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Start a CBD or Delta 8 Business: Become an Affiliate

There are many ways to start a CBD or Delta 8 business and the first decision comes with deciding if you will be online, have a physical store or both. With our CBD & Delta 8 DROPSHIP & AFFILIATE PROGRAMS, you can get started at no cost or risk. If you’re a consumer wanting to start a CBD or Delta 8 business, see the affiliate information below to get started earning money easily with no expertise required.

The Delta 8 & CBD industry are fast-moving with constantly changing regulations making it risky to be a physical business with a ton of inventory. What’s more, you buy CBD & Delta 8 products for your store tying up limited capital, and products can go bad before they sell. In other cases, you may buy products that end up being things your customers don’t want to buy. With drop shipping, you & your customers have access to our fresh inventory with no upfront cost or risk.

The Hemp Collect is one of the industries leading hemp product wholesalers. We formulate and create some of the best wholesale CBD (hemp) products in our space & supply top brands and retailers with white label products.

We have two separate affiliate programs, one is for existing retail stores and the other is for consumers. For our retail program, you must have a brick-and-mortar store. Both programs earn 15% but keeping them separate helps us provide the most relevant information to each for success.


Our CBD & Delta 8 affiliate program makes it easy for you to be an entrepreneur without having to learn a ton about the industry and products. Start a CBD &/or Delta 8 business without having to spend any money ever. With our affiliate program just share your link to start earning from every purchase referred by your link.

Many times starting a business can be hard because it requires so much capital upfront. It’s recommended businesses have a minimum of 6 months of overhead in capital to safely start and even then there are no guarantees. You have to hire and train staff, pay rent and sign a long-term lease that could put you in a bad spot if the CBD or Delta 8 business doesn’t suceed. Even for an online store, you have to spend money on a website and SEO to avoid building something that no one finds or is hard to use.

Being an affiliate and starting a CBD & or Delta 8 business takes no money upfront and you can start earning right away. Our wholesale CBD (hemp) and Delta 8 products are some of the best on the market, so you can feel good about helping people find them. Selling some of the best CBD & Delta 8 on the products also means more repeat sales from customers who do find us through you. Build stronger revenue as they are likely to come back since we have great products that work and are affordable. You can earn residual income on every purchase your referred customers make.

Most affiliate programs offer 5-10% which can make it hard to make enough money to actually have it replace your job. We pay 15% of every CBD & Delta 8 product purchase made through your link so you can make real money and actually build a business. We believe in empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Unlike other programs that just give you a code to share and leave you to figure out the rest, with our CBD & Delta 8 affiliate program we provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Your welcome email will include ideas for sharing your link and building an automated income that can grow with minimal work after setup.

Sign up here & get started or email us if you have additional questions:

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Many of your customers may be lost after the initial sale because they go online to re-purchase the items they bought from you. We care about the small businesses we work with and want to ensure that if a customer finds us through a purchase made at your store, you still earn revenue.

Beyond our Drop Shipping program, we offer low MOQ’s on white labeling so you can have your brand on best-selling products. This is important as it encourages customers to come back to your shop for future purchases to buy the CBD & Delta 8 products they find and like.

If white-labeling our wholesale CBD & Delta 8 products isn’t something you are interested in doing then our Drop Ship program is the next best option.

With our Drop Shipping program anytime a customer comes to our site and uses your link you will receive earnings from the purchase. This is in perpetuity. So if they stay a customer for two years, you continue earning from those sales.

We live in a digital era and more and more purchases are made online especially in places with bad traffic or that are rural and more spread out. You can build (or may have a website) but it takes a lot of time and money to make a fully functional e-commerce site that people will keep coming back to. We have ours ready. And more importantly, we have tons of valuable content to help educate consumers.

Education is an important part of the process. Many consumers spend time researching products to learn about them and compare prices. We have some of the most competitive pricing and try to have enough information on our site so they can make an informed purchase without having to dig around online.

We also offer a satisfaction guarantee to encourage them to purchase and try the products. This increases sales since it reduces their risk and concern of dissatisfaction.

Our orders ship in 24-48 business hours so your customer will receive their purchases right away.

With our CBD & Delta 8 dropshipping program, each store has a personal dashboard you can log into to track your earnings. Most affiliate programs offer 5-10% but we offer 15%. We do this because we want it to make sense to use our program.

Typical retail margins are 15-40% on most products but out of that you have the cost of shipping, the requirement to purchase MOQ’s which may be more inventory than you need & most importantly, you don’t have to stock all these products to see what your customers are interested in or tie up capital ahead of the sale. By using our Drop Shipping program your customers have access to our entire line increasing the likelihood of increased order value and upsells. This also ensures orders going out are new inventory & the highest quality versus inventory that may not move fast & ends up aging in your store.

Sign up here & get started or contact us if you have additional questions:

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