Fathers Day Sale

Fathers Day Sale: Delta 8 + Cannabis Gift Ideas Under $50

Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to ditch the boring ties and engraved knick-knacks and spice things up with a gift that brings joy to his life. It's hard to find a Father's Day gift that's under $50 and still cool, unique, or useful but that's easy to do with Delta 8 and cannabis products. We have gift ideas under $10 and $25 to make it easy which we will break down further in this post. Father's Day is a time to show appreciation and hopefully to bring some joy into Dad's life as he has into yours. What better way to make their day more exciting than with cannabis and Delta 8? They make the perfect gift since they are unique and intriguing and something Dad might not have had the chance to explore yet (and even the Dad's that have- it's the type of thing you can never have too much of!).



Why Cannabis and Delta 8 Gifts

For the new-to-cannabis and CBD Dad, cannabis and Delta 8 gifts are appealing since they fulfill that desire for something new and different. Dad might have been interested in trying cannabis or Delta 8 products but hasn't found the time or opportunity to do so. By gifting him these products, you're providing him with the chance to indulge in something he's been curious about, adding an element of excitement to his Father's Day celebration! It's also the type of thing you don't know you need until you've had it and he may be pleasantly surprised at how much he enjoys this type of experience! For the Stoner-Dad, a well-stocked stash is always a welcome gift, especially as we head into the summer season. Having a variety of cannabis or Delta 8 products on hand ensures that he can enjoy his favorite pastime whenever the mood strikes. Whether it's trying different strains, experimenting with edibles, or exploring the benefits of Delta 8, a stocked stash guarantees endless possibilities for relaxation and enjoyment. Before we go into gift ideas let's cover the difference between Delta 8 vs Delta 9 so you can decide what product type would be best for your Dad.

Delta 8 vs Delta 9 Father's Day Gifts:

Delta 8 THC

Delta-8 is like the cool cousin of Delta-9 (you know, the one that's a little wild). It offers a more mellow and balanced experience without the intensity found in cannabis (Delta 9). Most people liken it to the effects you'd expect to feel when consuming a sativa cannabis product. It doesn't have as great of an impact on cognitive function and isn't as heavy of a body high. This means you can still connect with others, be active, get stuff done, or go adventure. Another benefit of Delta 8 over Delta 9 is that it doesn't cause anxiety. This isn't always the case but if you consume too much cannabis many people will get anxious. Also, some people feel more anxious with it even in low doses which makes Delta 8 a safer bet for new consumers. So, if your dad enjoys a mellow mood boost vibe or wants to be active when consuming, Delta 8 products are the way to go! It's like giving him a mini-vacation.

Delta 9 THC

Delta 9 is a better option for people with a higher tolerance to psychotropic compounds and for those wanting a more relaxing experience or a better night's sleep. It is said to be more of what you'd expect with an Indica high for most consumers. In general, you'll feel heavier and a bit foggier with less ability to connect socially or be active (also dependent on the dose and tolerance). Note that with either compound by micro or macro dosing, you can have a completely different experience so in addition to compound selection consider the form factor and dose!

First Choose the Ride

We covered Delta 8 vs Delta 9 THC above but we left out CBD. CBD as most know if not going to get Dad high and is a great choice if your Dad needs a toe dip into this world or is someone who is strictly wellness focused. That being said most Dad's given a gift- even if trepid about it will probably get the courage to give it a try as these days everyone has a friend who has done it and is raving about it which is helping shift the taboo for those that were still affected by that mindset. So is it CBD, Delta 8, or Delta 9? We recommend having some of both depending on your budget. That way he can experience the difference and come to see what is best for his needs in comparison.

Next Consider the Budget

This may not be a consideration for you but we thought we'd add it in since most gift guide break down gift ideas by price point and that can certainly be helpful. In general CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 9 are all similarly priced and more than compound type the size of the product and the product type will be what affects price. These prices reflect the sales price with the 20% off from our Fathers Day Sale:

Gift Ideas Under $15

Click product names to visit shop page Flower + Moonrocks; $12+ (CBD, Delta 8 available) Softgels (2ct): $7.20 (CBD) Gummies (3ct): $8 (CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9 available)

Gift Ideas Under $25 

Click product names to visit shop page Gummies (10 ct): $16.80 Vape Cartridges: $21.60 (CBD, HHC, Delta 8 options available) Dabs:$21.60+ (CBD, Delta 8 available)

Gift Ideas Under $50 

Click product names to visit shop page Disposable Vapes: $28 (CBD, HHC, Delta 8 options available) Softgels (30ct): $26.40 Gummies (30 ct): $28 (CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9 available)

Next Choose the Product Type


If you're looking for a delightful and tasty Father's Day gift, cannabis and Delta 8 gummies are an excellent choice. These gummies provide a fun and enjoyable way for Dad to experience the benefits of cannabis or Delta 8. With various flavors and dosages available, they offer a personalized treat that suits his preferences. Gummies are incredibly easy to use, requiring no additional tools or setup. Dad can simply pop a gummy into his mouth and savor the delicious flavors while enjoying the relaxing effects. The discreet nature of gummies makes them ideal for Dad to indulge discreetly, whether it's at home or on the go. They provide a hassle-free and convenient form of consumption, adding an element of enjoyment to Dad's Father's Day celebration.

Why Ours:

Our gummies are vegan, which has the added benefit of offering enhanced bioavailability due to the efficient absorption of the vegan ingredients by the body. In our commitment to superior quality, we carefully selected ingredients that exclude the use of corn syrup and rely on real fruit juice instead of synthetic flavor additives. This choice not only contributes to the superior quality of our gummies but also enhances their flavor and texture. We also have dedicated considerable effort to ensure our gummies do not have the bitter burn aftertaste often associated with cannabis edibles. Through meticulous formulation, we have achieved a perfect balance of juicy fruit flavors complemented by a subtle hint of cannabis, ensuring the presence is not overwhelming but still present.



Vape Carts and Disposables:

Vapes and disposables are perfect gift options for the experienced or stoner dad who enjoys convenience and discretion. These devices are compact, easy to use, and offer precise control over the dosage, ensuring a tailored experience every time. They provide a smoke-free alternative, producing vapor instead of smoke, which can be gentler on the lungs. The discreet nature of vapes and disposables allows your dad to enjoy his favorite cannabis products without drawing too much attention. While they are highly portable and offer a wide range of flavors and strains, it's important to note that some disposable options may contribute to environmental waste.

Why Ours:

There's a lof of details that go into a superior vs decent vape cartridge and disposable and we have agonized over them all. First and most important- our team is from the cannabis industry and has experience making authentic live resin vape carts and dispos. This means something as it is not an easy science. If you don't know what you're doing the carts can crystalize in the hardware and you won't be able to finish it before it goes bad. It also means we know how to protect the delicate natural flavor and aroma of the cannabis plant present in our live resin. In addition to our expertise, we are transparent and honest. Did you know 99% of all the ""live resin"" carts and ""thc carts"" for sale online are falsely marketed and are actually only live terpenes? That means you are paying for more and getting less- but not here. We are the real deal. Aside from all the quality factors mentioned above you also have safety considerations like batch-tested and full panel-tested oils to ensure safety before they go into product- as we do. You also want to consider the hardware safety and ensure it isn't one that will leech toxins into the oil inside and we have that box checked too. Last you have hardware that isn't going to leave you high and dry in the middle of your journey and since our hardware has the lowest industry fail rates- we feel pretty good about that one as well. And just to ensure a good experience with us no matter what we come with a money-back guarantee and exchange program in case you need it because we're customer-centric and here to get things right.



If your dad appreciates the purest and cleanest consumption method, dabs are an excellent choice. Dabbing involves vaporizing cannabis concentrates, resulting in a flavorful and potent experience. Dabs offer the advantage of removing plant matter, leaving behind desirable cannabis compounds, which often translates to a smoother and cleaner smoke. While dabs can be more affordable than vapes and disposables in the long run, they require additional tools such as a dab rig, torch, and dab tool for setup and consumption. It's worth mentioning that dabbing may take more time compared to other methods due to the setup and cleanup involved. Additionally, dab rigs are less portable, making them more suitable for home use.

Why Ours:

We mentioned our team is from the cannabis industry and part of that experience comes from making live resin dabs for rec cannabis markets like Oregon and California. To ship our dabs compliantly in the open market we have legal limitations we have to stay within but we push those limits to give you the most authentic cannabis dab texture, taste, and experience we can. We have a few different textures of dabs that include a sugar, crumble, and badder. Our badder is the heaviest effect, our sugar is middle of the road on potency being neither too light nor too heavy and our crumble is the lightest in effect and ideal for those consuming for wellness and anti-anxiety benefit.



Softgels and Tinctures:

For the discreet and on-the-go dad, softgels and tinctures are highly recommended. Softgels provide a pre-measured dose of cannabis extract encapsulated in an easy-to-swallow gelatin or vegan shell. They are tasteless and odorless, making them an ideal choice if your dad prefers to avoid the taste of tinctures. On the other hand, tinctures are cannabis extracts infused into a liquid form, typically administered under the tongue or added to food and beverages. Both softgels and tinctures offer portability and discretion, allowing your dad to incorporate cannabis into his daily routine without drawing attention. It's important to note that tinctures may have a distinct taste, which may not be preferred by everyone.

Why Ours:

Our vegan softgels are not only cruelty-free but also offer superior bioavailability, resulting in faster effects. What makes them truly exceptional is the use of authentic live resin, which provides unmatched therapeutic potential. To date, we have found very few open market companies using authentic live resin as we do; instead most market terpenes as live resin, and terpenes do not have the same therapeutic potential and strength of effects as live resin. Our tinctures are equally remarkable. By combining MCT and avocado oil, we deliver a unique experience with both faster onset and extended duration. MCT oil enhances bioavailability and absorption speed, while avocado oil ensures prolonged effects, offering the perfect balance for an superior experience.

Flower + Moonrocks

For the OG dad who appreciates the ritual and enjoyment of smoking, flower is the way to go. Nothing quite compares to the experience of breaking up buds, rolling them into a joint or packing them into a pipe, and savoring the flavors and aromas that come with smoking cannabis flower. It's a classic method that holds a special place in the hearts of many cannabis enthusiasts. We do highly recommend upgrading this to a low temps electronic device like Pax or others so you are only volatilizing and consuming the beneficial plant oils and not also burning and inhaling the plant material. That being said we are suckers for a good preroll every now and then so it's really about balance! Between flower and the moonrocks the main consideration is that flower is cleaner and easier to handle where moonrocks are coated in oil and require you to break them up by hand to avoid ruining your grinder. Another consideration is that you can get our flower as Delta 8 or plain CBD but the moonrocks only come as Delta 8.

Why Ours:

We work with farms breeding and growing award-winning genetics with unique aroma and flavor profiles like Oregon Guava, and Cookie Jam. These flavor-packed cultivars are also cannabinoid-rich with lots of therapeutic potential. Also worth mentioning is that many industry websites, retailers and brands selling flower don't pay fair value to the farms who by far work the hardest growing the flower (it takes a ton of work and risk!). We believe in spreading good and taking care of the people we work with so everyone wins. That includes competitive pricing to you for superior goods but of course, also paying fair value to our partners.

Wrapping it Up

Consider your dad's preferences and lifestyle to select the perfect cannabis gift that will enhance his enjoyment and relaxation. When considering gift ideas for Dad, gummies, vapes and disposables provide convenience and discreetness, while dabs offer the cleanest and most flavorful consumption experience. Softgels and tinctures are recommended for their portability and discretion, with softgels being tasteless and tinctures offering versatility. Last, flower is going to be for the traditional Dad who likes ritual and keeping it simple! Shopping last minute? We have free shipping and can also upgrade you to overnight or 2-3 day shipping if needed. Contact us direct to get the most accurate shipping times and for shipping upgrade requests. If you have additional questions on finding the perfect gift or anything else reach out!.Our customer support team is available from 8am-5pm Monday - Friday pacific standard time via call or text: 503-438-6783 or email at wholesale@thehempcollect.com

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