Hemp industry news oct 20, 2020

Hemp Industry News: Oct 19


Plastic Problem, Hemp Solution

“Hemp biomass completely decomposes within six month.” Legalized cannabis created a plastic packaging crisis for which hemp can be the solution. “Hemp has the potential to be a sustainable raw material with nearly endless industry applications.” Read More and Innovate


US opposes International CBD

US State Department opposes excluding CBD as it “could undermine effective drug control.” They clarified support for removing cannabis as a scheduled narcotic. The discrepancy between a lack of “substantial therapeutic advantages” and approved Epidioplex creates a hint of big pharma intervention. Read More and Deschedule Plants.


Lithuania Pioneers Industrialized Hemp

Farmers in Lithuania, Europe’s second-largest hemp producer, innovate industrialized hemp production. Despite thousands of years of cultivation, “there was literally no equipment dedicated to hemp.” The family innovated tractors to specifically harvest hemp flower for “consistent biomass”. Read More and Harvest More.


“Cannabis Light” Heals Italy

A study finds Italians consuming high-CBD hemp consistently reduces drug intake. This study focuses on smokable hemp with up to .6% THC, available since 2017. The suggestions imply that patients prefer to self-medicate with “unregulated CBD therapy.” Find abundant takeaways analyzing Italy’s cannabis and hemp markets. Read More and Heal Yourself.


Creating Hemp Consumers

Why doesn’t everyone consume hemp? Bubble check, potential consumers lack confidence! Regain some perspective and realign your awareness. Read More and Understand Your Consumers

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