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Live Resin Delta 8 Sugar Dab: Anytime

Live Resin Delta 8 Sugar Dab: Anytime

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Potency Lab Results

COAs show potency and presence of different compounds within a product.

COAs for hemp and cannabis will show levels for cannabinoids and terpenes. It also shows if there are harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, molds and bacteria.

Softgels COAs:

Softgel - Live D8 - 25mg - Daytrip - Garlic Jam.pdf
Softgel - Live D8 - Anytime - Sweetgum.pdf
Softgel - Live D8 Knockout - Full Panel
Softgel - Live D8 - 25mg - Knockout - Llama Kush.pdf
Softgel - Live CBD - Daytrip - Garlic Jam.pdf
Softgel - Live CBD - Anytime Softgel - Full Panel
By blending our CBD live resin extract with Delta 8 distillate; other minor cannabinoids, we are able to offer an extract with a potent effect that is more balanced & enjoyable as compared to products with Delta 8 alone. This is due to the inclusion of more of the plant’s compounds in the dab. We are thoughtful about the desired effect & compound other cannabinoids to increase this direction.

CBD live resin Delta 8 sugar is for those wanting a centered cannabinoid blend & a better quality high. It is not our least psychoactive dab nor our most potent dab but a terpene-rich middle ground. Each individual’s tolerance level & endocannabinoid system will cause varying effects but most consumers who have purchased this product report feeling a nice light high that still allows focus but may help with anxiety.
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