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CBD Kief Bulk
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CBD Kief Bulk

From: $800.00

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CBD kief is excellent for use in full-spectrum product formulations and can also be used to make rosin.

CBD kief is from the plants trichomes harvested from the hemp plant material. It is a solvent free concentration of hemps therapeutically beneficial compounds  making it an ideal choice for use in CBD product formulations where the highest therapeutic potential is desired.

Hemp CBD Kief Bulk from quality flower

There are varying degrees of quality with kief dependent on how the kief was screened during capture. Some kief is more pure and consists of less plant material. This affects the purity and price per pound. For retailers, a lightly screened kief is recommended since it is compliant without need for remediation.

Suggested Uses for CBD Kief Bulk

  • Add to trim for use in pre-rolls to increase CBD levels and quality
  • Use kief to make CBD rosin
  • Use it in product formulations where the desired outcome in the most therapeutically beneficial product
  • Use it in capsules, tinctures, topicals, edibles and smokable products



Bulk hemp kief comes packaged in vacuum sealed bags to preserve quality.


For larger bulk orders contact us to get a custom quote


A full panel COA is provided with each purchase. This product has compliant levels of THCa and Delta 9.


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