Hemp Industry News: Nov 9

Hemp Industry News November 9, 2020 - Hemp Beyond CBD , Hemp Supporters Win Reelection , Texas’s First Hemp Croptober , Panama and Guyana Join Hemp Boom , CBD Oral Health Savior


Hemp Beyond CBD 

Hemp Industry News- Former Canopy Growth Founder and CEO voiced doubt in the CBD market but heralded the disruption of hemp. Linton launched and funded his disruptive new project as Collective Growth Corp with $150 million.  With “over 200 categories of things that you can disrupt,” Linton plans to fuel the U.S. hemp industry and grow the company to a billion dollars in 18 months. Read More Hemp Industry News and Revolutionize Hemp. 


Hemp Supporters Win Reelection 

While cannabis legalization dominated the election, hemp lawmakers overwhelmingly won reelection. Nine significant hemp representatives saw reelection, with only one losing their race. Hemp has seen bipartisan support which will likely grow.  Read More and Vote Hemp. 


Texas’s First Hemp Croptober 

Harvesting of Texas’s first hemp crop since the 2019 hemp bill builds statewide industry confidence. Over “5,500 acres of hemp farms and 12 million square feet of greenhouse indoor space” created explosive diverse growth. The state is building confidence, creating jobs, and priming businesses. Read More and Grow More Hemp. 


Panama and Guyana Join Hemp Boom 

As the international hemp market continues to boom, smaller countries begin to set themselves up for success. Guyana officially announced their exploration into hemp to create jobs and boost economic growth.  Panamanian agencies discussed a proposed hemp bill and noted the alignment with the ministry’s goals. Read More and Follow Latin American Hemp Growth.


CBD Oral Health Savior 

A recent study showed CBD as “more effective in reducing bacteria than Oral B and Colgate.”  Another study showcased the efficacy of CBD mouthwash. While these are preliminary findings, the “role of cannabinoids in dentistry could be vast.” Colgate already acquired a CBD oral care brand.  Read More Hemp Industry News and CBD Rinse