Everything Old is New Again: Hemp & Cannabis Return to USP

Hemp & Cannabis back in the USP

United States Pharmacopeia (USP) had originally classified Cannabis sativa for scientists and physicians the world over in 1753. Hemp and Cannabis products were part of human history for centuries.

Hemp harvest early 20th century

Even in 1906 when label laws required any psychogenic substances to be disclosed, cannabis was still in widespread use medicinally. In 1914 it became a crime to use it, again in 1937 the THC content was irrelevant as all hemp flower and cannabis cultivation and use was then illegal. Despite what the bureaucrats decided, research and use continued under the radar. Now, almost 100 years later, whether governments like it or not, the people have spoken and Hemp is now legal in all 50 states, Cannabis on it’s way.

FDA and USP approve of Hemp 2020

This is such an exciting development having the USP and the FDA approve the use of this amazing plant, ensuring us a very bright future indeed. There is already an impressive array of hemp products consumers are enjoying, with so many more to come! Read the Full Article here...
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