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Live Resin D8 Knockout Batter Dab
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Live Resin D8 Knockout Batter Dab


Live Resin D8 Knockout Batter

By blending live resin extract with Delta 8 distillate and a blend of sedating minor cannabinoids, Modern Herb Co brings you a potent knockout, couch-lock effect. Live Resin D8 Knockout Batter offers a a compliant, potent effect with true-to-the-plant taste and aroma.


What is Live D8 Knockout Batter?

CBD live resin is made from high-quality Oregon-grown hemp flower, fresh frozen as it’s harvested out of the field. The fresh-frozen hemp flower is then extracted making a phytochemically and terpene-rich extract that has more therapeutic potential.

By blending live resin extract with Delta 8 distillate and sedating minor cannabinoids, we are able to offer a compliant preformulated extract with more potent knockout, couch-lock effect. Live D8 Knockout Batter is for those who want the potent effect of Live Resin and CBN with the most natural and true-to-the-plant taste and aroma. For a milder psychoactive effect, we also offer a Live Resin CBD Blend.


    • COLOR: Light amber, depending on live resin strain
    • TEXTURE: Whipped batter
    • PSYCHOACTIVITY: This product is intoxicating and is rated 5 out of 5
    • CBD: Aprox 40%, varies between batches
    • DELTA 8: Aprox 50%, varies between batches
    • Δ9 THC: Less than 0.3%
    • TERPENES: Hemp-derived (Botanical terpenes available for custom orders)
    • DOSING: Approx 25 mg per serving (Tolerance will vary between users. Start low & build)
    • ONSET: Inhaled = 5 min-15 min
    • DURATION:  Inhaled = 2-4 hours
    • HANDLING: Must be warmed to consume
    • STORAGE: Store sealed at room temperature or lower and avoid excessive heat
    • PACKAGING: 1-3.5 gram sizes are retail packaged (all other sizes packaged as bulk)
    • PRODUCT VARIATIONS: Add THCv or other cannabinoids. Call to discuss custom order MOQ’s
    • ORIGIN MATERIAL: Sungrown Oregon hemp


If you’re a consumer purchasing the live resin you can:

  • Dab it as is using a dab rig, portable dab pen or glass nectar collector. Use a lower temperature setting on your device or let glass cool after heating for best taste

Different effects are felt when the product is inhaled or orally consumed without heat. We recommend trying both to understand what works best for your needs. Oral consumption has the benefit of lasting longer in your system while inhaled has the benefit of being faster acting. This product is not ideal for oral consumption and is best inhaled. If you want to try our oral versions try our live resin capsules, live resin tincture or live resin gummies.

For bulk buyers this live resin is recommended:

  • As is grammed out in dab pucks

We also have all of these products available if you would prefer not to manufacture. The live resin can be pre-formulated and ready to go into these form factors and products; please call us to talk with our in-house product developer.

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