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Hemp Industry News: Nov 2

Hemp Industry News November 2, 2020


CBD Merger Develops Hemp Conglomerate

Real Brands reverse merges with CASH establishes a vertically integrated CBD corporation. In this acquisition, CASH‚Äôs CEO replaced Real Brands CEO.¬† The company looks forward to ‚Äúincreased value to current shareholders.‚ÄĚ No monetary value for this merger was provided, but more CBD consolidations to come. Read More and Day Trade at Your Own Risk.


Navajo Nations Sue Hemp Farmers

The tribe announced the lawsuit against 33 farmers for violating tribal law. The Navajo categorize all possession and distribution of all parts of the cannabis plant as criminal.¬† They maintain that the individuals ‚Äúsubstantially injured the community and nation.‚ÄĚ ¬†Read More Hemp Industry News and Respect Indigenous Lands.¬†

Cannabis Employees May Unionize 

Labor board identifies cannabis workers as ‚Äúagricultural laborers‚ÄĚ, able to unionize.¬† The classifications around agriculture laborers and their subsequent unions lie in murky space between state and federal legislation. Cannabis and hemp workers have begun unionizing across the country and this will likely serve as a resourceful precedent.¬† Read More Hemp Industry News and Support Workers Rights.¬†


Farm Argues DEA Illegally Seized $3.5M in Hemp

Wyoming-based Acro Dynamics filed a lawsuit against the DEA for an illicit raid resulting in a loss of their 3,000 hemp plants. The San Diego farm argues they were an entirely compliant legal hemp farm targeted as a black market cannabis grow.¬† Testing supports the farm’s claims, but how did the officers obtain a search warrant. ¬† Read More and Watch the DEA, Hemp Farming Tension Mount.¬†


Italy Cancels CBD ‚ÄúNarcotic‚ÄĚ Decree

Italian officials due to massive industry opposition reverse CBD’s narcotic standing and retail bans.  They are creating a working group and regained industry support. Confusion initially arose over the CBD pharmaceutical categorizing and lack of clarity with medicinal and industrial hemp. Read More Hemp Industry News and Watch A Country Gracefully Pivot.