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The Hemp Collect is a female-founded Oregon-based wholesale supply company specializing in cannabis quality products and extracts. The core of our team has backgrounds in the cannabis industry and utilizes that knowledge to drive innovation in the hemp space.

The Hemp Collect began as a bulk-only supply company in 2019 and added consumer sizes, retail-ready goods, and in-house manufacturing in 2020. The Hemp Collect stays guided by a mission to provide education to those we serve, to raise the standards for quality in our industry and to ensure consumer safety.

Deeper Dive:

Prior to The Hemp Collect, the founder incepted a cannabis clone company and worked with breeders to bring innovative cultivars to the market after seeing a lack of innovation in that space from producers. The company received numerous calls from consumers looking for CBD-only genetics to treat different medical needs and the founder was inspired to open CBD-only retail. This was one of the first of it’s kind.

In opening the retail the founder dived deep into the therapeutic potential of the plant to understand how it could benefit people’s needs and to learn the process for vetting the highest quality goods in the space. There was a commitment to only sell products proven to work.

It was quickly apparent that the most common ailments people were treating with CBD could be better served by compounding and synergizing CBD with various other well-researched and common plants. It took only a short time being in the space, to realize that plant wellness, and not just CBD, was the bigger theme. Confirming this was rise of interest in mushrooms’ potential shortly after.

Focus was moved from the retail back to The Hemp Collect which was growing fast and needed more attention. This was coupled with the realization that a supply company working with numerous stores across the world could have more impact than a single storefront.

It is from this experience that our dedication to consumer benefit from the products we offer began.

We continue to grow in our ability to serve our industry and educate the businesses we work with so they can pass that knowledge on to their consumers and better the industry as a whole.


  • The Hemp Collect distributes for large and small craft farms and select processing partners
  • We sell to retailers, distributors, farms, processors, manufacturers, white label companies, and brands


Working with a diverse range of industry businesses across the world we are able to gain unique insight on market trends, pain points and advantageous practices.

We resource this knowledge to guide our network of businesses and buyers towards profitable solutions in product selection, navigation of legislation changes and expanding into underdeveloped areas of the market where they can achieve a wider range of success.

We put quality and customers first and have dedication to grow the business we serve and build long-term relationships.


  • Purchase bulk raw inputs and/or finished goods
  • Purchase retail-ready, white-label, and/or private label
  • Apply to sell through our channels
  • Resource our network of industry professionals (let us know what you need and we are happy to provide resources)




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