CBD Clones now available! Stunning density and genetics- these CBD clones will speed up your hemp growing objectives.

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CDB Hemp Clones for Sale

We offer a range of hemp clones varieties with preferred traits including high CBD, under .3% total THC, auto-flower, terpene rich and CBG only. 

For current availability and strains counts please contact us. Our genetics are cut from mom stock of each variety. 


Clones are a great way to ensure greater consistency throughout your field. If you want to grow larger plants, with higher levels of CBD, a clone that has been flowered out and shown to present those specific traits is a safer bet than growing the same genetics from seed. This is because unlike clones, seeds express a wide range of traits from plant to plant. This includes denser and sparser plants with larger and smaller buds that vary in CBD and THC levels.

  • Ensure greater consistency.

  • Higher levels of CBD.

  • Denser hemp plants.

 Thank you for looking and hope you will appreciate the quality of our CBD hemp clones.