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What is CBD Live Resin?

November 15, 2020





CBD Live Resin brings consumers a more potent phytorich extract extracted from fresh hemp plant material



CBD Live Resin captures the essence of hemp flower as it is harvested. This new concentrate form is nothing new and has dominated the craft cannabis market since inception. CBD live resin offers a higher-quality taste as it preserves delicate terpenes that are easily lost during traditional methods of processing. It contains an unbeatable concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids, terpenes and other delicate phytochemistry. 



How Live Resin is Made:



Live resin is extracted from fresh frozen hemp plants that are still considered “alive” in the sense the plants aren’t “dead” and dried prior to extraction. This maintains more of the plants compounds so they can be present in the final product.



To make resin, growers harvest the hemp plants after full bloom. To prevent evaporation or aging of important oils and terpenes, growers freeze the hemp immediately after harvesting from the plant stalk. The plants remain frozen throughout the extraction process until they are combined with a solvent (butane and C02 are common options). 



The solvent is then recaptured leaving behind important oils, terpenes and plant chemistry. To cleanse the extract from any excess hydrocarbons, the extract is typically heated between ninety and one hundred degrees. 



Then, in the recrystallization phase, the extract is stored between two and three weeks- preferably in glass jars. After the cannabinoids have crystallized at the base, the liquid undergoes the separation process to separate the crystals from the liquid. The crystals are reheated for around 72 hours and the liquid for around 60 hours.



What Are the Benefits of CBD Live Resin:



Live resin extracts are regarded as the higher quality product in both the cannabis and hemp space. The main benefits of live resin include a more flavorful terpene profile and a higher concentration of cannabinoids compared to other extracts. With live resin consumers experience more of an entourage effect, attributed to the inclusion of more of the hemp plants flavor and aroma compounds found in different cultivars.



If you’d like an extract that maintains integrity to the plants original structure of compounds, live resin is for you 



Different terpenes and cannabinoids offer varying degrees of benefit therapeutically towards different ailments. A few common uses include treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, and lack of appetite. Effects and benefit vary on many factors including also, the user’s sensitivity and dosage



How to Use and Consume Live Resin:



The most common and accessible method to consume live resin is dabbing or vaping it using a vape pens. A consideration when purchasing a pure live resin pen, is making sure it won’t crystallize or clog which many times means it is cut with a liquefying agent or distillate which is then known as “sauce plus” or a variety of other names.



Dabbing live resin allows for a more pure and uncut experience of what CBD live resin has to offer and should be done at lower temps to fully experience the more delicate plant flavor and aroma compounds. To dab live resin, heat the metal tip of a dab rig with a butane torch. Apply the concentrate by scooping it onto a dab nail, and then, insert the “nail” into the dab rig, inhaling the collected smoke. Ceramic tip heated pens are an easier to use, temperature controlled option.



Another way to consume live resin is by topping off your bowl or joint with a small portion. This amplifies the existing flower, combining it with the benefits of the CBD live resin. Just scoop some resin into your bowl of flower or onto your pre-roll and enjoy the increased potency without needing extra equipment.  



Issues with CBD Live Resin:



THC Remediation is the bane of compliant hemp products and live resin especially. Remediation of Delta 9 (THC) from the live resin generally means the live resin is “Frankensteined” where the constituents are pulled apart to remove the THC and then put back together. At this time there are many plant compounds that we don’t even recognize and measure as an industry, so deconstructing the extract and reconstituting inevitably causes a loss of unknown chemistry supporting nature’s original expression of the plant.



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