CBG Crude Full-Spectrum (per liter)

CBG Crude Full-Spectrum (per liter)

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CBG Crude Hemp Extract by the Liter

CBG crude is a concentrated extraction that is darker brown with a green tint. It is thick and depending on the final product, typically needs to be cut to increase viscosity. It has a strong plant taste since it is rich in phytocompounds.

Crude can be sold as is and vaporized for consumption or be made into capsules, tinctures, topicals or other products.

CBG Crude Full-Spectrum Oil

Our CBG crude is extracted from pesticide free hemp material grown in Oregon. The percentage of CBG varys between batches depending on the material it was extracted from but is typically 60%+ total cannabinoids. 

An accurate and compliant test showing levels of all constituents in the batch being sold is provided with each order. 

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extracts of the Highest Quality

Price may be negotiated for larger or higher frequency orders. 

To learn more about CBG Crude along with the other forms of CBG extracts, see informational posts on our blog explaining the variables.

Need help choosing which extract is best for your product needs? We can guide you through variables including therapeutic potential, taste and viscosity ideals for different products. Contact us to discuss.