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Hemp Industry News: Oct 26

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Hemp Industry News Oct 26-


Uncle Magic Takes China 

Alibaba’s CBD e-commerce Tmall, to launch Magic’s Uncle Bud for China. This will be the second CBD topical brand sold to China through Tmall. Magic Johnson is the face of Uncle Bud which is widely endorsed by celebrity brand ambassadors.  Read More about this growing e-commerce platform.


USDA Sanctions States Proposals

Despite final rules, 69 states and tribes received USDA plan approvals. Six states and three tribes this month alone have had their programs authorized. However other states are still revising or simply waiting for revised finalized regulations that better support the growing market.  Read More and stay up to date on USDA plans.


Post Harvest Success

Protect your harvest by facilitating appropriate processing. The crop is not a product until after it has been harvested, and processed. Requirements include; ample airflow, space, and attention to timing. Great tips to strengthen the harvest resolve and prepare for abundance.  Read More and achieve prosperity. 


EU Sets Global Standard 

Europe officially voted to increase legal hemp THC level from .2% to .3%. The international effect of this decision will ripple as the European standard gains momentum. Farmers stand a better chance of producing legal, diverse, cannabinoid-rich hemp. Standard accepted regulations help create consumer trust.  More hemp industry news. Read More and stay current on international norms. 


Endometriosis A Cannabis Deficiency?

Mystifying endometriosis currently affects 10% of women worldwide, without a clear cause. Could endometriosis be endocannabinoid dysfunction, with cannabinoids as the cure? New science suggests this regenerative feminine plant can help more than 150 million women globally.  Read More and heal the womb.