CBG The White Flower
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CBG The White Flower


  • EU Compliant
  • Organic Sungrown


The White CBG flower is a great option for those with a subtle nose and good bud structure.  The dense covering of orange hairs paired with the lighter almost white green of the bud gives this cultivar an exotic look. The effects of CBG are often described as being more sedative in comparison to CBD flower. One thing to note about CBG flower is that it does have less of an aroma than other hemp varieties but the plus is the gain in effect.

White CBG is a CBG rich hemp flower strain with beautiful buds that shine in frosty white trichomes. Hence the name it was given. This strain has a subtle flavor profile and smooth effects that differ greatly from that of CBD flower.

Sometimes you want to party and sometimes you just need the edge of the day smoothed out. Wanting something stronger? Try our Delta 8 flower.

The CBD & CBG hemp flower for sale on our site is federally compliant and contains less than .3% Delta 9 (THC). With all of our flower listings, we strive for transparency and try to provide the most accurate representation but due to the nature of the product variables will occur.


  • AROMA: is a 3 out of 5 (lighter aroma)
  • PROFILE: Clementine grounded in earthy notes
  • COLOR: Lighter whitish-green in color w/dense covering of orange hairs
  • DENSITY & STRUCTURE: Primarily large and mid-size buds with a density of 4 out of 5
  • TRIM QUALITY: Machine trimmed with a hand finish (small amount of fan leaf/less than 10%)
  • SEEDS: None
  • COA: potency tested


  • PRECAUTIONS: Product is not psychoactive
  • DELTA 8: None
  • DELTA 9: Under legal limit of .3% or LOQ
  • ONSET & DURATION: Inhalation 5-15 min to feel effect | Duration 2-4 hours on average
  • PACKAGING: Orders under 1 lb are retail packaged & orders over 1 lb are shipped in vacuum-sealed or mylar bags
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Add Delta 8, Delta 10, CBN or other cannabinoids, choose your terpenes and your flower
  • PRODUCT VARIABLES: Because this product is a plant and is not factory produced there will be variables between the buds. Embrace their differences. They are for therapeutic use not for use as a centerfold.



Have this flower treated with Delta 8, Delta 10 and/or other cannabinoids to boost and drive specific therapeutic outcomes. Hemp-derived or botanical terpenes can also be added. Min order of 10 lbs. Call to discuss.


Prices may be negotiable depending on the frequency of purchases, time of year and our desire to build a relationship with your business or brand. For a detailed quote and video consultation to review all of our flower options (many of our bulk options are not listed on the site) please contact us at 503-438-6783.


Bulk orders are shipped in as few of bags as possible and come vacuum-sealed or in mylar to protect smell and freshness of product. If you prefer to have the flower pounded out please let us know.


Have your flower shipped ready to sell. We offer a variety of packaging options including bags, plastic containers and glass jars. Not sure which to go with? Let us help. We work with hundreds of retailers and brands across the united states and are here to help.

CBG Flower Bulk & Wholesale

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  1. Bob Ross

    This strain is fire. Look and effect a 10

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