1 lb Hemp Flower Price List

Bubba kush Hemp Flower specimens look great
Bubba Kush Hemp Flower | BHF 1 lb - $350.00
- A great Bubba Kush Flower, good nose, nice buds, great price! Don't wait...
Ultra premium Bubba Kush Hemp Flower nuggets
Bubba Kush Hemp Flower Ultra | DDF 1 lb - $425.00
- High CBD Bubba Kush Hemp Flower is used far and wide for its relaxing qualities. Beautiful pine hues, intense dark green and an earthy deep smell, incredible flower density doesn't disappoint.
CBG Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00
- In this Hemp Flower the cannabinoid CBG is elevated but is not psychoactive. This cannabinoid offers a unique, relaxing smoking experience. CBG is the master molecule of both CBD and THC.
Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00
- A beautiful smoke- over 17% CBD. Reduces anxiety, subtle floral flavors,filled with tropical terpenes (lemon sweet), pungent healthy nose. Immaculately hand trimmed, Federal Farm Bill Compliant - less Than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.
Indoor Berry Blossom Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00
- Incredible Indoor Berry Blossom Hemp Flower teeming with terpenes. A cool 15% CBD content, strong nose, nice compact buds. Exhibits a powerful fragrance of sweet berries with a floral finish. Enjoy.
Indoor Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00
- Another sweet indoor Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower, soothing to the nerves, smooth and lemony terpenes included. 17.5% CBD content, try it today!
Legendary Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00
- Legendary Hemp Flower is notable for pungent, tart & floral terpenes. A Kush heritage with heavy effects. Elevates the mind yet soothes the body of aches & pains throughout. Solid sleep assisting flower to put the finishing touches on your day.
Lifter Hemp Flower Smalls 1 lb - $350.00
- Lifter is an interesting, fun & fuel flavored Hemp Flower selection. Hand trimmed, beautiful small buds. It is a high cannabinoid concentration with high CBD content.
Lifter Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00
- These Lifter Hemp Flower nuggets are a rich green and super nose drawing you in to lighting up. Suver Haze is crossed with an Early Resin Bud to create the Lifter strain. You're welcome.
Magnum Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00
- Magnum Hemp Flower exhibits maximized genetics producing penetrating fresh and spicy scents. Frosty, dense, heavy big buds won't disappoint even though they are legally compliant.less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.
OG Hand Trimmed Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00
- A potent strain that relaxes the mind and body similar to Bubba Kush & OG kush a very unique aroma.
Sour Space Candy Flower 1 lb - $350.00
Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00
Suver Haze Hemp Flower 1 lb - $220.00
T1 Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00
Trump Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00
USDA Organic Lifter Hemp Flower 1 lb - $350.00