Why Won't Democrats Just Come Out for Legalizing Marijuana?

hemp industry supposrt cannabis legalization

Politics and Cannabis Legalization

The popularity among Americans found in the Pew Research Center survey last fall- where by a number of 67%-32% the populace wants full legalization of Hemp and Cannabis. Among Democrats that is even higher- 78%, Republicans is at 55%, support to legalize is soaring. If this enthusiasm was just users its would be understandable, but the American Civil Liberties Union sees Cannabis legalization as a racial issue.

What is the future regarding lagalized cannabis?

So why not just Legalize?

Joe Biden and his cronies seem incredibly out of touch with their constituents. Considering how much attention the issue received early in the primary, it seems awfully disconcerting our leaders are hanging out to dry again. Instead of legalization, the commission proposed to “decriminalize marijuana use,” reschedule cannabis on the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) , and leave it to the states to decide about legalization. Thankfully states are more progressive- and the grass roots organizations are still carrying the torch.
“The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws concluded that the proposal “is out of step with public opinion would do little to mitigate the failed policy of federal prohibition.”
law enforcement recognizes difference between hemp and cannabis
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