The Hemp Collective is a wholesale distribution company specializing in national bulk hemp flower and biomass transactions.
We also distribute crude, distillate, water-soluble, isolate, clones and hemp seed through select partnerships with processors, breeders and nurseries who have been vetted for quality and output capacity.

The Hemp Collective distributes for large scale and craft farms, processors, investors, brands, and retailers across the US. We work with these same types of businesses when they need to source material due to lack of inventory or when additional options are needed for orders.

Because we work with a diverse range of industry businesses we are able to gain unique insight on market trends, pain points and advantageous practices. We resource this knowledge to guide our partners towards profitable solutions in genetic selection, navigation of legislation changes and attention to underdeveloped services or areas of the market where they can achieve a wider range of success.

We provide access to a large network of credible support services including agricultural consultants for understanding regional and scaled growing practices, optimizing and streamlining of operations, co-op farming, equipment manufacturers, trimming services, drying services and help setting up curing and/or long-term storage areas.

how to trim and store bulk hemp trimming and storage

  • Sell your hemp material through our network
  • Purchase hemp materials
    • We supply farms with material when they are sold out or need additional options for incoming orders
    • We supply to processors sourcing for production
    • We supply retailers, brokers, other distributors and brands
  • Let us help you find resources through our network of support service professionals
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