USC grad student debunks hemp growing myths

USC Researchers Debunk Hemp Growing Myths

Now that it’s legal to grow once more USU researchers are back at it — only this time, they’re using technology and testing to determine the optimal ways to grow the plant for high yield and cannabinoid content, and what that means for Utah growers to finally escape the hemp growing myths of the past. […]

ODA Rules for Labeling Hemp in Oregon: Growers could face serious fines

ODA Hemp Rules for Labeling Oregon’s department of agriculture (ODA) which oversees Oregon’s hemp program, requires farms to create lot numbers or lot identifiers, for their harvested material so it can be tracked and identified through chain of custody. Many farms we have spoken with are not doing this which could result in serious fines. […]

Oregon Industrial Hemp Laws and FAQS | ORS 571.300

Oregon Industrial Hemp | ORS 571.300 The following is a complete copy and overview of the Oregon department of agriculture hemp laws. If you are considering hemp farming or other areas of the industry, understanding state laws is vital especially in regards to Delta 9 limits and what testing is required as that varies state to […]

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