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Hemp Industry News: Nov 9

BUSINESS  Hemp Beyond CBD  Hemp Industry News- Former Canopy Growth Founder and CEO voiced doubt in the CBD market but heralded the disruption of hemp. Linton launched and funded his disruptive new project as Collective Growth Corp with $150 million.  With “over 200 categories of things that you can disrupt,” Linton plans to fuel the […]

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Hemp Wildfires smoke out Crops

Blazing wildfires sweeping through California, Washington and Oregon took a toll on crops for the 2020 grow season. Millions of acres burned throughout the western states, and countless farmers faced crisis from flame retardants being sprayed across their fields, wildfires forcing evacuation, ash blocking much needed sun for finishing weeks, and an inhospitable smoky climate. […]

Hemp Industry News November 2, 2020

Hemp Industry News: Nov 2

BUSINESS  CBD Merger Develops Hemp Conglomerate Real Brands reverse merges with CASH establishes a vertically integrated CBD corporation. In this acquisition, CASH’s CEO replaced Real Brands CEO.  The company looks forward to “increased value to current shareholders.” No monetary value for this merger was provided, but more CBD consolidations to come. Read More and Day […]

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Hemp Industry News: Oct 26

BUSINESS – HEMP INDUSTRY NEWS Uncle Magic Takes China  Alibaba’s CBD e-commerce Tmall, to launch Magic’s Uncle Bud for China. This will be the second CBD topical brand sold to China through Tmall. Magic Johnson is the face of Uncle Bud which is widely endorsed by celebrity brand ambassadors.  Read More about this growing e-commerce […]

hemp industry news

Hemp Industry News: Oct 12

BUSINESS  PPP Funded Private Jets ICBD receives the first cannabis-related PPP fraud allegations. The CEO is being described as a “mastermind and ringleader” for laying off all employees, defrauding investors, and still receiving a PPP loan. The smoking gun was registering a  private  jet, despite claiming “the business had crumbled.” Read More And Avoid Fraud. […]

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Hemp Industry News: Oct 5

  BUSINESS Hong Kong Opens CBD Cafe  Hong Kong introduces Asia’s first CBD Cafe. THC has to be completely undetectable in all offerings; coffee, beer, juice, oils, butter, powders, pet products and a full cafe menu. CBD is not a controlled cannabinoid in Hong Kong, making the cafe compliant and “progressive.”  Read more and dream […]

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Is CBG going to continue as a market leader? Q&A with Hemp Collective Founder Ashley Dellinger

We got the opportunity to interview Ashley Dellinger, Founder of The Hemp Collective on all things CBG.  What is CBG? CBG stands for the cannabinoid cannabigerol, similar to how CBD stands for cannabidiol. Like all cannabinoids, CBG acts on the endocannabinoid systems, CB1 and CB2 receptors which assists in regulating homeostasis.  It is the first […]

hemp industry news september 21, 2020

Hemp Industry News: Sept 21

Pharmaceutical Industry corners Australia’s CBD market Australia’s interim decision for over the counter CBD will require it “meet the same regulations as any other prescription pharmaceutical.” The rule also prohibited smokeables, vape, and topicals. Despite the continued prohibition Althea Group CEO called the ruling “one of the biggest developments in the medical cannabis industry to […]

hemp industry news september 16, 2020

Hemp Industry News : Sept 16

EU Hemp Association confirms hemp’s international exemption European Industrial Hemp Association confirms hemp is not subject to international drug rules. Additionally, they advise increasing the maximum allowed THC level to 1.0%. This comes as a response to “challenges for a flourishing hemp sector” in lead up to the United Nations vote on medical CBD, FDA […]

Hemp Industry News September 7, 2020

Hemp Industry News: Sept 7

California firms their stance and alignment with the FDA’s position on the illegality of CBD food products. California firms their stance and alignment with the FDA’s position on the illegality of CBD food products. Hemp Roundtable estimates this decision will deprive California of a potential $300 million revenue stream, this year alone. AB 2028 will […]

Hemp industry news roundup 8/31/20

Hemp Industry News : Aug 30

What does the future hold for Delta 8? What does the future hold for Delta 8 if for “the first time that the DEA comes out and specifically says that an intermediary product such as crude oil extract that is over 0.3% [THC] is a Schedule I substance—even if it will subsequently be diluted in […]

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Hemp Industry News: Aug 24

The first temporary restraining order against Texas’s ban on smokable hemp came through in Travis County. This story is still developing and will likely be the first in response to the lawsuit against Texas’s punitive ban. Hemp Industry News at its best. Read More.    Government  Dream Job Alert:  The FDA is expanding the CBD […]

Hemp Industry News August 17, 2020 - latest news form the hemp farming community

Hemp Industry News: Aug 17

Can Texas legally ban smokable hemp? Four Texas Hemp businesses believe the recent prohibition unconstitutional and it’s likely this will determine a precedent for other States looking to chokehold the industry.  Read Mor The military-industrial complex adopting CBD strengthens the argument for persistent congressional support and legislation. Building a robust hemp industry from the 2018 […]