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Sativa vs Indica

We want to start this post by pointing out that nearly all modern genetics (within past 20+ years) are hybrids and don’t really fall into a simple Sativa or Indica profile. Most consumers perpetuate cannabis and hemp brands using this language because it’s heavily requested (and brands want the sale). There is a lack of […]

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Hemp Industry News: Nov 9

BUSINESS  Hemp Beyond CBD  Hemp Industry News- Former Canopy Growth Founder and CEO voiced doubt in the CBD market but heralded the disruption of hemp. Linton launched and funded his disruptive new project as Collective Growth Corp with $150 million.  With “over 200 categories of things that you can disrupt,” Linton plans to fuel the […]

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower Bulk FLower, Potent Haze flower,

berry blossom hemp flower review

Berry Blossom Hemp Flower Review  At A Glance: A well-rounded Indica for when it’s time to unwind Effects: Relaxing and Engulfing Aroma: Acai Bowl-Meets-Glass of Chardonnay  Appearance: Light Green and Purple With Orange Pistils Morphology: Stout and Very Dense Lineage: Cherry X Chardonnay Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Humulene A Berry Bold Background A crossbreed of […]

Hemp industry news oct 20, 2020

Lowkey Cannabis: Smokable INDOOR Hemp

As the hemp-revolution began, so did the focus on growing the most superior plants possible. As external factors posed a challenge to outdoor flower, enter the rise of Greenhouse and Indoor Hemp.  Cultivated Smokable Hemp Flower There is one moment in history that forever changed the world of CBD: the passing of the 2018 Farm […]

Legendary Hemp Flower Review 2020


LEGENDARY HEMP FLOWER REVIEW AT A GLANCE Effect: Happy and Relaxing  Smell: Gas and Pine  Morphology: Dark Green and Purple with Orange Hair LINEAGE   Does any strain represent the epitome of cannabis more than OG Kush? Pair her with a high performing hemp strain and you have an instant classic. This indica hybrid lives up […]

CBD Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower


CBD Sour Space Candy At A Glance  Effects: Euphoric and Balanced  Aroma: Sweet and Sour Morphology: Bright Green and Purple with Orange Veins A LOCAL STRAIN WITH A FAR AWAY FLAVOR CBD Sour Space Candy is a high-quality CBD blossom with an aroma that takes you on a relaxing trip from its origin of Oregon […]

bubba kush review 1


OVERVIEW EFFECT: Relaxing and Sedative SMELL: Gas MORPHOLOGY: Dense with green and purple phenos LINEAGE  Like all legends, the origin of this strain remains shrouded in mystery. The story goes, that in New Orleans, on Mardi Gras, an OG Kush partied all night and pollinated an unknown pure Indica strain, producing Bubba Kush. Was the […]

hemp flower genetics

Most Popular Hemp Genetics

In the hemp world things have moved fast. It was only a few years ago I was surprised to see an Oregon based farm pioneering the way to the beginnings of a smokable hemp flower market. They were the first to see an opportunity to bring a smokable flower alternative to cannabis that could be […]

smokable hemp flower with delta 8 distillate sprayed on delta 8 high

How to Make Delta 8 Sprayed Flower

To make sprayed Delta 8 sprayed flower requires special equipment which we will cover in this blog post. It will also require CBD or CBG kief. And you should know- the whole process is incredibly messy and requires a space that can get dirty. The distillate is very sticky and aerosolizing it into a wispy […]