Hemp Industry News August 17, 2020 - latest news form the hemp farming community

Hemp Industry News: Aug 17

Can Texas legally ban smokable hemp?

Four Texas Hemp businesses believe the recent prohibition unconstitutional and it’s likely this will determine a precedent for other States looking to chokehold the industry. Read More

The military-industrial complex adopting CBD strengthens the argument for persistent congressional support and legislation.

Building a robust hemp industry from the 2018 Farm Bill will require widespread advocacy over prohibition. Read More

Trend Update- Hemp Biomass:

While hemp farms have declined and biomass prices have not fully recovered, they are trending upwards. The hemp markets youth essentially guarantees volatility so it's beneficial to understand the varied prospective opportunities. Read More

USDA hemp enforcement looms while Oregon’s Democratic Senators cross the aisle to protect hemp farmers.

Oregon ranks 4th in the nation for hemp growers with zero DEA labs which adds to the urgency behind this request. Helpful to gain color on the changing nuances of testing requirements tied to the volatile political landscape. Hemp industry News- Read More

The 2018 Farm Bill passed only two years ago and in classic American fashion, States rights are determining the landscape.

A great resource for a quick check-in regarding current hemp CBD regulations. Bookmark this link for reference before you ship that Delta 8 to South Dakota. Read More

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