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Hemp Industry News: Nov 9

BUSINESS  Hemp Beyond CBD  Hemp Industry News- Former Canopy Growth Founder and CEO voiced doubt in the CBD market but heralded the disruption of hemp. Linton launched and funded his disruptive new project as Collective Growth Corp with $150 million.  With “over 200 categories of things that you can disrupt,” Linton plans to fuel the […]

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Hemp Wildfires smoke out Crops

Blazing wildfires sweeping through California, Washington and Oregon took a toll on crops for the 2020 grow season. Millions of acres burned throughout the western states, and countless farmers faced crisis from flame retardants being sprayed across their fields, wildfires forcing evacuation, ash blocking much needed sun for finishing weeks, and an inhospitable smoky climate. […]

Hemp industry news oct 20, 2020

Lowkey Cannabis: Smokable INDOOR Hemp

As the hemp-revolution began, so did the focus on growing the most superior plants possible. As external factors posed a challenge to outdoor flower, enter the rise of Greenhouse and Indoor Hemp.  Cultivated Smokable Hemp Flower There is one moment in history that forever changed the world of CBD: the passing of the 2018 Farm […]

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Hemp Industry News: Oct 26

BUSINESS – HEMP INDUSTRY NEWS Uncle Magic Takes China  Alibaba’s CBD e-commerce Tmall, to launch Magic’s Uncle Bud for China. This will be the second CBD topical brand sold to China through Tmall. Magic Johnson is the face of Uncle Bud which is widely endorsed by celebrity brand ambassadors.  Read More about this growing e-commerce […]

USC grad student debunks hemp growing myths

USC Researchers Debunk Hemp Growing Myths

Now that it’s legal to grow once more USU researchers are back at it — only this time, they’re using technology and testing to determine the optimal ways to grow the plant for high yield and cannabinoid content, and what that means for Utah growers to finally escape the hemp growing myths of the past. […]

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Hemp Grower Licensing in New York

OVERVIEW In this post find an overview of New York’s Hemp Pilot Program as well as links to the applications and details for applying. New York’s Governor has recognized industrial hemp and smokable hemp flower as a promising new economic opportunity for farmers and recently signed legislation to solidify the status of industrial hemp as […]

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Wyoming Strong-arms Legal Hemp Growers

Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation agents in November raided an Albin hemp farm, operated by two people instrumental in legalizing the crop in Wyoming, court filings show.

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Hemp Market Prices and Forecast for 2019-2020

Hemp Market Prices by State Hemp Market Prices for Biomass & Flower Current hemp industry market prices for hemp biomass and hemp smokable flower are represented in the chart above, showing price variables between states across the US. Prices are expected to stabilize over the next few months at an average of $200 per pound […]