Feminized Hemp Seed available for amazing hemp flowers
Feminized Hemp Seed (per seed)
From: $1.00 Select options

Feminized Hemp Seed (per seed)

From: $1.00

  • 6 seeds
  • 20 seeds
  • 1 seed


Feminized hemp seeds now on sale!

Feminized hemp seed is available at .80 per seed; Minimum order of 1000 seeds required.

For smaller orders, seeds are available at the retail price. Please contact us to order.

Hemp seed cultivars

Feminized hemp seed is offered in a variety of cultivars expressing industry desired traits including those with less than .3% total THC for industry complaint end products (note that soil and other environmental conditions as well as time of harvest will affect the final numbers), terpene rich, high CBD, high yielding and others.

Stabilized & backcrossed genetics

We work with breeders who have stabilized and backcrossed their genetics to ensure consistent results and plant expressions.

You are able to choose which genetic we send you after placing your order. All of the varieties we offer produce either industry leading smokable flower or high yield plants for biomass. After your purchase a call is scheduled to review the available genetics and help you choose the best option for your region and desired end product. A full refund is available if you decide not to purchase any of our available genetics.


Depending on where you are growing your hemp crop some genetics will perform better then others. In some areas mold is primary concern and thus, selection of genetics with proven mold resistant traits could be the difference between a successful or failed harvest. Let’s consult and make sure you have the best genetics for success. Things you’ll want to consider before choosing which to grow include:

  • Location of the crop and environmental condition impacting crop success
  • Market saturation and demand for certain strains or genetic expressions
  • Current and expected legislative rulings impacting final products the hemp can be produced into and what levels of THC are legal in the flower for your state
  • Your desired final product (hemp flower, biomass, extracts…)

Please feel free to contact with any questions about our Feminized Hemp Seed.


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