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Hemp Industry News RoundUP – August 24

The first temporary restraining order against Texas’s ban on smokable hemp came through in Travis County. This story is still developing and will likely be the first in response to the lawsuit against Texas’s punitive ban. Hemp Industry News at its best. Read More.  Government  Dream Job Alert:  The FDA is expanding the CBD testing […]

Hemp Industry News August 17, 2020 - latest news form the hemp farming community

Hemp Industry News RoundUp – Aug 17th

Can Texas legally ban smokable hemp? Four Texas Hemp businesses believe the recent prohibition unconstitutional and it’s likely this will determine a precedent for other States looking to chokehold the industry.  Read Mor The military-industrial complex adopting CBD strengthens the argument for persistent congressional support and legislation. Building a robust hemp industry from the 2018 […]

What is Delta 8? Find out the latest about this amazing substance

What is Delta 8?

What is Delta 8? Delta 8 has become increasingly popular over the past months in the hemp world as Delta 8 vape cartridges and Delta 8 sprayed flower became the new thing. Delta 8 (D8) is a legal alternative to the federally regulated compound Delta 9. Of the compounds within cannabis, the most cited is […]

USC grad student debunks hemp growing myths

USC Researchers Debunk Hemp Growing Myths

Now that it’s legal to grow once more USU researchers are back at it — only this time, they’re using technology and testing to determine the optimal ways to grow the plant for high yield and cannabinoid content, and what that means for Utah growers to finally escape the hemp growing myths of the past. […]

Smokeable hemp banned in Texas

Texas Bans Smokable Hemp

Officials in Texas have certified that the code banning the retail sale and distribution of smokable hemp products has been approved and becomes effective Aug. 2. The disputed measure, part of a larger hemp law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott last summer, enforces a ban on the manufacture, processing, distribution, or retail sale of consumable hemp products […]

Hemp Grower Licensing in New York

OVERVIEW In this post find an overview of New York’s Hemp Pilot Program as well as links to the applications and details for applying. New York’s Governor has recognized industrial hemp and smokable hemp flower as a promising new economic opportunity for farmers and recently signed legislation to solidify the status of industrial hemp as […]

What Are The Effects of Delta 8 THC?

The effect of delta 8 is more mild in psychoactivity when compared to delta 9. Delta 8 is not a new discovery but has only recently become popular as an additive in products. Delta 8 is a double bond isomer of the more common delta 9 THC. While delta 8 is not as strong as delta 9, it is […]

Most Popular Hemp Genetics

In the hemp world things have moved fast. It was only a few years ago I was surprised to see an Oregon based farm pioneering the way to the beginnings of a smokable hemp flower market. They were the first to see an opportunity to bring a smokable flower alternative to cannabis that could be […]

Delta 8 Uses

Delta 8 is a popular alternative to Delta 9 and is another cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants that can also be synthesized using distillate and isolate. It does not produce the same psychoactivity common to Deta 9 consumption. As the hemp industry expands and research continues, new compounds from cannabis and hemp plants […]

smokable hemp flower with delta 8 distillate sprayed on

How to Make Delta 8 Sprayed Flower

Delta 8 is a compound found in both cannabis and hemp plants. It exists naturally in both plants in trace amounts but can also be synthesized through chemistry. In this blog post we will cover what sprayed flower is as well as commonly used methods for production. WHAT IS SPRAYED FLOWER ? Sprayed flower is a […]

How to Make Delta 8

Through an aging process, the Delta 9 compound oxidizes into an isomer known as Δ8-THC. These two phytocannabinoids are analogs that share the same structural formula but have a slightly different arrangement of atoms. The molecular similarities provide similar therapeutic avenues with different psychoactive effects. DELTA 8 SOURCES: 1. Extraction from plant material 2. Created through […]

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