How to avoid heavy-metal accumulation in your hemp crop

Grow Clean Hemp

Hemp Industry Daily has a great post to help ensure that your hemp crop is ready for market- before you plant…

Some amazing hemp biomass is a result of good lnd use pratices

"Hemp that comes from polluted land such as industrial areas of the U.S., China and India can test as “clean” or absent of heavy metals and pesticides...

- However, when processing the same “clean” plant material for cannabinoid and terpene extraction, the heavy metals and pesticides will spike. Pesticide remediation is common, and any infected plant material should be destroyed and never reach consumers."

Hemp has an incredible ability to absorb nutrients from the soil by the process of phytoaccumulation. From here phytovolatilization releases toxins into the air, then phytodegadation is hemp’s ability to break down and destroy contaminants by metabolism.

What to look for when picking land

What are you and your farmers doing to ensure a safe and effective hemp crop? A full land background check can be a logical precaution. Always test soils for: - Heavy Metals - PH levels - Nutrient Levels - Pesticides - Microbials Avoiding heavy-metal hyper accumulation in your hemp crop is all about doing the research and using good hemp cultivation practices.

Heavy metals in food crops: Health risks, fate, mechanisms, and management The Hemp Collective insists on full-panel COAs (certificate of origin), we know the pesticides used, methods of harvest, as well as growing location. Being here in Oregon ensures you some of the highest quality hemp biomass and products in the world.

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