How To Unclog A Cart

How To Unclog A Cart?

It’s no wonder why vape cartridges have been growing in popularity in the last decade. While there is a sense of accomplishment that comes with being able to roll your own joints, pack your own bowls, or light your own dab rigs, this is heavily outweighed by the convenience that vape carts provide. The versatility of vape cart technology has led to the development of some innovative designs, resulting in their growing demand today. They’re not only very cost-efficient and easy to use, but these versatile cannabis products provide a much healthier alternative to other cannabis consumption methods. No matter what your personal preferences or lifestyle, adding a vape cart to your smoke collection will be one of the best choices you can make.

However, if you’re not new to vape carts, you’ve probably experienced clogging before. Thankfully, this is a common occurrence and can be easily fixed. Below, we offer a little more information about how to unclog a cart.

How Does a Vape Cart Clog?

There is no question that vape carts are making their way to being a staple in any smoker’s collection. Any smoker who has consumed cannabis using a vape cart will tell you that this kind of cannabis product embodies the best of the best in smoking and doesn’t sacrifice quality or comfort. 

Additionally, their portability, pocket size, and durability are why these kinds of products have been catching the hearts of those who found other cannabis products to be staples in their cannabis smoking stash. With the functionality and portability of a vape cart, these products are the quintessential pieces for cannabis lovers, regardless of their lifestyle or preference. 

But what happens when your vape cart clogs up? And how does this even happen?

There are a few factors that cause clogging in vape carts, including the oil consistency, the way it was manufactured, etc. However, the most common cause is the buildup of residue and condensation in a vape cart, which prevents airflow. There’s nothing better than coming home with your brand-new vape cart and inhaling an effortlessly smooth hit through the spotless glass. Sadly, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last long, and your big part is bound to eventually get clogged up or dirty after a few smoke sessions. The more you smoke, the faster this happens. Therefore, cleaning your pipe is an important thing to do to maintain the performance of your vape cart product as well as keep your burning sessions as healthy as possible.

Why Is Unclogging Your Vape Cart A Must?

When it comes to vape cart pipes, these cannabis products are true works of art and innovation. 

There’s a large variety of different vape carts available as retailers continue to innovate and produce new pieces. 

However, letting your vape cart get clogged or choosing a poorly made vape cart takes away from its artistry and, most importantly, your smoking experience and no company has invested the time and money to offer well-crafted vape carts just so they could be ruined by debris and lack of care. Regular cleaning and maintenance are critical to keeping your vape cart as breathtaking as the day you bought it. 

Considering that many believe we’re currently still in the midst of a pandemic, if you like to share your vape cart, cleaning it regularly simply promotes good hygiene. This is especially true if you frequently have smoking sessions with friends. Germs cling to the mouthpiece of your pipe as it gets passed around, enabling the spread of contagious illnesses. If you clean your cups and utensils after each use, why should your vape cart be any different? So clean your vape cart every time you share it with others and keep yourself from waking up unwell. Buildup can be dangerous. The more you smoke, the more condensation slowly accumulates in your vape cart. A significant amount of buildup can actually lead to the blockage of airways on your vape cart, which prevents vapor from passing through. While this isn’t super dangerous, it is entirely avoidable with regular unclogging and cleaning. The cleaner your vape, the better it smokes. It’s that simple. As we mentioned, a clogged vape cart prevents smoke from traveling smoothly through the piece, performing significantly worse than if it were clean. To clean your pipe, you need to follow these tips:

  • Before heating the coil to produce vapor, gently blow through your vape mouthpiece to clear out the moisture and debris.
  • Don’t twist the vape cart on too tightly, as you can block the airflow holes and cause it to not pull correctly.
  • Manually remove sticky residues clogging your vape cart safely using a paperclip or needle, moving it from side to side or up and down. Do this slowly, and be careful not to scratch the inside of your vape cart.

What Makes a Good Vape Cartridge?

One of the greatest advantages of vape carts is the exciting and novel variety of sizes and designs provided by different retailers. While other cannabis products tend to come with limited versatility, vape carts provide far more options. Brands selling vape carts tend to have a lot more fun creating new and innovative products that quickly gain popularity and consumption. No matter if you are a newbie or a regular smoker, a vape cart is one of the most user-friendly, inconvenient ways to consume cannabis. 

Rather than spending hours learning to roll the perfect joint, lighting up the perfect dab, or packing the perfect bowl, all you need is something quick and simple. When it comes to a good vape cart, finding one will depend on a variety of factors, including style, potency, and budget.

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Before rushing into buying a vape card at your local smoke shop, it’s important to ask yourself all the necessary questions to determine which one will be the best one for your smoking experience. If you don’t, you may end up buying the wrong one, and that’s more than enough trouble to deal with. Ask yourself all the necessary questions to help you slim down your options for a more manageable list. This includes asking questions about your budget, the functionality of a vape cart, your smoking experience, etc.

Learn What’s Out There

Perhaps the last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on a vape cart before finding something else that better suits your smoking needs. There are a number of different kinds of vape carts available on the market, offering something for every smoker. So before committing to a certain vape cart right away, it may be wise to research all the options you have available. This will help you learn more information about a company, their production, and their sourcing so you can purchase the best piece that will suit your smoking needs.

Function, Beauty, Budget, or All?

When buying a vape cart, smokers take a few things into consideration. Some vape carts have been mass-produced and designed with exceptional functionality, while others are more generic and less expensive—not to mention more than likely to be less aesthetically pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, some smokers may choose a vape part based on its aesthetic value. These cannabis products are beautiful and artistic in nature, but they tend to be on the more expensive side due to the great effort put into their design and production. For a first-time vape smoker, spending a pretty penny on a beautiful piece may not be the best decision until he or she is comfortable using vape carts and has conducted his or her own research on their functionality.

Where Can I Find the Best Vape Carts Online? 

Compared to other cannabis products, vape carts may be slightly more expensive, but who cares? They are far more convenient and easier for anyone trying to dose discreetly and quickly. Simply put, vape carts provide an element of showmanship and quality that other cannabis products simply don’t have, making them more than worth the extra penny. 

With so many vape cart products available on the market today, there is a little something for every kind of weed smoker, no matter what your level of smoking experience is. A wide range of potencies, sizes, and styles allows cannabis lovers to get experimental until they find their perfect vape cart. These differences provide different levels of versatility and ensure that any smoker will be able to find something that best fits their lifestyle. If this overwhelming amount of evidence has convinced you that vape carts are worth a try, you may purchase them online, at your local smoke shop, or from us! 

At The Hemp Collect, we offer the best vape carts that are supreme in quality and potency. Whether you’re a smoking veteran or a beginner (but especially if you’re a beginner), you’ll be amazed by how much time and effort you save consuming our vape carts. We offer Delta-8 Vape Carts, CBD Vape Carts, HHC Vape Carts, and many others that provide a smooth hit and fantastic flavor with durability and easy transport in one convenient product. Unfortunately, finding a quality vape cart brand isn’t always easy. 

While there are numerous reputable, quality brands out there, there are just as many that simply don’t give their products the attention they deserve. Companies that do not take the extra steps to ensure quality and purity in their products are not ones to be trusted, as you simply don’t know what you’re actually consuming, vaping, or rubbing on your body. Luckily, there are a few red flags you can watch out for when purchasing vape carts that’ll let you know immediately that you’ve found a company to avoid, including lab testing, company reputation and transparency, product quality, and more. 

We offer vape cart products that have undergone rigorous testing to ensure you’re receiving the best product possible for the best cannabis experience possible.

Final Thoughts:

Vape carts have paved the way for a new level of smoking convenience while making other cannabis products seem frivolous and archaic. Many seasoned smokers will defend the classical ways of smoking to death, but the fact is that cannabis products such as vape carts are simply superior. For beginners who want to smoke without enduring the trial-and-error process of perfecting their rolling technique or packing a bowl, vape carts offer a desirable alternative that doesn’t require learning an entirely new skill. Vape carts are an extremely cost-effective method of smoking. Vape carts are a super cost-efficient way to enjoy cannabis. All in all, it’s important to buy a vape cart that will not clog up your pipes and be a buzzkill for your smoking experience. Purchasing a big card from a reputable company will not only ensure a great smoking experience but also help smooth the road for those who are new to consuming it.

Ashley Dellinger

Ashley Dellinger

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