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What is CBG (Cannabigerol) isolate?

  • CBG Isolate is a crystalline powder comprised of the pure cannabigerol cannabinoid.
  • CBG is referred to as the “stem cell” of the hemp plant as all others cannabinoids are synthesized from cannabigerol.
  • CBGa is converted into THCa and CBDa as the plants mature, further alongtheu conversion pathway we ultimately obtain THC and CBD as nature intended.
  • CBG Isolate is a 99%+ pure crystalline powder that is THC free and has all other plant compounds removed leaving only the desired cannabinoids.
  • It is the most refined hemp plant concentrate option for this reason.
  • The bulk CBG powder isolate we offer is extracted in a highly controlled environment and processed to guarantee industry-leading purity and consistency.

Selecting Flower for our Bulk Wholesale CBG Powder

Fresh hemp flower we select is always certified for the desired purity and potency to ensure the best CBG extracts. The flower is then extracted with either a CO2 supercritical system or through a short-path distillation unit at reduced pressure for best results. Both forms of CBG extraction yield a CBG distillate oil that is super clean and ready to refine into CBG isolate.

How our CBG Isolate is extracted.

CBG (cannabigerol) extraction begins with a carefully selected batch of industrial hemp-based biomass. Our extracts are sourced from family hemp farms that vow not to use pesticides on our flower sources. Timing is important on the farm to ensure the most potent plants are teeming with the CBN, CBGa, cannabinoids and other isolates.

CBG oil is processed with food grade non-GMO pure ethanol until a superior grade isolate is formed. A final step called rotoscoped-vaporizing then washes out the ethanol within a low temperature oven. What is left is some of the finest Oregon bulk CBG isolate available anywhere in the world.

Products utilizing quality CBG Isolate.

It is found in tinctures, Topicals, Capsules, Edibles, Drinks and many other products.

It can also be retailed in smaller quantities to consumers wanting Isolate for consumption and formulation in their own goods.

Pure CBG extracts for sale.

Not sure what type of CBG would be best for a product or project?

Bulk CBG Isolate by the Kilo

Bulk CBG isolate is the key ingredient for some of the industry’s most recognized products and brands.

Call us to discuss important considerations for choosing. CBG extracts/concentrates available online include:

  • Water Soluble: Broad Spectrum or Isolate
  • Crude: Unrefined or Winterized and Decarbed
  • Distillate: Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum Tincture
  • Solventless Extract
  • Clean & Consistent Effects

Great with CBG Isolate :

Find posts on our blog that explain the differences between CBG and CBD extracts and extract methods to help navigate your options.

Please call 503-438-6783 for wholesale CBG isolate pricing.

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A Puffco exclusive innovation: We combined a carb cap, loading tool, and splash guard all built into the mouthpiece. You can extend the dart by pressing down on the mouthpiece tip, to make loading a clean and easy experience.


We innovated a pressure-sealed bowl, whichc evenly heats your oil instead of scorching it with coils, providing the purest flavor.


The freedom to select your own desired heat modes based on your consumption priorities and load size. From a light flavorful hit, to a thick smoke cloud.


A Puffco exclusive innvoation: We pioneered a 12 second continuous heat mode by double tapping the button, instead of having to hold it. This gives you a full medicated dose.


  • Coil-less ceramic bowl
  • Built in extendable loading tool
  • Built in carb cap
  • 3 heal settings
  • Sesh-mode functinality
  • Fast charging / long battery life
  • Precision machine alloy housing
  • Fingerprint resistant coating



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