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Hemp Industry News: Oct 12

hemp industry news october 12, 2020


PPP Funded Private Jets

ICBD receives the first cannabis-related PPP fraud allegations. The CEO is being described as a “mastermind and ringleader” for laying off all employees, defrauding investors, and still receiving a PPP loan. The smoking gun was registering a private jet, despite claiming “the business had crumbled.” Read More And Avoid Fraud.


Private CA CBD Settlement

Judge ruled California laws’ precedence over FDA’s undetermined regulations. A California man successfully filed against a Canadian CBD company. The corporation allegedly marketed cannabinoid values, unconfirmed in independent testing. Read More and Always Request COA’s. 


Wildfires Annihilate Cannabis Farms

West Coast harvest season has been decimated due to the massive fire season. Without easy access to insurance or disaster aid, many farmers are left destitute. The safe, lucky farmers are left to attempt to preserve their harvest, in an increasingly tight timeframe. Read More and Protect Farmers.


Australia Completes Hemp Jurisdiction

Northern Territory hay producer awarded first industrial hemp license. He said it will be a “good rotational fit with existing hay and seed crops.” His long term passion lies in hemp seed and hemp fiber as well as infrastructure for indigenous communities. Read More and Diversify.


The Delta 8 Opportunity

“There are no laws explicitly talking about Delta 8 THC.” Specifically, Delta 9 THC, testing above .3% defines cannabis. Despite the DEA’s recent ruling classifying Delta 8 THC as a synthetic cannabinoid, it is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. The Court of Appeals will tackle this limbo but in the meantime, many retailers say they will continue selling Delta 8. Read More and Get Ahead of The Curve.

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