A.J. Herrington

A.J. Herrington, a seasoned professional writer based in San Diego, boasts extensive experience covering the dynamic worlds of cannabis and hemp. His journey over the past several years has led him to contribute thousands of articles in both print and digital formats, focusing on news, business, and culture within these burgeoning industries. His work has been featured under prominent mastheads, including High Times, Forbes, Cannabis Now, HEMP, and Merry Jane, solidifying his reputation as a distinguished voice in the field. Herrington's coverage spans the intricate narratives of legalization and the cannabis industry, with a particular emphasis on California, the largest legal marijuana market in the U.S. His reporting is enhanced by a variety of viewpoints, from congressmen and C-suite executives to illegal cultivators and grassroots activists. Beyond his professional pursuits, Herrington shares a personal connection with cannabis, having spent years nurturing his knowledge and skills in gardening. His commitment to understanding the plant extends to his academic achievements; he is an alumnus and valedictorian of the cultivation program at Oaksterdam University, the pioneering institution in cannabis education. To delve deeper into the insights and experiences of A.J. Herrington, connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The Hemp Collect Recent Written Articles: What is THCA? THC vs THCA: What is the Difference How Long Does Delta 9 Gummies Stay in Your System? How Is Live Resin Made?