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Water Soluble CBD
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Water Soluble CBD


  • Increased absorption, efficacy
  • Faster onset (than standard forms)
  • Mild taste
  • Shelf Stability tested
  • Produced under cGMP standards

Water-soluble CBD is great for use in product formulations or as-is for those wanting increased bioavailability and a more affordable version of the compound. Since there is less waste and more of the compound is bioavailable into the body’s system, less is needed to achieve an effective dose in products. Water-soluble compounds are also a great option for those wanting to ensure compliance on THC levels. Water-soluble CBD is recommended for use in products requiring water solubility such as water based tinctures, bath bombs, topicals, gels and beverages. Water soluble CBD can also be used in edibleslike gummies and hard candy.

  • PSYCHOACTIVITY: This product is not psychotropic
  • SUGGESTED DOSE: 25 mg per use
  • ONSET & DURATION: Inhaled = 5-15 min Duration = 2-4 hours | Consumed = 30 min-90 min Duration = 4-6 hours
  • CBN %: Percent varies and is shown on batch COA
  • Δ9 THC: Non-detect or under the legal limit
  • PRODUCT VARIATIONS: Slight variations in color tint can occur
  • ORIGIN MATERIAL: Oregon hemp flower and biomass
  • TERPENES & CANNABINOIDS: May be added upon request, call to discuss


Aside from water-soluble CBD we also have many other single cannabinoid solutions as well as custom blends to target therapeutic outcomes for day and night use. Please contact us for additional details.


Our state-of-the-art extraction facility is able to handle large orders with a quick turnaround time. To confirm the lead time or availability for larger orders (50+ liters), call to discuss before placing an order.


If you are interested in standing out from other products with a unique compounded product; we offer consultations for product formulations through our dedicated on-staff product development specialist. A few things ways the blends can be customized includes


Add other cannabinoids including Delta 10, THCv, CBD, CBC, CBN, and CBG, and create custom blends to set your products apart. We can help you understand the different inputs and why they may be valuable in a formulation and advise what the best ratios and percentages may be to achieve the desired outcome without driving up product cost.

To discuss a custom blend for a desired therapeutic outcome, contact us.


Making a product needing terpenes or flavor additives? Have us do it for you. This listing is for plain Delta 10 and does not include terpene or flavor additions. We offer hemp and botanically derived terpene options in hundreds of profiles with the best selling terpene options kept in stock for faster turnaround including. Call us to discuss.



Water solubility is achieved in a variety of ways including through a process known as nanotechnology.2 Nanotechnology uses soundwaves to break down compound clusters into nano-sized particles which are smaller than 100 nanometers in size. After the substance is broken down into nanoparticles it is typically encapsulated within a thin layer of lipid (fat) increasing water- solubility. Bioavailability is increased not only because the CBD is now in a water-soluble form, but also because the surface area of the sum of all the particles has increased, and this increases the chances that the CBD will be absorbed by cells throughout the body.2

What are the benefits of water-soluble products?

There are three types of substances relating to water solubility; the first being hydrophobic which means ‘water-fearing’. The second is hydrophilic which means it’s ‘water-loving’ and the third is amphipathic which are substances that have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic components and partial water solubility. Hydrophobic substances like oils, do not dissolve in water while hydrophilic substances like salt, will.

Cell membranes are made up of amphipathic phospholipids which form a lipid bilayer with the hydrophobic parts pointing inward and the hydrophilic parts facing outward. Any substance that can affect the body must enter into cells by crossing the lipid bilayer. Hydrophilic substances easily pass through the lipid bilayer. Hydrophobic substances pass through the lipid bilayer less efficiently and more slowly, decreasing bioavailability.

Bioavailability is the degree and rate of which a substance is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of interaction.  

Research shows that oral administration of substances through form factors like gelcaps, edibles, and tinctures- has decreased bioavailability and can be as little as 4%. This means as much as 96% of the substance is flushed from the body without any effect.1 The bioavailability of water-soluble substances means more efficiency and less waste making it a great choice in formulations.


When ordering our products, we offer four servicing options. Smaller consumer sizes/quantities products are shipped in retail packaging ready for resale or consumption. Larger orders default ship in bulk packaging unless otherwise requested. We also offer private and white label services for those wanting to carry products branded under their company name.

The following is a more detailed breakdown of private and white labeling:


Your product(s) will arrive ready for retail with your complete branding. Whether you already have an established brand or are looking for help with design, we are able to effectively and efficiently guide you through the process.

When you private label with us, you become one of our partnering companies. To all our partners we offer full compliance support and work with you to help stay current on regulations  This is our most popular and streamlined option.


Your product(s) will arrive in containers suitable for resale without labeling. You will be able to add your own labeling or sell as is. We offer competitive rates on our white labeling and can offer a wide variety of packaging options for large orders.

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