formulation that's more than just base ingredients to potentiate therapeutic value and your product value. If you want to scale and have access to larger buyers, many products are required to go through a stability profile in order to find an expiration date and verify that over a long period of time the product will remain not only effective but safe for use. DECIDING WHAT CBD PRODUCTS TO OFFER FOR YOUR LINE
  • What products will your line offer?
  • Will you start with a few offerings and add more later?
  • Do you plan to launch a full line all at once?
  • Have you considered the overhead vs profit margin of the products?
  • Do you have a unique proposition or are you making more of what already exists in the market?
Consider what products are over-saturated in the market and if you can contribute something unique with your offering or whether it would be more advantageous to find a less saturated product category. Consider the amount of overhead for each product and the profit margin you can expect. Some products take much longer to make, cost more in overhead, have less stability, slower turnover and are harder to sell. Let's use an example that demonstrates this point clearly. Let's consider producing and selling CBD Crumble vs CBD Truffles. CBD Crumble is extracted and then ready for sell. You would just have to package it into grams or whatever quantities you intend to sell. You could add terpenes or other ingredients to make it unique and add variety which is pretty cheap and easy to do. Production has low overhead, would not take special knowledge to make (you would have a processor with extraction knowledge to do for you. Packaging and shipping costs would be relatively cheap. It also has good shelf stability.
  • Easy to make (send flower to processor and have processed)
  • Easy to add product variations, variable ingredients easy to store
  • Easy to package and ship
  • Low overhead, 1 min wage person can package easily
  • Low competition in the market/novel offering
  • Shelf stable and easy to store and maintain
CBD Truffles however, are a more saturated area of the market so you'll compete more to sell your product and find shelf space. It takes a kitchen, a variety of ingredients that all have to be stored properly as well and take up additional space, special knowledge and staff to make. They are hard to ship since they can melt during transport and have to be in a container where they wont shift around and get damaged. They are not shelf stable and can expire or go bad before being sold.
  • Special knowledge to make
  • Adding variables takes a variety of ingredients and lots of space to store
  • Must be kept cool when handling so they don't get damaged, special needs for shipping to keep cold so they don't melt
  • Lots of staff needed, ingredient storage, commercial kitchen
  • Lots of competitors selling this product category
  • Not shelf stable, will degrade and has to be kept cool

What Are the Most Common CBD Products?

The following are some of the most common CBD products available. Each of these can be made with any of the different CBD extracts including Isolate or Distillate. Again, we recommend having a unique value proposition if you decide to make any of the following. Not sure how to add value or make a better product, contact us. We can help.
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Vape Pens
  • CBD Pet treats
  • CBD Pre-Rolls
  • CBD Flower
  • CBD Drinks
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Chocolates
  • CBD Bath Salts
  • CBD Topicals including lotions, salves and massage oils
Depending on variables in the formulation a powder or oil may be easier to work with but we recommend choosing based on which is most effective which will always be whatever is closest to whole plant or full-spectrum. Using the most effective CBD extract so that people find the benefit they are looking for with your products is important for longevity. Stay ahead of trends and formulate with the future market in mind. We are able to help you navigate these decisions if you need help and can connect you with industry professionals to help you succeed with your line. Ready to buy wholesale bulk CBD extracts for your product? View the wholesale products section at the top of our site to see product availability and pricing. The Hemp Collective has strategic partnerships with processors and critical support services in the hemp industry. We curate those relationships based on ensurance of,
  • The highest quality CBD extracts available
  • High-volume availability
  • Competitive pricing and terms
  • Low minimums for starting companies
  • Consistency of product between orders
  • A commitment to serving the industry
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