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Exhale wellness review: Everything You Need To Know

Exhale Wellness is a CBD brand with a mission to provide alternatives to traditional medicine and bring awareness to the therapeutic qualities of hemp. They hope to empower individuals to take a holistic approach to health by offering products that are dairy, gluten, GMO, and artificial coloring/flavoring free. Based in Los Angeles, CA with partner […]

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CBD and THC Flower Prices still in slump as we go into final quarter of 2022 The average spot price in the United State for THC flower dropped to $1058 / lbs., down $10 from last month. In some states like Oregon outdoor flower is selling for as low as $200 a lb making it […]


What Is The REAL Cost Of MAKING Delta-8- THC?

In this post, we discuss calculating the real cost of CBD conversions to Delta 8 to ensure profitability Often derivative products like Delta 8 distillate are taken at face value when being compared. Currently, this is the case when we speak with operators about CBD isolate and Delta-8 THC distillate. The decision-making process always centers […]

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    The USDA finalizes its ruling on hemp regulation after the 2018 Farm Bill (view pdf) directed USDA to establish a national regulatory framework for hemp production in the United States. The USDA had published interim hemp rules during October of 2019, which was followed by a public comment period of 60 days where […]

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GAINING MARKET SHARE: Converting the non-believers

With an increasingly competitive market in cannabis- how does one bring the naysayers into the fold? So why is this article on a hemp blog? Well- most CBD consumers are want-to-be cannabis consumers who due to a variety of factors consume Delta 8 & CBD alternatives instead. Reasons include living in non-legalized states, living in […]

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Champs took place over the past few days in Las Vegas in spite of recent changes to Nevada state legislation prohibiting Delta 8 products. Attendee’s were warned not to have Delta 8 mentioned anywhere on there signage, product listings, or staff outfits and further emphasized that that even included Delta 8 triangle symbols typically seen […]

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Sativa vs Indica

We want to start this post by pointing out that nearly all modern genetics (within past 20+ years) are hybrids and don’t really fall into a simple Sativa or Indica profile. Most consumers perpetuate cannabis and hemp brands using this language because it’s heavily requested (and brands want the sale). There is a lack of […]

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FAQ: Delta 10 THC

You’ve heard of: Delta 8– a cannabinoid that offers a subtler, less psychoactive experience. Delta 9- the most common form of THC found on the market. Responsible for the well-known psychoactive effects of cannabis on the human brain.  But, what do you know about Delta 10?! With more than 100 cannabinoids in cannabis, there are […]

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What is CBD Live Resin?

      WHAT IS CBD LIVE RESIN: CBD-rich Live Resin brings consumers a more terpene-rich, full-spectrum experience by extracting solely fresh-frozen, whole-plant hemp material.   Although a new offering in the hemp space, Butane Hash Oil (BHO) has dominated the craft cannabis market since the early days of the recreational industry. By fresh freezing […]

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Hemp Industry News: Nov 16

HEMP INDUSTRY NEWS $6 Million Michigan Hemp Development  Viobin invests more than $6 million to expand their Michigan City hemp production plant. The city is grateful that the group invested in this “cutting edge industry”, in their home. The expansion will create more integrations, efficiency, and jobs. Read More Hemp Industry News and Watch Indiana […]

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Product Review – Lifter Hemp Flower

Lifter Hemp Flower Review at A Glance: An Elevated Daytime Flower Effects: Energizing and Mood Boosting  Aroma: Pine and Gas  Appearance: Long, Frosty Buds Morphology: Tall and Cylindrical Terpenes:  Pinene, Myrcene, and Bisabolol Lineage: Suver Haze X Early Resin Bud  Known by many as “the best bud they ever tried”, the award-winning strain, Lifter, gives […]

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