Does HHC Get You High

Does HHC Get You High?

As legalization continues to spread, the cannabis industry has been expanding more and more. Additionally, public awareness and acceptance of cannabis also seem to be on the rise. The plant offers a ton of benefits, so there’s no question why the medical sector is seeking to research and know more about chemical compounds such as cannabinoids. There are a ton of new cannabinoids popping up on the scene. You’ve probably heard of Delta-8 and CBG, but what about HHC? The psychoactive cannabinoid is said to produce the same effect as Delta-9, so does HHC get you high? In this article, we will investigate.

What Exactly Is HHC, and How Is It Produced?

Before explaining the effects of HHC, we think it’s important to first talk about exactly what HHC is and how this versatile cannabinoid is made. 

The cannabis plant contains a number of Chen oak compounds. While we know that Delta-9 THC is the most well-studied and abundant, the HHC cannabinoid is a newly discovered compound that seems to also offer psychoactive effects. While it’s found in trace amounts in the cannabis plant, that still hasn’t stopped researchers from looking into its effects and potential benefits. The isolation and extraction process for HHC is a real challenge, being that it’s not as abundant in cannabis. Therefore, to synthesize HHC, it must start with cannabinoids such as CBD. While CBD is non-psychoactive, it is hydrogenated and, as a result, changes into HHC. The chemical reaction to achieve this is known as hydrogenation and works by combining hydrogen atoms with CBD molecules. When complete, the molecular structure of CBD is chemically manipulated and, thus, will eventually be changed to a new cannabinoid, HHC. While HHC is created from CBD, the cannabinoid isn’t considered psychoactive; it’s actually the opposite. What does this mean? If you consume anything produced with HHC, be it HHC vape pens, HHC edibles, HHC tinctures, etc., you will experience a high.

How Does HHC Affect The Body?

Because HHC is so new, science is still trying to understand all that it can do. However, from what we know so far, this newly synthesized compound does seem to have an effect on our body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS). The endocannabinoid system is a biological network responsible for a number of important biological functions, including mood, memory, pain, sleep, etc. The ECS is made up of cannabinoid (CB) receptors, which are found all throughout the nervous system as well as the immune system. In addition to CB1, CB2 receptors are also known as cannabinoid receptors. 

Although derived from CBD, the chemical makeup of HHC is similar to that of THC, so it’s no surprise that it works similarly in the body. When HHC is consumed, HHC molecules will pass through the body and eventually reach the ECS. These molecules will not directly activate CB1 receptors found in the nervous system and brain but instead bind to them, sort of like a key and lock. When this happens, a psychoactive effect is created in the body, causing a high feeling.

How Long Does an HHC High Last?

Everyone's ECS is unique, which means everyone's experience with cannabis will be different. Therefore, when it comes to the duration of HHC’s effects, it is a little tricky to gauge. Typically, an HHC high can last anywhere from two to a whopping 10 hours. But beyond a person's unique ECS, there are other variables such as consumption method, medications you take, etc. HHC comes in a range of products, including HHC disposable vape pens, HHC edibles, HHC vape carts, HHC tinctures, HHC flowers, HHC capsules, and many others. Depending on the method you choose to consume HHC, the duration of the effects will vary. Let us give a quick breakdown of some of the most popular HHC Products on the market today that are selling like hotcakes.

HHC Disposable Vape Pens

Considered an all-in-one unit, this type of HHC product comes pre-charged and pre-filled with HHC vape oil. Typically, HHC disposable vapes come without any settings; they cannot be refilled or recharged. Once the HHC vape oil or battery has been depleted, the disposable HHC vape may be discarded, making its design concept ideal for beginner vape consumers.

HHC Vape Carts

These are small glass containers pre-filled with HHC vape oil and equipped with a mouthpiece. They’re generally made to be affixed to reusable 510 thread battery bodies, which is done by screwing the HHC vape cart on the body that powers it. These are popular HHC vape products, as they offer a wide range of strains, potencies, and flavor options. Once a vape cart is empty, it may be thrown away or recycled.

HHC Edibles

These are HHC-infused foods or drink items. By way of eating or drinking, HHC edibles have the ability to deliver the HHC cannabinoid through the digestive system. HHC edibles, specifically foods, are considered more potent than any other consumption method, as their effect can last anywhere from four to eight hours—or more in some cases! They tend to have a slower onset of effects, so patience is crucial.

HHC Tinctures

Cannabis plant material is dissolved in a solvent or carrier oil to produce HHC tinctures, which are extracts. The end result is a cannabinoid-rich liquid that is commonly consumed sublingually. This is done by placing drops of the tincture under the tongue and swallowing after 30 seconds to enter the bloodstream.  

HHC Capsules

Perfect for microdosing, this is an encapsulated HHC product. Small and easy to use, like any typical supplement product, they’re offered in different potencies, so you're likely to find an HHC capsule that best fits your cannabis needs.

HHC Flower

This is a cannabis flower infused with concentrated HHC distillate, a pure extract of HHC. Unlike regular buds, HHC flowers do not get grown and cultivated. Once cannabis plants are mature, they are picked and undergo dry curing, which is an essential process for preventing the growth of mildew and mold, especially once these cannabis flowers are placed in storage. During the infusion process, they are steamed at varying temperatures and pressures to ingest HHC distillate after they are fully dried and cured. This removes other compounds contained in the flower, resulting in a pure HHC flower. 

As we mentioned earlier, medications are one variable that alters the duration of HHC’s effect in the body. It’s said that THC, in general, interacts with around 400 prescription medications. Knowing this, it wouldn’t be hard to understand that psychoactive cannabinoids such as HHC may cause adverse effects in the body if consumed with medications. Because HHC may have the potential to either dampen or augment the effects of a medication, it may not be a wise decision to consume the two in combination. We suggest you do your own research and consult your primary care provider to ensure the safest cannabis experience possible.

How Much HHC Should You Take?

The amount of HHC that one should consume is tricky. Right now, there’s no universal dosage for how much HHC should be consumed. Cannabis is a personal experience, as I said before. There are several factors that play into HHC dosage, including body chemistry, frequency of use, tolerance, desired effects, consumption method, product type, and others, but these are among the most important. What can be said is that if you’re a seasoned cannabis consumer, chances are your THC tolerance levels are pretty high, so your dosage may be much the same. But for those of you who are new to HHC, we recommend that you ease into consuming it and begin with the smallest dosage. If you’re unsure what the small dosage is, you should be able to find some guidance by following the dosage recommendations on the label of the product you purchase. Failing to follow these instructions as a newbie could result in an unpleasant experience of overconsumption, so whatever you do, as a general rule, go low and slow—despite any peer pressure or excitement. We say, Better safe than sorry.  

Will HHC Show Up on a Drug Test? 

At this point, you’ve learned quite a bit about HHC, but you’re still probably wondering, Will HHC show up on a drug test? The simple answer is yes. 

While cannabis has been recognized in the medical sector, there’s still a lot of controversy surrounding the plant and its chemical compounds, including HHC. The hard truth is that cannabis is still considered a controlled substance in many areas of the country and in many establishments. Therefore, when it comes to drug tests for employment or other circumstances, they were intentionally made to detect the THC-COOH metabolite. When THC is consumed, the body will metabolize it and, as a result, change it to THC-COOH. But this is not only the case for THC consumption; drug tests can also break down compounds such as HHC and convert them to THC-COOH in the body as well. So, it’s true that an HHC drug test doesn’t exist, but the standard THC drug test today can still detect cannabinoids like HHC, which can cause a positive result. As these tests stand today, they aren’t able to differentiate between different types of psychoactive cannabinoids.  

If you know you have a drug test coming up and are uncertain if you’ll pass, the best suggestion would be to not consume any form of cannabis to steer clear of any repercussions or firings. Once the drug testing is done, you may consume your cannabis as often as you’d like.  

Is HHC Safe to Use?

At this time, there hasn’t been any evidence brought forth to prove that consuming HHC is unsafe. Therefore, we cannot make any concrete statements to say so. However, perhaps the biggest problem lies in the quality of HHC products on the market. The demand for products containing HHC is huge and growing, which has, as a result, created a breeding ground for poor manufacturers who prioritize profit over people. Not only does this put the quality of many HHC products at risk, but also the most important thing—safety. Fraudulent and manipulative practices do far more than hurt people; they hurt the industry as a whole. Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase quality products that meet industry standards, do your own research to find reputable companies that have a good standing in the industry as well as happy customers. Here at The Hemp Collect, we ensure every product has been lab-tested for potency and purity so our consumers can purchase with pride and confidence.

Is HHC Legal?

Unlike THC, under the Farm Bill signed into law by former President Donald Trump, products containing no more than 0.3% THC were made federally legal to produce and consume in all 50 states. While this was a major win for industry professionals and cannabis consumers alike, unfortunately, some states have retracted the bill. This means that in these states, cannabis products, including those made with HHC, are still being regulated and may not be legally produced or consumed until further notice. If you live in a state that has embraced the 2018 Farm Bill, lucky you, as you’re able to purchase HHC without fear of being ridiculed or, worse, jailed. Although the Farm Bill was signed into law, states were still given the freedom to make their own decision and either ban or embrace the bill, but as time progresses, we’re hopeful that change will come.

Where Can I Buy HHC Products?

For both the cannabis and scientific communities, this is exciting news as we continue to learn about HHC and its interaction with the ECS. We know that as time progresses, there will be more to discover.

At The Hemp Collect, you can choose from a number of products made with HHC, from HHC Gummies to HHC disposable vape pens, directly on our website. Choose what you like, have it shipped to your front door within a few days, and start enjoying your cannabis in no time!

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Ashley Dellinger

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